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  • Hi astraangel,

    I know you have many requests from people on this forum and may be busy but I hope you can give me some guidance. I have finally and I am proud of saying this, heal my heart from my ex bf. I have been going out meeting new people and do some dating. Even doing some online dating which I was never a big fan of it. However I am not getting too lucky with it. I have met some nice people but nothing! could you do a reading for me please on love? I am thinking I am rushing into it a bit and are not letting thing happens naturally!

    Thank you

  • You haven't been lucky with the online dating? That makes two of us.

    Okay, I drew the Queen Wands, the Chariot, the Page of Swords, and the Six of Wands.

    So yeah, this does seem to be indicating a rather frenzied effort by you currently (Q wands and the Chariot) - the PAGE of SWORDS seems to be the key for you here. Find out what this page means for you, an you will find some lovely relationships and your dream companionship.

    The Page of Wands... let's think about that.

    Here are some keys here and I will try to pull it all together for you ....

    red flowers, something about red flowers

    embracing a problem or a challenge

    she finds inspiration she needs to solve her problem

    she is insatiably curious

    she wants to know everything

    she has a LOT of questions, and is really good at out of the box thinking

    spying, secret service, authority

    I totally see what is going on here, you need to create your OWN dating service

    I have been doing the same thing, trying to get a handle on this whole dating thing... I have a web/internet/graphic design background and have some ideas... and with the Tarot... hmmm.....

    Does that strike a chord with you?

    Maybe it is something, kick around some ideas and see what happens... theres got to be a better way to handle the whole dating thing, something is being overlooked...

    In any case, embrace this PAGE SWORDS energy and you will find whatever you long for

  • "The Page of Wands... let's think about that."

    I meant to say the page of Swords, not sure why the page wand wants to get in on the act ha ha...

    Also, the photo is courtesy of morgue file and kakisky

  • AstraAngel, Thanks for the reading. I will take the advice and create my own dating! I always believe it is faith when comes to relationship stuff. I may give it a rest for now. Hope you will have some luck with the online dating !!

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