Need help with reading

  • So I got a free birthday reading and understand what all of the cards are saying but I'm not sure what it all means together!

    Celtic Cross

    Jun 24, 2009

    Your Question: will this next year bring me a partner

    This is what I got,

    Self: Eight of Cups

    Situation: The High Priestess

    Challenges/ Opportunities: Temperance

    Foundation: The Lovers

    Recent Past: Seven of Swords

    Higher Power: Two of Swords

    Near Future: King of Coins

    Blocks & Inhibitions: Death

    Allies: Six of Coins

    Advice: Two of Wands

    Long-term Potential: Five of Coins

  • 8 of cups shows where you stand right now in yourself, high priestess is what youi are headed to become- temperance is for you to be as balanced in all you do and say, the lovers shows a man will arrive, 7 of swords is a issue or issues yoiu have been through that makes you who you are in the 8 of cups position. your high awareness of self is seen in 2 of cups. close futuire is king of coins which can mean more money coming in, either through your hard work, a promotion or the man who arrives has a good bundle of it. Death card is not to be seen as death per se, but as an ending of thinking behaving, ending of singledom, new starts etc. 6 of coins represents those who are on your side in everything you do, most likely family and colleagues, 2 of wands is the pathhint you ought to take, future potential is 5 of coins which indicate that you need to be slow and wise of your next choises. recheck everything, reread befire signing anything, read and reread all with small prints. allow yourself days befiore choosing signing anything, get second opinions.

    Again this is jus a read out of a million and the good and bad may change as the weeks passes by. for a thoughrough one it needs to be done by a person who takes minimum 2 hours to do the read in, and you´d need updated version at least every 4 weeks. Reason for it is because readings are fluent as future and life is fluent. Alone astrology is changing every 4 minutes. So such cards online I advice is to be taken lightly and not for face value.

    I hope this helped.

  • Thank you for responding! that really helps and if it isn't accurate then I can at least expect good things to come my way...

  • i think the problem i see is that you have too high expectations of love relationship this year and is not hapenning. At least is not happening now. The cards are warning you to be patient. It also shows you just have been leaving a situation behind you and you are ready for change. The problem is that you lack patience and you want too much too soon. No prince charming is on the horizon, but there is a man coming your way- the King of Coins. He is just not that very special man you are expecting. He is more like a relationship of convenience and yes he has money.

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