• Hi Astrangel,

    Can you do a reading for me, please? My dob is 3-22-75 and 10-29-78 is his. Is there anything else you need?

    Thank you in advance,

    Aries22 :-))

  • Hey Aries

    Thanks for your patience, I get busy...

    Six of Wands - well, we're off to a good start! Six of Wands is a great sign of accomplishment after some frustrations in the five of wands, Your life settles into a harmonious and victorious setting.

    We should be able to end the reading right there... why not?

    The Emperor - okay, this must be him. Uh oh... authority figure. Maybe he isn't as thrilled with life as you are. Are you trying to crack open his shell? Good luck.

    The World - he has his sights set on more than just you, a big vision, a big world and you are asked to be along for the ride. Are you happy in that role? I didn't think so.

    Eight of Wands - well, whatever it is with him is getting ready to take off, supersonic speeds... you want off you better get off now cuz that train is leaving the station TOMORROW and the time to change your mind is over unless you act fast and I mean really fast...

    Three of Wands - you have weighed and pondered and considered and scrutinized and analyzed and reconsidered and probed and prodded and pushed and poked... and you FINALLY made up your mind about him and you are like YES HE IS THE ONE!!!!!!!

    i think....

    That's okay, you still have time to change your mind... about seven hours and 43 minutes and 22 seconds.

    Eight of Cups, its time Aries22... to fish or cut bait. You wanted love, right? You cried for love, right? you longed and longed and cried so many tears you thought your tear ducts were INCABALE of crying any more... and well, looky here... you get your wish... you get love... as long as you are confident you are making the right choice...the thing is Aries22

    we never know for sure...

    and so we ask for readings. to help us make up our mind... and we wait... meanwhile you aren't getting any younger and neither is he.... time to choose life... time to take a chance... time to tell him YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... i think......

    Two of Wands... he is waiting with his hand out to you... the clock is ticking though... will there ever be another guy to replace him?


    Maybe not.

    You are taking a chance waiting. You are taking a chance not waiting. What is your heart telling you> Do you love him? Nine of Pentacles - WHAT??

    HMM... we need to try that again.... DO YOU LOVE HIM????

    Chariot... one more time.... DO YOU LOVE HIM ARIES22??????????????????????

    Four of Cups.... we are getting warmer............

    DO YOU LOVE HIM?????? DO YOU???????????????

    The Empress

    The Queen of Wands

    The Wheel of Fortune

    The Magician

    The Ten of Wands


    The King of Swords

    The Five of Wands


    The Six of Swords

    The Ace of Wands

    Three of Cups....... close........

    THE TWO OF CUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes you love him!

    Now... does he love you?

    The Lovers


  • AstraAngel,

    Thank you so very much that was well worth the wait. Yes, I do love him very much and I think and think and think about 'US' and whether I should wait or move on. I have actually tried to move on a few times but everyone else that comes along seems to pale in comparison to him. He just doesn't move fast enough and I feel like I am wasting my energy and time thinking about him. I can't stop loving or thinking about him though....woe is me :-). What's a gal to do?!?...continue dating I guess and hopefully find someone new. Seriously, what am I to do?

    Career: I'm back in school going for hopefully nursing but currently out of a job and funds are very low. See things looking a little brighter for me?? Thank you again for your help!

    Many blessings on this holiday season ! Look forward to corresponding with you soon!

    All the best ,

    Aries 22

  • Hey Aries22

    Well, it took a while however I did finally get out of him that he loves you. That is probably a sign of the nature of the relationship, that you should be patient and let everything work out.

    I get that he is your soul mate and this is typical soul mate stuff. Blocks. Something goes wrong and you are separated for a time and you want to move on... but you can't! That is a soul mate connection.

    Like you are two sides of the same coin. To try and get away from him is like trying to get away from yourself.

    You asked...

    "What's a gal to do?!?...continue dating I guess and hopefully find someone new. Seriously, what am I to do?"

    Queen of Coins - sit tight.

    Six of Cups - "everything will work out" (he wants you to know that)

    Eight of Swords and the Magician - "try to see past this current problem between us. I am keeping myself away from you for you own good. You need to trust me."

    Seven of Swords - "I know totally what you are feeling... wondering, what is going on. Hey, I am still with you. In your heart, in the air around you. Trust Aries22, trust, okay?"

    Ace of Cups, Eight of Wands, and the Page of Swords - "I love you, deeply. Hang in there, something nice will soon be happening for us. I will be in touch, until then, be patient as best you can and trust me."

    The World - "I think the world of you... you know I am working for your best interest, putting something together for us that you are going to love."

    Ten of Swords - "No matter how you feel, remember that I am with you, okay? No matter what. Believe that everything will work out and it will"

    The Chariot and the Lovers - "Believe me, if I could I would run over there right now and wisk you away... I have to wait until all is in place. There is a timing to all of this. The heatraches are there to make sure all is on track. Not that there is a problem".

    I am getting that from your soul mate. He is helping you even though you see the pain of this. It is actually working out something even better for the two of you.

    I hope that helps.... be patient. Soul mate relationships are a challenge. The greater the pain the greater the gain. And you have something very beautiful to gain here wit him.

    Love and peace, feel free to ask anything, I will help as best I can

    love and light


  • AstraAngel,

    Thank you again! I will save my questions about us for a later date. I do want you to know that I needed to hear that now more than ever and you made me cry tears of joy. Can I ask you a career question ?

    Many blessings!!!


  • AstraAngel,

    So I met with prince charming tonight and he didn't quite tell

    me what I wanted to hear. He said that I was a nice girl but he didn't see us having a relationship. He said that people know when they are with somsome if they are 'the one' but he didn't feel that way about me. I'm confused now but I have no choice other than to just walk away. Any and advice?! ?

    Desperately seeking advice,


  • How do you feel about him?

    Do you feel a deep connection with him?

    Think about him a lot? Dream of him?

    Long to see him, be with him, look into his eyes?

    Feel that if only he would say yes to you, and feel for you what you feel for him that you would have the nicest love that could ever be had?

    Do you love this man?

    Would you do anything for him?

    Do you believe he holds some answer for you that you seek?

  • Yes, I love him

    Yes, I would do almost anything and probably everything for him if I felt that he wanted and loved me as much as I want and live him

    Does he hold answers for me that I seek???....I don't know yet but I know how I feel and that I can't stop thinking about him. I've dated other men but I can't stop loving prince charming they don't compare. 75% of me feels like he was lying when he told me those dreadful things the other night but 25% of me feels a like 'you know what, aries22 maybe he is being truthful and you should no longer waste your time'. I'm reay confused. I'm trying really hard not to think about him because I'm angry and sad. :'-(

  • And yes to all of your first couple of questions. I do think about him, feel a very very deep connection to him, dream about him and always long to be with him. What do I do?!?!?!?

  • AstraAngel,

    I know you are busy but any insight you can offer on the above recent situation with him would be phenomenal.



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  • jess31,

    thank you!!! do you find this to be helpful and truthful



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