Astra Angel, would you please do a love reading for me?

  • Dear Astra Angel,

    Would you please do a reading for me and give me your most valuable advice?

    After the two last readings I have some questions. I am trying to hard to get him out of my mind, it woks a little during the day but, at night I cannot sleep.

    Some background: He is a scorpio and I am leo. We were once married, he became unhappy with everything and started to drink and then he simply disappeared. We met again more than 20 years later, he did not know we were divorced. We fell in love all over again. Living in separate cities did not make things easy, but he came regularly and it was wonderful for a few months. He asked me to marry him again and I accepted. Then he had professional change of situation which was a real trauma. Since he started his new job with which he is not happy, last February, he has been less and less communicative It is clear that he does not want to come to see me or me to go to see him, but he will not say why, he says ‘it is more complicated than that’. I have the impression that as the two readings you helped with show, he has made a conscious decision and will not budge. But he continues to say he loves me. Sometimes he says he wants to dream, but it sounds more like ‘one day’. He had had a relationship for a few years in which he was not happy. He told me he had broken it up, but now I think that he might be back with that woman. She had made him feel guilty because she had beaten cancer while they were together and she needed him, etc.

    End of October beginning November she seems to have gone through a new trauma (he said it was almost a total breakdown). Since then, his emails have been short but loving. In all this I have always been supportive, reassuring and above all loving. A friend I have confided in tells me I need to space my responses to his emails and let him miss me. I think that might be dangerous because I am afraid he will stop writing all together and I could not bear to lose the contact.

    These are some of my Questions:

    1. Will I see him again?

    2. If so, when?

    3. Is he back with his old companion?

    4. If so, will he leave her for me?

    5. What does he really feel about me.

    6. Is he playing a Machiavellian game with me?

    7. Why does he not want to see me?

    8. Is there any hope for this relationship?

    9. Is he struggling with doubts and fears?

    10. Is he struggling with financial difficulties?

    11. Is he afraid for his job?

    12. What should I do now?

    13. Was this new trauma due this woman or work?

    14. How should I respond to his emails?

    I am new to this and I realise that there might be too many questions.

    I really appreciate your generosity, your understanding and compassionate approach.


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  • Hi Pivoine -

    I can only tell you to follow your heart in the relationship, as long as there IS a connection and you as long as you feel comfortable with how that is working, then by all means go with the flow and let that continue. You should always listen to your heart.

    I drew the Death card, which tells me that something very evolutionary is indeed occurring between you and him. Personal transformation energies. This can mean the end of the "old ways" of relating to one another, and entering into something much sweeter on a spiritual level. The pattern seems to be a break in connection physically and no communication even although it may be the communication continues on some level. This is the "Chrysalis" phase of the relationship as you are deepening relationship in heavenward ways. Heaven orchestrates this as needed.

    You say "he is in great need of gentleness and tenderness and he can only get that from me…?"

    He receives what he needs from heaven, you are expressing that spirit to him to guide him to heaven. His "needs" can only be met from above, not from you.

    This is part of the equation in relationships, and also accounts for co-dependent situations. When we begin to "need" something and rely on our partner to meet that need, then we open the door to co-dependancy. No one of us can meet a need in another. This explains why relationships, marriages get into trouble, it is because there is a reliance on the partner (mistakenly) for an energy that can really only come from the Universe. Then there is all of this neediness and clinging and that opens the door to all manner of evil, arguments because the partner is not "performing" for our needs to be met (although they are never really met until they are flowing from spirit).

    We think to ourselves, I can only be happy when I am with him, because he supplies some energy that I need. When all along, our real need is to pull that down from Heaven and become whole and complete in ourselves (or, in the Universe, or in God). So when a relationship becomes co-dependant, there is a searching out for supply in a material connection, and that explains why they must be around in order to give us what we need.

    I think there must have been some co-dependancy issues between you and him.

    The truly wonderful relationships - paradoxically - occur when we really have no need of a partner. When we are quite happy and content in ourselves and in our connections to spirit and our angel. That is the real relationship... not whether or not he or she is present. A person. People are expressions of the energies of Heaven, and it is our connections with these energies that are the true foundations.

    And so, in your situation, you must really in a sense let him go to find him. Do not cling to him and he must not cling to you. We each must be free to ascend and find our heavenward home, and then we can turn around and delight in relationships for all the RIGHT reasons... play and frolic and creativity and laughter and children and home... instead of the wrong reasons, like "I need you", and" I am hurting can you be there for me", and "I want you to promise you will always such and such"... those reasons can not stand up to the fire, the tests, The Tower will come and test such a relationship and it will collapse like a house of cards.

