Help with working out path of destiny number using Faith Jarvane method

  • I'm Currently reading numerology and the divine triangle by Faith Javane.

    I've hit a few snags and am not 100% sure of which numbers I need to be working with....

    Numbers have never been a strong point of mine 😮 but I'm lacking life direction right now so I am rather curious as to where this takes me.

    I'd like to know if Y is credited as a vowel in the name Bryan and hence given a score of 7 or not?

    I added up a soul number of 13/4 but that is excluding the letter Y as a vowel from my first name, is this correct?

    Also with the outer personality number which is supposed to be just the consonant letters in my name, all of them add up give me 44.

    This is where I'm getting confused, I didn't treat the Y as a vowel in either the outer personality or the soul number.

    However in the book it says that if Y is a vowel when it is the only vowel in the syllable *scratches head. So this applies to me? brY-an. ?

    If so I'm going to have to do some recalculations.

    Also to arrive at ones 'path of destiny' number you add the soul and outer personality numbers together. What do you do if the outer personality number is a master number? Just consult 44 in the book? or do you add them together?

    This is all so confusing, like I say numbers was never a strong point of mine!

    If anyone knows what I am going on about can you please reply as I'd really like to figure this thing out that way I can relate my numbers back to the book..

    Hoping for a reply!


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