What does he think of his behavior towards me? 31 & 34

  • Hexagram 31

    Line 1, 3, 5

    changing to

    Hexagram 34

    This is someone who displays impulsive behavior towards me every once in a while, but occasionally keeps to himself, too. it is all very confusing. Any interpretations would be MUCH appreciated as I'm new to iching!

    I will provide lots of feedback.


  • 31 changes 1 3 5 is 51 hex..

    But if it is 31>34 the lines are 1 2 and 5

    1 affecting the big toe....

    He prossibly doesn't feel ready to start something with you, could there be a past relationship issue?

    2 affecting the calves, Staying put Good fortune.

    This line usually shows impulsive behaviour then then the oops what have I done could be due to some anxiety or stress he acts a certain way then he has to checks himself and keep still.

    5 affecting th back without aversion...

    Could mean this could be how he changes towards where he feels stronger and no longer has anxieties or how he would like to be....Be open minded to having a relationship.

    And the resulting hex great power...maybe he has sme issues Around wooing a woman which is what 31 is sort of about and he needs to apply great force to progress from whatever it is to that is causing him anxiety.

    That's what I woud think if I got that but this is without books...if anything else comes to mind...

  • Sometimes the iching reflects to us what we should do...

    Could be saying to you...

    1 affecting the toes...stop....

    U perhaps want a relationship....stop....not enough to start something...

    2 when he behaves impulsively towards you...you rein it in...

    5. Stay open minded to having a relationship allow it develop naturally.

    34 could you be applying a lot of mental power to undertanding this?

    I am a novice by the way...x x x

    Hope that helpsx

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