    So your place (and his depending on where he is at in ascension journey) is to seek heaven, and find your angelic spirit connection, that is who you are really in love with, the invisible part of relationship. You must find him in the spirit, and then, once the relationship is strong in the hidden ways, you may connect with him again in physical ways and it will be wonderful.

    Part of the challenge today is that we are all at different points in the journey. Should either of you be "needier" of the other, then there is imbalance and the you will be severed until you each find your solitary strength.

    Three of Swords - when you say "I am afraid that if I break the communication, he will never come out of hiding again." then that fear must be dealt with. You can't be in fear and expect him to be there to assuage that fear in your heart. That "fear" is simply revealing how much you long for your heavenly connection with spirit and the angelic realm.

    Perfect love casts out fear, so the advice when you feel that fear rising up in you and you want to run to the computer to send and email, or call him... instead, relax and PRAY for him, wish him love energies and healing and strength from heaven in his life, right where he, apart from you physically perhaps, however as close to you as ever in the spirit.

    For this is the mystery, hidden in heaven from before the ages, that we are each spirit beings, consciousness pure, and that we are all together already. He is present in the room with you right now, as close as he ever was. We moan and groan for the material, physical expressions of one another, however our true link is spirit. Seem him as an angel and reach out to him as spirit, and find your peace in that spirit place... and he should be doing the same...

    I'll try not to turn this into a bible study, however this is why Paul in 1 Cor 7:5 says "Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer; but then come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack of self-control."

    What is he saying? That in any relationship of love, the real connection is in spirit not flesh. So partners should pull apart periodically to keep their connections with each other very strong spiritually. For that is the true connection, not the physical one.

    The three of swords heartbreak is where we focus on the material, the physical and then we torment ourselves (satan) with ideas of abandonment and heartbreak, when all along we are connected as lovely as ever!

    Take what you can from this reading... the bottom line is don't allow yourself to look at him as someone who "needs" you, and don't be in fear of losing him, because that fear is actually a part of the reason you are separate. You want the relationship to be there for all of the right reasons... the fact that so many of us are wandering in relationships is evidence that our focus is on earth and not in heaven.

    Page of Wands and the FOOL - when you communicate with him you want to be a child... happy and expressive of the innocence of heaven, and sing about some of these ideas.. of spirit... and heaven... he may say to himself, "Pivoine has gone insane, nothing she says makes sense anymore!"

    And that is exactly what you want. You want to be showing him LIGHT and not fear, HEAVEN and not problems that need to be fixed. Therefore the success of this relationship rests upon your own personal ascending journey into heaven, where you are quite happy and born anew into the foolishness of the Universal Positive Energies.

    I hope a fragment or two of that made some sense... you are on the right path... keep the faith, I see nice things for you coming up... Knight of Coins, stay diligent in your own material ways of wisdom, stay personally creative and fulfilled in your gifts.

    Blessings and love


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  • Okay Pivoine

    I hear you heart, things are working out for you, even though it may not feel like it...

    Four of Swords... time to curl up with a good book, go see the New Twilight movie haha... relax.. you are under so much major arcana energy you really only have to keep whispering "everything will work out"... that is all.



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  • Hey Pivoine

    Okay, I will try my best...

    Love &Me: King of Wands

    Kings aren't going anywhere. So this seems like your love (this King) has made a choice is on a path that has landed him in position of not being able to move further. Stuck is what I get.

    Love Situation: The World

    The World is the fulfillment of the major arcana. We at an end, a birth, the finish, the beginning. This seems to reflect that King energy in the sense that your path together has landed you in a place where we have reached some sort of finish, a stalemate.

    Love Challenges: Queen of Cups

    This feels like you, and again we see the finish, you are a reflection of the King, however you are emotionally stopped as he has become spiritually stopped. Emotionally stable... however nothing is happening.

    Higher Power: Queen of Wands

    Another court card, the Queen of Wands is the mate to the King of Wands. "Higher Power" seems to be trying to give you a hint here, identify with the King, get inside his head, empathize. You need to relate to him in what he trying to say. He has said something to you that is very much from his heart and is now "stuck" until you respond to the poem, or write him a poem back. That would be a Queen wand thing to do. You can look at my thread with Scully to get some ideas on swapping poems back and forth, where you are sharing your heart in poetic ways.

