Tarot reading only $35 by me!

  • Hello! I am a 23-year-old intuitive advisor. Instead of paying over $100 for a 30 minute session like some of the websites I work for, you can get the best value on my website. http://www.tarotreaderalicia.weebly.com. Most people describe me as a compassionate, positive, intuitive, and a free-spirited person. Since I was a young child I have been very intuitive. I began reading about spirituality at the age of 9 and I have been very "in touch" with spirit since my first spiritual encounter at age 9 when I began praying to God and felt his intense energy--never felt the Divine like that! This prompted me and helped me understand there is something Divine going on here behind the scenes for each and everyone of us. Since then and even before then, I've had precognitive dreams, telepathy, signs from the Divine, felt God and the angels' presence, felt spirits around me and much more. The more open I am spiritually the more messages that come.

    If you're looking for an honest, non-judgmental, genuine, and intuitive advisor that can help you on your journey, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have your best interest in mind. I use tarot for guidance, but I can give you compassionate and intuitive guidance connecting with Spirit. I have over 7 years experience with tarot.


    Alicia Lynn


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