Need a reading on an Aquarius man

  • Hi,

    I have been dating this great guy for a while. I am sag 12/01/58 and he is aquarius 01/27/62. All was going really well, no signs of trouble when all of a sudden he calls it off. Says he knows he is over thinking it all but he must let me go. Says it is very hard for him, breaking up with the woman he loves because he can't see a way forward. then a get acouple of emails telling me how much he misses me and he thinks of me constantly. then he calls and wants to see me. More of the same, he misses me, not interested in dating anyone else, loves me but has to let me go. Admits that he is scared. That was 4 weeks ago. We have had one short text exchange and then nothing. What is going on with him? Any sign in the stars to explan why he walked away and if this is really the end? I am confused and hurt, of corse. he was totally into this relationship and then all of a sudden it was over. There does not seem to be another woman involved so what the heck? any insights that you could give me would be much appreciated.


  • This is your astrological compatiblity rating - a love affair or marriage is not especially suggested between the two of you. When passions emerge here, so does instability and nervousness. Such a relationship carries few guarantees that it will last, a fact underlined by its frenetic pace and at times lack of good sense. Though you may respect each other enormously, the two of you may not be prepared to entrust your future to such a relationship, not to commit yourselves to it with full force. You Sadsag may become suspicious of your friend's motives, while he will be wary of what he sees as your aggressiveness.

    In a friendship here, admiration and affection between you ensures a high degree of fulfillment. Often sharing the same or similar values, you two have little difficulty communicating with each other, although you may disagree on how to implement your plans.

  • He also has a big fear of losing his independence if he commits to someone and worries that if he gets in too deep, the other person will try to limit his freedom and control him.

  • Captain,

    This seems to be right on. We did get along very well and have a deep affection and respect for each other. I was hopng it would be more than that. it seemed to be for awhile until he walked away. I think you are right about him not wanting to give up his independence. he did that in his marriage and then felt very cheated when she left him. I know he still has stuff to deal with in that regard. So I will stay away.

    So that leads to the next questions. What is next for me? As above my birthdate is 12/10/58. I was born in Warren Ohio at 4:45 PM. Can you tell me anyting about what is coming next in my life in terms of love and work? I have seen some of your other reading and they are quite impressive. I would love to know what you see in the stars.



  • Well, what are you doing about your work and love life? What comes next is entirely up to you. What will make you happy?

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