Astra Angel, would you please do a love reading for me?

  • Hi Pivoine

    Hey, thanks for being patient.

    Okay let's see what's going on here. Let's again use a Celtic cross to gain some insight. We'll start there and then I will come back to your specific questions and we can answer them in light of the cards. We want to look at YOU first, gain a sense of you as a beautiful person, then we'll start looking at him.

    1. Self card - The Tower - Well this clearly shows your present emotional state. You feel like much is crumbling, and you are wondering, Why! What is going on! The Tower is actually a good place to be though within, as much deadwood is being swept out to sea.

    I was asked to draw one more card here that is YOU - Strength. You are actually an amazingly strong person, which tells me you have encountered a lot in your life and have learned the hard way how to stand strong and be confident no matter what. This energy is like an umbrella over you, a guardian angel is what I am getting, who is always present in you.

    2. Situation - The High Priestess - This is actually a great situation right now for you. You are quiet and alone in spirit, reflective, you are a very deep and searching person. You surround yourself with an atmosphere of tranquil spiritual energies. You make it your priority to maintain calm and serenity in any situation. This present matter is under the influence of your deep, intuitive nature.

    3. Crossing - The Devil - Now we begin to uncover the energies you are contending with right now. You are feeling hemmed in, restricted in some ways. These present situations are actually causing you to dig deeper in yourself. You are sandwiched between the Tower on the one hand, and the Devil on the other, so you the walls feel like they are closing in. The reality is, you have never been as free as you are now. For you are really learning to listen to your heart, your intuitive psychic nature is becoming stronger for you. Yes, you are very concerned about this man. However, look at what is growing so beautifully in you! A sweet, intimate relationship with spirit and heaven so nice. Yes, these situations are vexatious, however you are developing so amazingly as an amazing spiritual being.

    Now, right here Pivoine, it is clear that you are under something very heavenly at work in your life. The presence of three major arcana cards already in this 'heart' position of the reading - tells me that something extraordinary, something fantastic, something miraculous and wonderful is taking place in you and around you. You really have nothing to fear, all is really being carried out by heaven in your life right now. You are asked to relax and trust like a little child.

    4. Your fondest dream - The Six of Cups - this shows your deepest heart longing, and the best possible outcome for you. You know what I see? A love that has never been matched, ever. Two, so close and working together beautifully on all levels. A deep spiritual connection, a willingness to share equally, flowing back and forth, and you are very happy in this place. You borrow from the past, all of the good that you have found, and you bring that into your present and future, like precious stones, diamonds and sapphires. You are working closely with this person too, it is very balanced and very productive emotionally and spiritually. How nice!

    5. The foundation - The Two of Swords - This shows your past, and the general quality of your personality that has affected so much in your life all along. The two of swords tells me that you suffered or experienced something growing up that caused you to retreat into a little world all your own. You drew up your swords, you protected your heart and you ventured out into the world expecting so much, and yet you always had those swords ready at a moments notice! Perhaps some struggles to really be tender and open in your relationships. A little fear at times. However, you know what else I see? A lady who is so balanced and calm, in spite of what ever is happening, This is like a wonderful life strength for you that your angels have been busy cultivating. Balance and poise are your allies in life.

    6. Last of the present - Death - So this is another energy you are contending with, in addition to the Devil. However it is fading and not as intense. No doubt you have attached this energy to the man who has been a challenge on your life, coming and going. This tells me that the underlying energy here is attached to you, as the Tower. Wow, these two energies shows that transformation on a major scale is occurring for you. Just buckle your seat belt, because you are heading for something so wonderful! That is the fantastic aspects of the Tower, Death, the Devil - they all portend of something so amazingly beautiful being born here - and that is YOU as this lovely, lovely butterfly who is YOU in your pure energies, you in your natural Heavenly state of supreme and divine confidence and maturity. I am feeling so much incredible things developing for you right now, I am almost about to jump out of my skin! You should be writing all of your life down right now, journaling, because this is an incredible story unfolding.

    7. First of the future - Two of Pentacles - okay, some practical aspects are developing for you. Could be a physical move, and some new choices come out of the blue that you weren't expecting, a message, an invitation. Whatever it is will thrill you and I see you basking in the glow of even having the choice to begin with! This is also a continuation of your two of swords past, however now it is beginning to be channeled in a physical, tangible way rather than only within. So something very significant is developing in your material life very soon.

    8. Future environment - The Page of Cups - Whew! A cup! At last! Yay! Yay! Take the day off Pivoine! Go run through wal mart singing, something - someone - really sweet is coming into your life, it is the energy of new love, innocent and youthful and exuberant. GONE are the days are wondering if he loves you, GONE are the days when you are wondering whether heaven ever heard your cries - GONE is every loneliness, every heartache, every tear. All is new here, and so sweet, tears of happiness, like Christmas in your heart and you are hearing the sweet words you always longed for.

