Is this a good match

  • We are both cancers and we all know that cancers are very emotional.

    My birthday is July 6 1987 and his is June 25 1987

    is this a good combination?

  • without knowing where and when you both are born, its impossible to be anything but general. I used noon as a birthtime, and New York City as a location for you both. With this information, you have most of your planets in water signs. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars are all in Cancer. Your Moon and Neptune are in Scorpio, and appear to be conjuct. Your sweetie has his Sun and Mars in Cancer. There is much agreement here. But he has his Moon and Venus in Gemini. Any conflicts might take the nature of you thinking he might not be as serious as you are. Cancers have great senses of humor, as do Geminis, but Gemini is simply not as emotional. With your Scorpio Moon, you remember every feeling, every perceived slight. With his Moon in Gemini, he may be puzzled if you make a big deal of something he is inclined to move on and move past. That he shares important Cancer placements can help to smooth difficulties.Sorry this is so general.

  • well i was born in Pittsburgh, PA and my birth time is 9:30 am.

    He was born in the Bronx, NY i don't know his birthtime.

    Hope it enough.

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