Watergirl.. Help

  • Hi.

    I have got the all clear re- liver count and bloods done.

    Im very lucky.

    I ve chased the place for alcohol.. they moving at time i contacted them.. left a message, so he all goes to get help/

  • I've finally, got a appointment come through for the middle of January..

    Im looking forward to it, what i can learn about me and how can help me more and what like to go to a councillor.

    Happy Christmastime.


  • OK!!!! What great news and great progress for you!!!!!! It demonstrates more healthy forward thinking. Every step forward brings you a little closer to the goal.

    We are right behind you to lend support.

    Merry Christmas to all

    A BetterPlace ;=)

  • Watergirl, how do you the spirit see me now?

    The place cancelled my last appointment,, i have next end of this month, i was lucky to cover my work.

    I still have my moments, im getting there slowly.

  • I had to can ell last appointment, re workmen, not turn up.

    They gave me today, in which i had to go to the new manager, said i need to go, in which she gave me time to go, very good new manager.

    I went, i do not need AA or detox, it is a emotional crunch, she asked if i wanted counselling, i said yes.

    very nice and so easy to talk, i have diary every day if i drink or not,, another for thoughts a feelings, while i wait for council ling person to get in touch.

  • I have worked out all my triggers, and emotional habit, just pure habit.

    Im there done it myself. just by doing a bit of talking to a total stranger, helps immemorial.

    Now im only one can do it, i want to , i don want to go back again.

    My life is good, i have the self esteem and confidence again,i, worth a lot more than any man or family can put me down to.

    I have made friend outside of work, the work is better too.


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