Help with this reading.

  • I did a reading online and I was wanting someone elses interpertation for it.

    It's a celtic cross for someones relationship. Where will the relationship be in a couple months?

    1 two of wands

    2 two of cups R

    3 moon

    4 five of pentacles R

    5 ace of pentacles R (past)

    6 king of wands R (immediate future)

    7 queen of cups

    8 eight of swords R

    9 wheel of fortuen

    10 6 of cups

    I did one last week and it seemed there would be a break up. Thank you

  • This is my phsychic impression---maybe it will line up with the Tarot readers. First impression is to not pull cards too soon---as this can't be forced. Your desire--fears--anxiousness can affect the cards. Emotions stand out in the forefront--this is a the core of this relationship a lot of emotional tension or attraction---there is an intensity that dominates over the head. You either bring out the worst or best in each other---communication is strained on an earthly level yet you can be both connected by a heaby planetary influence. You don't see it but you have the power in this relationship yet something in you craves he lead--take the kings throne. In that sense he is here to help you or hinder you in developing your sense of true inner power. Again--it is stressed you have more power to lead than you realise. The wheel of fortune looms large over you---again going back to the emotions that challange you or become roadblocks. You must make peace with the reality of the wheel of fortune--the rule of cycles. The wheel goes up--the wheel goes down---sometimes you are on top--then you are on bottom. Don't sweat the change in weather that happens in life--this too will pass. Spirit says to focus on fortifying your crown---the head that can see you past the emotional times. Use your times of most fear or worry to arm youraself by using that energy towards other goals untill the wheel turns up again in your favour. You tend to lose power and get stuck in an isolating way and suffer needlessly. Remember by over worrying you can actually draw to you exactly what you fear. Again that Queen knows that form of power--where you focus most manifests. Gather your swords within that knowledge! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you! This was a reading for someone else though not me? Would it still appy?

  • YES! altho I'm getting that there is something similiar for you and it is possible you pulled cards for that person but really got your own energy attraction which is why I picxked up first--a caution sign about you pulling the cards--that not all might not be as seems. Usually--your gut feelings about my response should hold the truth--what did you feel in your gut first? Did these cards speak to you? Listen to your intuition and not a desired answer. Trust yourself. BLESSINGS

  • Well this reading was for my ex and his girlfriend. It has been a rough year with lots of heart break. I am trying to figure out how this reading applies to me. Thank you

  • If you feel this fits them--substitute HER for YOU when I spoke. I feel the tie you have in this message is a similiar attraction issue---in a way she is struggling with comman issues you had to deal with. Wether you know the issues or just felt we don't work the reality is his attractions will repeat patterns unless he learns and changes. I feel you share an emotional element--you are more heart than head BUT have been working towards being tougher--kinda put up a wall when needed now but you are very empathetic and can feel others emotional turmoil. As for him--he is a contradiction--on the outside puts on a leadership role--the strong man with definate likes and dislike--takes charge and this attracts a female who thinks she's getting a safe protector but really beneath that this man is not so together and it really can be a rollercoaster ride. He does not like a woman to to take charge but at some point she feels she has to do something! There eventually is an issue of trust.. He does not let go easily--can be stubborn and he can bring out the worst in a mate because she listens and trusts and then he surprises her and she feels a loss of control and angry because he doesn't listen to her and she ends up exploading. It's a bad cycle of holding in --trusting--things go wrong--she exploads. He as well exploads---partly the anger is at himself and he has hidden anger from childhood and trust issues so he has a hard time giving up the wheel---both have underlying anger and betrayal issues that get played out. On the surface it looks like normal finance tension and bad luck events but really it is deeper. I feel the next six months will decide--make or break their relationship. The big challange is emotion. The female needs to be detached enough to understand this man and get past her hurt and use her head and understand he is mostly a very scared wounded child underneath his attempt at being the man. Unfortunetly, attacking his failures just keeps the cycle going. I think if you are ready, you can learn about your own hidden wounds that played out with him as you are in a good position right now to heal and rise above things that once held you back. BLESSINGS!

  • I was speechless after your comments!! We divorced a year ago and he went to her so he wouldn't be alone. That's how he tried to heal. I had tried everything I could to reconcile but he is so angry at me. I made a horrible mistake while under meds. I didn't have any feelings just flat emotions. I lost everything. He is very serious with her. I have done many readings and have gotten different answers about them. He has said such hurt ful things to me and doesn't realize what he is doing. He is very stubborn and doesn't like to admit that he is wrong.

    Every reading I have done online about them shows a break up in their relationship. The last reading someone did for me showed that he will leave her by the end of the year. There is so much that has happened to me in one year, so much heart break and rejection but I am trying to move forward. Deep down if I knew he was truly happy I would be happy.He will not even talk to me but just scream and say hurtful things. It almost seems like he is trying to convince himself that she is the one. I didn't want to say all this but after what you said just blew me away. Thank you