    Foundation: Eight of Wands

    This is under you. Eight wands is very fast and very interested, and energetic. Highly charged and not afraid to step out. The interest from you toward him is very intense. It doesn't go away.

    Recent Past: Two of Swords

    Off in your own inner world, pulling back, quiet, seeking solace within. As matters "out there" didn't seem to be going the way you would have liked, you have no choice except to go inside.

    Near Future: Two of Coins

    A choice will soon be offered. To move. To change a place, a position, to engage in some material activity that connected you to him. Something is shared again that you had left behind.

    Blocks & Inhibitions: Eight of Cups

    You battle between wanting to move on and wanting to stay put. Your heart says stay, your head says move on and forget him.

    The Loved One: Page of Cups

    A very emotional and innocent figure, he is simple and serene, rather naive in the ways of love.

    Love Advice: Temperance

    Keep your course. Don't make any sudden moves. Keep those two cups flowing back and forth between conscious and subconscious. Balance, steady as she goes.

    Long Term Potential: Nine of Coins

    Material affluence and success. Whatever is happening with you and him is leading you to a place where you will be very secure and materially comfortable. There is a strong nurturing aspect to this card, like love of nature, your surroundings are very pleasant.

    It seems like this Two of Coins prospect - choice that is coming will mature into a nine coins setting for you.

    The lose of him emotionally is a block to your life right now. You are expending too much energy longing to restore the relationship, (Queen of Cups + Eight of Cups) and this is leading to something very nice for YOU materially (the Two of Coins + Nine of Coins outcome). He is all wrapped up in Wand land, and Higher Power has him on that path (poetry and creative work). That extends back into the past of the relationship.

    So, somehow your connection with him, in love, is helping YOU in your material life. So keep going as you are, good things coming for you, it is different I think than what you had imagined. Be on the lookout for this material choice that is coming for you. Something new, exciting, a change, a trip perhaps. What ever it is sets in motion forces that lead to an amazing place of happiness and general success in your life on all levels.

    I hope that helps!

    Love and Happy Thanksgiving, hope yours is nice!


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  • Hey Pivoine

    Okay, let's see what comes up. I think I do better when I draw the cards for readings rather than try to interpret someone else's. Anyway, let's start with your charts...

    1. His Pluto is over your Sun in Leo. So there is transformative energies connecting you to him. He is helping you transform, transition in your life path which is cool. You intuitively understand that he is helping your progress in your life path.

    2. His Sun and Venus are in Sag, and you don't have a lot happening there. Your Moon is in Cancer, so very strong emotions connected with home, security, domestic life these this can be very emotional issues for you. He has his Jupiter opposing your Moon which feels like a good connection so I sense that he brings out your love of home and is an expansive energy over your emotions there. Which can work the other way too, if your emotions become too much. Something to watch out for. Keep some calm energy art, water, colors in your home when you are living with him.

    3. His Moon is in Gemini, so there is some fickleness emotionally, this is probably feeding his art/poetry writing, His Moon is opposing his Sun, so he was born under a full moon. Emotional extremes to say the least, this man know the full range of emotions.

    4. You two have very little going on from Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus. So this makes your combined chart a little off balance. You could use a balance in those areas there, another person, maybe an Aries. You need a Pisces person who can be very close with the two of you or a strong water element. You are both fire signs, and so that means some heated emotions at times, so some water would be nice to keep that calm. This intuitive, free flowing nature is something that should be used in the relationship, and his poetry is trying to go in that direction I think.

    5. Your Venuses are close to square though and that could be a big source of the disconnect, and that could be behind what has happened with him.

    The balance there is this cusp between Pisces and Aries - that seems to be a very critical balance point, also in light of the fact that this quad of the wheel is so empty anyway. A LOVE energy coming there would neutralize the tension. from the other Venus (opposite , yours) and should help smooth things out.

    A talisman would help here.

    I have created one below, Pleaser print that out and keep it on your person, and around where you can see it, like on the fridge.. that will generate some balance love balance and soften that square. Then he won't be picking up on the square vibrations in the spirit and keep your fingers crossed this could help work a miracle for you in love.

    This should provide the balancing love energy of Venus between Pisces and Aries.

    The talismans may be all we need to heal these relationships. Look at the chart, find where the issues and squares are, and then create a talisman to effect the cure. I will try anything to see healing come to bring love into our loves the way it supposed to be.

    I also am asking the Tarot for the future of this relationship...

