Curses how to brake them

  • my friend and her family were cursed by daemons a long time back and to stay in the family for ever but if there is any way to brake it that would be really good for them. whats the best way to go a witch's spell some kind of holly ritual i dont know how to tackle a daemons curse

    thanks to all how read give ides or can help

    may the night bring you all of you peace and love

  • If you believe in a curse, then it can hurt you. If you don't believe, then it cannot hurt you. Personally I don't believe in curses, just the consequences of what we ourselves do in life, and the resulting karma. It's too easy to blame your own problems on outside things like curses, rather than take responsiblity for the things you bring onto yourself.

  • Yes, Captain most of the time but some times there are thing we cant disprove and this is one of those times most people make it up but there are real ones dont get me wrong there are those how fake it but a there are some that are really real.


    Please keep that in mind

  • Hey Mooncharm, I wonder if curses only work if we believe in their power? For instance, if I believe that I won't do well in a swim race, then i won't! When I was a competitive swimmer, we used to practice positive visualization of races all the time...and you know what? It worked! Sometimes believing in the positive is stronger than believing in the negative. I just have a hard time accepting that anyone else has the power to make my life bad. Sure, i've run across some not very nice people and some bad events but are they curses or just choices or my own attitude that that led me down that path? It may seem like the chips are down at times but I personally believe we can always change things around as long as we have faith. You know, free will and all. It's our choice to believe and give power to a cures or not. Just my opinion. I hope that you get whatever is happening resolved. All the best. xx

  • Tell us what sort of things have been happening to your friend and her family.

  • The real issue here is whether you allow people to have power over you and affect your life - or not.

  • A long time back some person that the family know put a curse on them for daemons to haunt them and from than on it never stopped no matter what they try and it gos to the oldest in the family it keeps happening and she has tacked to them and they tell her things that no one should know about life after death but the thing that happen when we are all together there thongs are the why i can say its not real any more

  • sorry, spelling eria cant say its not real any more

  • Their belief in the curse keeps it alive.

  • I dont think its a matter of believing or not believing. Whether you know it or not that a cursed has been done on you it will surely happen! Sorry Mooncharm cant help you. But curse is a real thing. Hope you can find someone that will be able to help your friend and family. I dont think this forum is cut out for that kind of thing.Thats a pretty heavy thing.

  • thanks just thought i try

  • I have seen and know that people can make 'black magic' (dirty stuff put together for cursing), and I also have seen a special person that found it, through energy, ... she was shaking when she did ind it...and burned it and performed some other rituals on the left overs, to remove the curse. this black magic was hidden so well that no body could ever found but her. I have been by accidentally an outsider in the scene, and it was terrifying to believe it, at that time, what humans can do. And yes it is very real. Has nothing to do with believe. There are special people that can help you on this. Hope you find the one.

  • Can't they just ask a preacher or priest (or whatever religious leader they follow) to do a general blessing? Should be helpful whether they believe in curses or not.

  • no tenchi2go they they did try it but did nothing for them but made it worse so not much there that can help but thanks any ways

  • I have to wonder if it is not more a general negative attitude to life that is held and passed down by the family rather than any demonic 'curse'. Just thinking you are cursed to have bad luck will attract what you believe to you.

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