!Interesting marriage Question and Question about Contact! plz help

  • Hi everybody I've been reading Tarot cards and yijing for a couple of years. My reading of the yijing has been relatively simple, just reading meanings from "the idiot's guide to yijing" and another book written by a pretty good taiji teacher.

    There's a lot of backstory to the questions I asked the yijing about a girl, but I'm wondering what people will say with minimal knowledge of it, or if you think it's even needed. If it is, I'll post more later. I'm completely open to suggestions for doing more readings or anything else.

    First question: What would happen if me and this girl got married.

    Hexagram 57 changing line 6, to hexagram 48

    To me, this shows she we would be married. I would have doubts and could call it offᆪᆲbut overall would go through.

    So, thing is I moved away to another city from this girl, and the day I left, I won't go into why, she didn't answer any of my calls and when she did, it wasn't positive at all. The next day I asked her, if i asked her to marry me, would she. She didn't say yes or no, and the next day I found out she showed my words to everyone at the bar we worked at. (she's chinese, i live in china, and she was asking people if my chinese level was good enough to write the words myself. i'm not clear if there was a mocking motive or what)

    I didn't exactly ask what would happen if I ASKED her to marry me, but really, I don't think the yijing would mess around with me on that kind of particularality, and must know what I was feeling in the question.

    I haven't talked to her since, 2 weeks now. I'm in another part of the country. I sent her two messages online last week and no response. I After that, I did another reading:

    Question: Will I have contact again in the way I desire with this girl?

    Hexagram 45 changing line 5, into hexagram 16

    This would lead me to believe I'm going to get contact again with her. I'm confused by the mention of communal effort in this hexagram though.

    Also, I'm not contacting this girl more due in part to the difficulty of the language I need to express to her, and also because I don't want to agitate her. But is this hexagram suggesting action on my part?

    I'd REALLY appreciate any and all help with this, my understanding of the yijing is honestly limited to the pages in my book, and to be honest I felt the yijing overall is pretty direct, and especially in regards to my questions here, but I have mixed feelings due to the reality of the situation, and, really, I don't want to mess this up.

    Again, if you guys need more details to help you in interpreting this, or giving suggestions for action, please, let me know. Looking forward to a reply soon, and I'll reply back trying to at least make this informative and a good learning experience for everyone.

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