21 ways to read a tarot card

  • I was wondering if anyone has actually done this course or read the book ., I have the book and i am up to step 4 and stuck at a road block ., as i have to describe my card which is Judgement as a fairytale , i am ok with the angel its just the people rising from their coffins that i am having trouble with as i dont feel its a very whimsical scene . I am just interested to see what others thoughts are on this .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Actually the original fairytales were all very grim and dark. You should try finding some of those old versions - scary! They often didn't turn out well because they were meant to be cautionary tales or warnings.

  • Brothers Grimm for one...Some of the tales are not exactly a Cinderella story. Not even to mention Hans Christian Andersen - those really are "judgemental" most of the time.

  • Thanks Guys

    I will give it ago

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Hi guys,

    Im learning tarot, on my own thread.. but i was wondering it does mean something if a card turns up upside down and how do you interpret ate this??

  • Well, I myself don't feel it means anything because there are many meanings within the card - good and bad - itself and it depends on the other cards with it. But many readers think reversed means something negative.

  • Captain, so i guess you just got to go with your gut feel.. if fool is upside down,, like walking on your head,

  • That is what psychic reading is all about - your gut feelings.

  • Scully ,

    I have this great book for beginners its called the tarot revealed by Paul Fenton -Smith its such a good book that i often refer back to it today , i have been doing tarot for 7 years now . You dont have to read the cards in reveresed if you dont want to its whatever you feel comfortable with.You should try and get yourself a copy of Mary K Greers 21 ways to read a tarot card , its a real eye opener . I manged to complete my story using the angel as my main character but it was tough going .

  • Hi LLP,

    Thankyou, i will look for that book, i have one book is what im learning from now, obviously, the more i think you have better insight and understand. Astra thinks im doing very well and have a lot spiritual view.

    I may get the 21 way read tarot at later time, as dont want to overload myself.. referring back to the reverse card, i just had a feel to read it like that as if a card does how its meant to be read,.

  • LLP

    I have ordered that one along with Tarot master-class.. so looking forward to get a broader insights and understanding.

    Thankyou again.

  • Hi Scully ,

    I have tarot masterclass by Paul Fenton Smith as a matter of fact i have all his books the tarot revealed and mastering the tarot as well ,but the book of his that i always seem to use the most is the tarot revealed its a great book ive learnt so much from it . I honestly feel that you never stop learning tarot its been 7 years for me and im still inthe learning stages . You should get a copy of 21 ways and do the excercises i am up to step 7 and its been great to do ive learnt so much . I think its great that you are trying to learn all you can on the subject as i dont post much on this site anymore due to the fact that not many people are interested in tarot here its mainly love and relationship advice people want .

    Love and light Loap 😉

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