~ AstraAngel ~

  • Hello ~ I just wanted to let you know how wonderful that painting of Glenda/Splenda is! I don't ever want to cut into your conversation with Danibo because it is just so sweet. I remember I was so young the first time I watched that movie & knowing the transition from black & white TV. My Mom made my sister & I popcorn with butter & cherry koolaid before it started. The movie was scary to a little girl but Glenda would come back in & I would keep on watching. Of course she was my favorite character. Oh your Walmart painting is great too! It reminds me of the Walmart we have in Redmond, Oregon. You are so very talented & gifted. When I Saw Glenda/Splenda I just shouted "Angels I Heaven that is so beautiful." Anyway just wanted to share that with you! Have a great Day! Love & Blessings ~D

  • Hey thanks dmick!

    I also remember when I was young, that movie scared me. It is actually intense for a kid. Maybe today the children aren't scared as easy? I know what you mean about Glenda, I was always wanting her to show up... please.. let her come back and make it all nice and sweet again!

    Peter Pan (or some version of is) was another movie I distinctly remember watching when I was young, like maybe 8 or so? I remember how wonderful it looked to be able to just step out of your window and fly away, that movie really was magic to me.

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