  • Be kind to yourself! Forgive yourself and it will be easier for him to forgive you. A spiritual life has many layers. There is earthly circumstance and if one is only aware of that they can feel victimized or without controll. But in a spiritual life often seemingly bad things happen for good reason. Often if our childhood wound involves deep unexpressed rage--specially if the rage is directed at someone we love and can't feel right about our rage it turns inward BUT at some point it must come out. The two ways it presents itself is outward rage towards others and we unconciesly attract situations or people into our lives that will allow us to let out that anger. For some people oppressed childhood rage manifests in inward energy and becomes depression and that person becomes as you say flat. It's all or nothing--no feelings or the fear of the oppressed rage. You did not intentionally cause this between you and him. Forgive yourself. You must heal your wound and he can follow and right now he is so trapped in his rage and it has to be spent. Unfortunetly, he is unaware of the connection. He feels victimized and betrayed and he over compensates as I said befor---he puts a manly front on the little boy he's still trapped in.. He did jump in with her---to hurt you--to prove he was in control and could choose to not be hurt and could choose to just move on. He did not intend to lie to her as she was easily attracted to him and jhas similiar issues as you. Because--we must solve our wounds and running from them to another is not the big fix we imagine. It is so important that you heal--start loving yourself--not just in your head but make little choices that say it in real life. Example---nurture yourself, How do you treat yourself? Are your shoes long past worn? Underwear sadly past due for replacing. Do you spend time on you? Take that long nature walk--dance? etc--you know what I mean. When his new relationship breaks he will have two choices so it is important you are in a much better place because it will lead him there to forgiveness and deeper awerness. OR he could become very very bitter and clsed off as if he has decided love stinks and all women are nuts--that kind of fatal attraction thinking. As bad as this situation is--the constant fighting up and down is a release valve towards healing. On an earthly reality some bad desicions can be made during this storm ---that's reality--but with forgiveness and awerness you can move on to doing better when you know better. You have expressed your regret and apologized and you must stick to that forgiveness for yourself or it will invite continuid assult and anger. At some point you must be able to DEFEND yourself. This takes more head than emotion to reply to his anger---you should be saying to him--that yes--you have a right to be angry and I have been angry at myself too and now I know better. There was no maliciouse intention--I was sick and had no controll over myself--I wish I had been capable of making better choices but I didn't. I can't change the past--only try to do better in the future. I had wounds and issues I brought into our relationship that needed to heal and that's where I am now--trying to heal. I do love you and hope someday you find peace and happiness. and I pray you can forgive me. AMEN! Be kind to yourself and the love you create for yourself--that energy can only attract the same--it is a spiritual law. BLESSINGS!

  • Yes I am in the process of healing and trying to forgive. I am starting to do stuff for myself. My children are hurting alot and that itself is hurting me more. I feel so numb that what he has done with her doesn't affect me as much. I am a good person and I don't want someone else to get hurt or like a relationship to be destroyed. I just know in my gut that something isn't right. That's why I keep turning to readings to see where their relationship will go or is going. His actions and his words to me show that he is in love and happy but I know him too well. She is very much in love with him and wants a committment. She is very attached and will not give up at all. He just likes going with the flow and is in denial I think. I didn't think they would make it this far but maybe I was wrong. I appreciate very much what you said. Thank you again.

  • Hi, I hope you enjoyed the holidays. I have been feeling better lately. I am not as sad anymore. He went and met her family over the holidays and told me he is in a committed relationship. (like I didn't know.) I was wondering if you can see what is in store for me in the next 6 months. do you see things getting better for me? As much as it hurts to move on I think I need to. Do you see anyone coming in my life? Thank you so much.

  • I do see things better--but not always as realistically the wheel of life turns up and down. I think letting go will give you an initial rush of energy flow----and that will turn scary as you have a shadow side that fears too much power---somewhere in childhood you learned to "be" smaller--tone it down. Christmas may be rocky--first a burst of new direction but be carefull not to get overtired in Dec. It is your burn out month. There could be a tinge of depression--a tug from the past--like grief. Emotions can swamp you at times but that's who you are--you feel big---let it wash through as if you hold in you will get depressed or somewhere blow up inapropriatly though mostly you direct repressed feelings inward towards yourself as you fear most "hurting others". January will have you focusing on finances--goals for saving money---as if a good help book falls into your lap you will feel this surge of "self improvement".Feb. just as you are making new pathways and feeling strong--the ex may have a big crisis and you may be tempted to turn around and go back some--don't! This will be a lesson on how to remain close to him as a part of your journey WITHOUT sacrificing your own journey. BALANCE will be the theme for that month. He will drop a drama bombshell---and it will pass on it's own so don't get too pulled in as you will only be resentfull AFTER it all blows over. Also, do not think about this forcast but instead remember it when the tim comes or by free will you will forget your journey now--to let go and move forward. The end of April--and May is your new faces month--nurture this seed now for going alone in faith of a new life and that's what will manifest around that time. Yes, a man will apear.. But do not look for him---he will FIND you. What you will be doing is raising your energy. What you can do is right now is make a list describing your heart's desire in a man. Be very thoughtful and make it special---you can add your goals list as well and even your needs list. Make them like prayers and put them away in a special box or under a pretty stone. Then forget about them. You can say this is my prayer garden--my seeds I'm planting and ask for help to nurture these intentions to harvest. I'm just giving you an idea but really follow your own words and gut feelings. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you again! I have done so many readings in the past about us and timings but I feel like since I expected it, for some reason it didn't happen. I had been told that they will break up or he is this or that and I now realize that he seems happy. I am almost afraid of wanting to know what the drama will be but I have been thinking about my fears all year and my fears did come true. So NO MORE!! I will know think of my desires whatever that will be. Whatever happens will happen. Thanks again.

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