    Present situation - Five of Swords - certainly picking up on the tense mental energy here, some deep concerns about the viability of the relationship, mostly manifesting in the intellect, some worry, anxiety and concern. Be at peace, all is going to plan. You are asked to relax.

    Near future - Two of Swords - This settles out for you into a new depth of understanding of your "quiet place" in the relationship. You are going within more, and finding a peaceful center in your own soul where the outside "situation" in the relationship, the apparent disconnect is not so intense, and you are showing more faith and trust that matters will work out. (THis could also be evidence of the talisman helping)

    Further future - Ten of Cups - It doesn't get any better than this. BLISS in love, fantastic and intiamate closeness, sensual and delicious and very deep and pure. Successful too, your romantic situation her is very solid and builds a love home life and all is very very good.

    Let me know what you think. Try the talisman - my gift to you from my heart. I will be praying for you too, for peace and calm and rest in the present situation. You are dearly loved.

    Peace, and have some more cranberry sauce on me... 🙂


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  • Dear Pivoine,

    Okay, I see now what is going on using this corrected date.

    His Jupiter almost exactly coincides with your Sun in Leo.

    And he has Pluto there exactly as well. This means that his energies from Jupiter and Pluto are energizing your Sun, and you feel enhanced, lifted up, maximized, and much more YOU when he is in your life in a close and real way. That is an extremely strong connection you share.

    Now, the important stuff... Mars and Venus...

    His Mars in Libra is not far from your Venus in Libra, so that shows a a strong male transmitter going from him to your female receiver in Libra. So the desire is there from him to you, the challenge is completing the circuit so that we have a return trip.

    When I look at his female receiver, that is in Scorpio and you have nothing there. That is where he is looking for signals from you, and he isn't hearing anything.

    Also - your Mars in Cancer is close to square with his moon in Aries. So that can be a conflicting energy.

    So, for a talisman, we need to create a male sender (Mars) for you in the same EXACT placement in Scorpio where his female reception is.

    This is at 20 deg, 57 min, 31 sec. Or, in angel numbers, "205731".

    Se simply create a talisman with Mars and Scorpio and that number between them and offer that up to our angels as the healing for the relationship.

    Then, we want to neutralize the pre-existing Mars in your chart (since we have added a new one to Scorp), and to do that we apply a Venus Female Receptor exactly where your old mars is, at 19-32-43, or 193243 itn Cancer. This will then nix the square between your old mars and his moon so he will feel some immediate relief.

    That is what is going on. Here is a new talisman, discard the other ones (you need to burn them, don't through them away) and don't look at that one any more. Print this one out three of them, and place them where you will see them often, fridge, in your purse maybe, and in the car somewhere. Those energies will then go to work in the spirit creating a new connections between you and him.

    I also added your name to personalize this (like a prescription) and also a love energy scripture promise. Heaven wants you in each other's arms.

    Think of this as love doctoring. Sculpting and adjusting the love energies associated with the relationship, Like relationship plastic surgery.

    Let me know how it goes. As long as we are on the right track, we should start seeing some signs of improvement in the relationship connections and dialogue (the angels should verify with a sign or message that we are on the right path here.) Then it should escalate quickly to all the other nice things you and him can share together. Very intimate and nice.

    Once we start to see some signs of improvement, I can doctor his chart with a talisman that you can use to lay his Mars exciter exactly on top of your Venus receiver, so that will put you two into love orbit. ......//////Sizzle//////..... i

    Love and light - I think we're on to something my dear...


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  • Page of Swords - Yes! Send him a message about his poem as long as that is in your heart to do (sounds like it is!)

    And, as for a timeline, are you referring to what he will reply to your message? Please clarify what you are waiting to "hear".

    Although I did a celtic cross on this question and received Feb 12, 2012 as very significant day.

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  • Pivoine,

    Okay, I would say that when you feel that that there is a change with him, there is some communication and such, then we would know that this approach is indeed helping. This is a new direction for me, however I see no reason why not to expect wonderful cures and helps by using our faith that way. We are meant to be loving and enjoying our lives and relationships!

    Would't that be amazing, that relationships could all be healed with something that simple? How wonderful that would be.

    I drew the two of swords while thinking about time before knowing this is helping which sounds like two days. So be sensitive to messages or signs that seem to support that this is helping.

    Meanwhile I will continue to keep you and him in my thoughts and wishes for something wonderful happening between the two of you.

    I also just now drew the Knight of Cups and the King of Cups so this sounds like a very nice love message coming for you...

    peace, astra

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