Astro Angel, Can I have a reading please?

  • I know you are pretty busy with all these readings. Can I please have one? I am 11-26-76 his is 4-22-83. We broke up 6 months ago. I think he is dating someone.Will he contact me? Will we get back together? Thank you so much

  • Do you think you have time to do this? Thank you so much

  • Hi Smarya55

    Okay, let's check this out. Sri that you are experiencing some pain here, life is still going to plan though. I will do a quick reading for you and then depending on what this looks like we can go deeper with you.

    1. What happened Six months ago?

    Three of Cups. It was nice, really nice. How could it have gone belly up?

    Judgment. Uh oh, something wasn't kosher in the relationship, someone was either not being honest with the other, or there was another person that came in, whatever it was triggered judgment energies and that can knock the props out of anything.

    What exactly happened?

    Three of Pentacles. Money was tight, there was something going on materially that put a strain on things. Anything else?

    King of Wands. He set himself on the throne of decisions. He made a choice, the off shoot of this material difficulty that has him deciding something and he AIN'T budging.

    What were you doing through all of this?

    Three of Cups again. Trying to smile. Stay happy. Put a pretty face on it. Hope. Hope. Hope.

    Deep down though...

    Four of Swords. You are numb. Dead to him and the world eventually. OMG I hear you saying, can it get any scarier than this? You are resting, and lying down. What are you doing?

    Judgment - again - you are hoping for a judgment. Something happened that you did not feel was fair?

    Three of Pentacles again. Work interfered. Something material stepped in and it was not fair?

    Ten of Pentacles. Was there someone else?

    Ace of Wand. Yes. Another woman?

    seven of cups. Was he interested in someone else?

    Five of Cup, no, he was disillusioned over something. How did this connect to the material matter?

    Four of Swords - again - He was worn out?

    judgment again - So there was a pattern in the relationship that had you two not happy together. Is that right? There was a lot of judging going on. Did you or him run from the atmosphere of judgment in the relationship?

    Ten of Swords - yes. That is where the breakdown occurred. There was a lot of judging, holding one another accountable, to law, expectations of behavior and one of you said GOOD BYE. Was it him?

    Two of Cups. I think it was both of you. The Moon, emotions were running hot. Heated discussions. an agreement to break up?

    Five of cups, Yes, you are both walking away, saying, it is not worth it?

    Eight of cups, yes, there is a parting of paths. It must have been very wearisome, whatever it was. The atmosphere?

    Four of Swords again.

    Wore the both of you out?

    King of Swords.

    Wore him out.

    AND YOU were trying to smile through the whole thing.

    The Lovers. You couldn't let go of the belief that you were lovers.

    Nine of Wands. So you put up a valiant struggle, to keep the relationship intact?

    TEN OF CUPS yes. You worked hard to keep it together, he was the one under judgment?

    Four of pentacles - it is all tying back to a material matter that was weighing him down?

    Page of wands - news, bad news?

    wheel of fortune. something happened to his job, income? Four of wands. Is that a yes?

    Two of swords, yes something happened to his MATERIAL life that connected you two together. And this was hard for him to handle, connected to you. LIke, he felt judged and felt guilty as a result of what happened?

    Six of Pentacles - income diminished?

    Ace of Pentacles. Yes, materially things become tight, And he is feeling under the gun because of his connection with you?

    FOur of wands - yep. So he wants to end the relationship.

    Four of wands - again - yes.

    Okay smary, that is all for tonight. I will pick this up again tomorrow.

    (Thank you spirit for your guidance and wisdom on this. You are my sister.)

  • I didn't know if I should respond before you finished or not. I was amazed at what you picked up!!! I wish I could email you privately and explain. Thank you so much. It was so accurate! Can't wait to hear more. Thank you Thank you

  • Okay let's pick this back up...

    Three of Wands - I want to say that is where matters stand presently. You have been searching for something in this relationship ever since there was the breakup six months ago.

    The Star - Hope - you have held a candle for this man ever since, The three wands is you looking our to the sea... is he returning... what happened, why did it happen... and you are not giving up, You give new meaning to the term, "hoping against hope."

    Four of Cups - this sense of forlorn love, and this card is always the sign of angelic love, a new foundation in relationship.

    Eight of Cups - yeah here we go. The angels are again point us back now to the moment 6 months ago... leaving... a love that seems to be over, parting paths.. .something now "seems" broken...

    Ten of Wands - and that broken place creates such a pain that weighs you down, you are carrying all of this baggage, the memories, the energies that were a part of the union stayed with you...

    And the Moon - a lot of emotional pain and energies that have you in tears, and still feeling deeply for him, and yet - there is nothing there... or is there?

    Two of Cups! Yes! There is still something there, spiritual love. That is what is happening here. You have maintained a connection with him all this time... that is what this means...

    And Energy (Strength) you have held the energies of this union without releasing them because it was deeply meaningful what you shared with him.

    The Popess (High Priestess) - she is MYSTERY and she signifies the presence of a high love principle that is a deep feminine force of love, and intimacy on a heavenly level.

    Something is still going on here between you and him it's just... different...

    The Devil - so this is where you are at... contending with the material (physical aspects) of the relationship, the "pleasures"... the touches... the holding... the kisses... the sweetness... and it is excruciatingly painful to be away from all that... and yet.. he is still in your heart.

    Page of Coins and the Nine of Coins - now we come back to Material... the physical...

    This means something here...

    And the Ten of Coins... yes, all these coins all of sudden... what is it spirit?

    And the Ace of Cups

    I believe you will see him again soon, I believe he is your twin flame.

    I believe he is your angel.

    And he never left you.

    Dear smarya, I hope this means something to you, I do not want to give you false hope... you are not the only one.. this is a pattern among many... connection that is heavenly - breaks - a time to connect spiritually - a restoration I believe (although I cannot yet prove this last) - in any case it is something heavenly happening in our relationships...

    You are advised to keep your light shining brightly, wish this man all the love and kindness and prayers you can... see him with you in some way, like an angel.

    Because that is what I see him as... for you, loving you like God loves you...

    love and light


  • Wow!! I am amazed again of your wonderful reading! Last time we talked was in August and it went really bad. He was seeing someone and i think he still is. Can you see if he is with someone. Does he still think about me? When will he contact me? Thank you again so much.

  • Okay,

    I can look at these...

    Can you see if he is with someone? YES, he's with the High Priestess whoever that is. Know her?

    Does he still think about me? Page of Cups - YES

    When will he contact me? I am not getting a clear answer to this question, I think Heaven wants you to trust and not wonder about that.

    Seven of Swords, Six of Pentacles, Six of Wands

  • Hi, I wanted to say he contacted me a few days ago. We just texted. He is not dating anyone now apparently. I wanted to see what he is thinking since our last text. Will he contact me again? Should I? Will I see him this weekend? Thank you so much.

  • Hi, I hope you are doing well. I was wondering if you could give me a reading. We saw each other last week and things are kind of confusing right now. I haven't hear from him. Will he contact me next week? Should I? What are his feelings since we saw each other last? Thank you so much.

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