    9. Outer influences - Three of Cups - this is how others see you, how life is looking at your life in the near future and it is ALL good! This three cups portends celebrations emotionally, like happiness on tap and never running dry. Rich, full, deep, satisfying, clear as crystal and it never runs dry and it is yours to drink from whenever you like. Yay, yay, yay is all I am hearing. The world sits up and takes notice - Wow! Look at her! Just look! Why can't I be in her shoes! I have never ever seen someone so happy, so thrilled with life, so confident, so deeply fulfilled, and so beautifully accompanied. Oh this is such a relief after all of that pressure you have been dealing with, this is that "wide and wonderful land of the Lord", the promise of a heavenly life on earth. You could charge admission for others to look at your life here it is so amazing!

    10. Your hopes and fears - the Emperor - Okay, here we begin to touch on some of your past I believe, and this could go back to childhood. The emperor could be a father figure who you may not have had a great relationship with? You are LONGING for this man to be in your life it is your deep hope - and there is some fear as well connected to this Emperor. Will be like the last, the past, is this a broken record I hear you saying. You also recognize that no one, no man, no woman, no angel, no god or devil or anyone will ever be able to give your the supreme confidence you long to have in life. This is a big part of your relationship history, you are struggling to find a person to fill the aching holes in your life that touch on confidence and strength of will. So life has been allowed to crumble to force the development of this character quality. Your present situation with your ex/bf/fiance or whatever he is now, has been a tool in the hands of heaven to develop you so beautifully!

    11. The Outcome - The Magician - Yes! Now we see you attaining your rightful place in life, so amazing and free! You are using your newfound powers of divine confidence and inner strength and now YOU are in control and not at the mercy of life. Now love becomes something beautiful and lovely because it isn't trying to fill holes in you, it is enhancing you! It can take a while to find this. You are finding it, and everything that has ever happened in your life has led up to this moment. The Magician says mastery and achievement on all levels, and happiness, and love, for all the right, divine reasons.

    Wow again Pivoine - SIX major arcana cards here, and that tells me you are TOTALLY under a major transformative experience right now. You are asked to dig deep, secure and anchor yourself in faith and trust because our Father in Heaven has you safe in his arms, and all of the universe of angels and every lovely energy that exists is working to bring you into your rightful place in life. You ARE on your way, in the perfect path for you, there is no cause for any concern at all! Rejoice and sing, so much is happening right now that you cant see perhaps, however I can see it in the spirit and it is AMAZING! Glory to heaven!

    Okay, now, let's take a look at your specific questions now that we have a much better sense of YOU as a beautiful divine being...

    1. Will I see him again? Strength - Yes

    2. If so, when? The Lovers - when its time

    3. Is he back with his old companion? Justice - No

    4. If so, will he leave her for me? (covered by answer 3)

    5. What does he really feel about me. Nine of Cups - loves you dearly

    6. Is he playing a Machiavellian game with me? Three of Swords - heartbreak in his past, some emotional issues in his life, he probably needs therapy

    7. Why does he not want to see me? Four of Wands - afraid of commitment and afraid of success. He is struggling to see himself as successful, and he does NOT want to be in a relationship with you until his personal life path is in order. He has his own career issues he is working out and this man needs to succeed. You can not be a crutch for him, he cares to much about you, and is wanting it to be DIFFERENT this time, not like the past so he hides to work on his own life.

    8. Is there any hope for this relationship? Ace of Wands - YES!

    9. Is he struggling with doubts and fears? Nine of Pentacles - he is dealing with material and career issues, self confidence. That is why he was hit with the job thing, it is developing him. Hang in there with him.

    10. Is he struggling with financial difficulties? Wheel of fortune. yes.

    11. Is he afraid for his job? Ace of Swords, yes very much.

    12. What should I do now? The Magician. Keep some space between you and him. Work on yourself. Develop your own powers in spirit, confidence and self control and FAITH. you have some amazing things coming and your path is one of finding new found confidence and trust.

    13. Was this new trauma due this woman or work? Four of Cups. There is something connected with love, who is it? QUEEN of Swords (her) and QUEEN of Pentacles (YOU) - it is a mix of both of you. This man is CRYING his eyes out wondering why love in life has been so hard. It is because he is meant to succeed. And he can't be in a co-dependant relationship.

    14. How should I respond to his emails? Five of Pentacles, I would give him space. Share with him that you need some time to work on yourself and "let's wait until we each feel better about our own person lives and then reconnect " - so your friend is right there is a need to maintain distance FOR HIS SAKE, not to "make him miss you" but to help him stay focused on his own work issues and develop himself materially.

    15. Is he going to find a job where he is happy? Page of Wands - yes something is developing where we receive an offer, an invite, an opening turns up and this seems to put him on the road to economic recovery, then it feels like there will be a reconnection with him.

    16. If so, when? The Fool - I can't tell just yet.

    Hey Pivoine I hope this helps. I saw so much beauty and radiance around your life, I was crying and knew that there is much angelic love surrounding you right now. You hang in there, and I will be praying for you and him to find every success and find one another in the divine right timing.

    Love and light


    P.S. Here is a butterfly for you - this is you in your new life

    (photo courtesy of morgue file and katmystiry)

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