Astra Angel, would you please do a love reading for me?

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  • Hey Pivoine

    Sri you are feeling like that, doesn't sound like fun.

    Three of Cups - and the Sun.

    I think something amazing and wonderful is right around the corner for you, they say always darkest just before the dawn. Whisper "everything will work out" because that is the truth. You are heading for a lovely place. I know it may not feel like it at times, however that pain is when you are doing your most growing.

    King of Cups says this love that you seek soon will be in full bloom. Hang in there.

    Four of Swords. Rest for now. Heaven has your life being worked out, no worries.

    Knight of Pentacles - find a material creative work you can do to channel your longings for love int a positive, creative direction. Poetry, write a book. Paint. Something like that would be nice, are you doing something like that now.

    I will be praying for you.

    Love and light


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  • Pivoine

    New talisman. The one you have now was a 'beta' and now, I think we have the golden master. Burn the old one.

    LeoLadyLove is getting results with this - look at this thread:

    She got some sweet kisses!!!

    So here is the revised one. Print this out, i would ask leoLady any questions about what she did to get it to work, where she put it, that sort of thing. As we all start to compare notes, we should be able to continue fine tuning this and it should only get better and better. It is like we have finally hit a vein of gold in a mine that we have all been working in for quite a while.

    All we need to do now is note what is working and duplicate those actions. We are now communicating with the angels.

    Blessings, report back with any positive signs as that will help all of our faith to increase.

    Santa (God) is looking out for us. 😉


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  • Hi Pivoine

    Reading over your reply. And drew the three of wands, so there is a lot of expectancy with you now and that is wonderful. You are in a good place with him, even though it seems as though matters are a little murky.

    I see everything moving along nicely. The Star and Magician you drew those are very bright and positive cards. The magician no doubt is picking up the energies of desire and the use of the talisman, which is simply taking your desires and making them tangible.

    I remember when I was a teen, and I would be attracted to a girl, I would draw her. That was always one of the first things I did, instinctively. And that seemed to help me dream of her, and the hope (Star) born from that expression was lovely to me. I didn't have very many girls I ever felt strongly enough toward that I was willing to do that with, however it always seemed to eventually lead to next steps. A date, a kiss, something nice.

    That was a talisman. An expression of the heart. A creative work of love from Heaven.

    So, what I feel happening with our situation, is that I am longing for this man you love, through you. Like, I am bonding with you in the spirit of love and desire and helping (I hope!) to bring you two together. So my talisman is a little point of faith contact between us. And the angels see that in your possession and they recognize that this is yearning for love for this man, the two of us together. Do you see? It is very powerful and I believe any love situation could be totally turned around this way.

    It would work the same for anyone longing for someone also, who doesn't have anyone. I would bond with them and long for that love in them, through them and the faith combined then becomes a force that can move mountains. This is why the bible tells us that where two (or more) are in agreement together as touching anything... anything... that it WILL come to pass (Matthew 18:19). Not might, not maybe, not 'we hope so'... IT WILL COME TO PASS. Period. As long as we don't give up.

    Okay, you got me rambling there, I do see a lot of lovely potential here which excites me.

    You are asking about any actions you should take... probably not too much right now... i will draw a card though...

    Eight of Wands - strange, I was thinking of that card right before I drew it. This is pretty amazing, this is the card of something very swift and it takes control...

    Eight of Swords... which is almost the opposite, a mental prison of sorts... hmmm... what is this telling us?

    Three of Swords... this is painful, it is truth that hurts...

    I am getting that you will VERY SOON have the meeting with him face to face to open your hearts to each other there are going to be tears and reconciliation and lovely tenderness. You re right this guy is dealing with a LOT of pain from his past and you are sent to help him heal through your love of him, This is quite amazing i see that so clearly with you two. Very, very soon.

    I had written the below a little while ago for you... you can do any of this that you feel okay with, or not. I would at least write his name on the sheet of paper and kiss that lovingly and as you are kissing that talisman, SEE IN YOUR INNER MIND'S EYE the two of you together, talking and sharing and forgiveness and love and it will be happening before you know it.

    I pray that gives you strength and happiness!

    love, astra

    On the printouts you have printed of this, write his name somewhere. And it helps to have something he has touched or belongs to him with this. You might consider having some little corner of your home (private) where you can have this along with two things, a lock of your hair and his, or something of his, that he has handled or created. A letter from him, or object that he gave you. Lay these items along with the talisman. And set them somewhere away where it is quiet, it is not something you want others to see. Like in a box and keep that box in your closet or something. It should be a secret.

    Then keep wishing him beautiful thoughts and see the two of you together so sweet. These energies will combine with my agreement for the two of you and now there is material start with the objects, and so that is a seed to start with. Soon there is full manifestation as long as you do not give up.

    My blessings on your union, you have much happiness and love to look forward to.

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  • Yes we do not need to overcomplicate this, one lady is putting the piece of paper under her pillow, that sounds lovely to me. You don't have to write his name on it or even associate it with anything else.

    The desire of love is the main thing. And whatever keeps our hope bright and shining. You can't do anything wrong is the real message. You are doing everything right.

    I so want to see this work out for you. I am hoping that when I try to help others in their love life, maybe there is hope for me too. I am really longing so much to see you happy and in love and everything working out for you sweetly.

    Simply follow your heart... everything will go perfectly. Six of pentacles is a card of sharing... so as you encounter anything that you are dealing with, just post back here and I will help in any way I can.

    I do know this much. When you have feelings for someone, and there is slightest glimmer of hope, that there is indeed the spark of a relationship there... then as long as you do not give up, it will come to pass. That is the message. Keep loving them as hard as you can and don't allow circumstances to tell you anything different. Maybe if you hear they got married, you might change the game plan. Short of that... keep loving and praying and believing and laughing and (Sometimes) crying and just keep going and your dream of love will come true.

    Love, astra

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