Anyone into spellcasting :)

  • I have just cast my first spell for prosperity 2 days ago , i was wondering if anyone else has tried spellcasting before and what were the results ?

    Love, and Light Loap:)

  • my personal take on spell casting is that if you believe in manifestation and postive energy then it is akin to sending prayers to God or perhaps offerings to the gods or goddesss and believing that things will happen - then pehaps they will. Even though the power of the mind is stong enough to make some things happen, if you believe strongly that they will happen - I also believe that, in some cases, there may be other forces working with you, or against you from obtaining what you seek.

    I can see where positive "spellcasting" along with hard work towards a goal can achieve the result requested. But if you cast a spell for prosperity and never looked for a job in the newspaper, or went out in search of work, or tried to start a business that could prosper, then I doubt if the spell alone would work. Does that make sense?

    I also think that it is less likely that if a negative spell is cast, that any good will come of it for the person who cast the spell. Also, the more plausible the request, the more likely the request will materialize. For example, suppose that you believe that your son is dating a wicked witch. You cannot cast a spell to break them up because he loves her and that would be a negative spell. On the other hand - if she had a spell on him, I suppose it would be okay to cast a spell of protection and hope that her spell was broken and that he would see the light and leave her. You could cast a spell that the wicked witch would turn into a princess (unlikely to happen) You could cast a spell for the wicked witch to get the job of her dreams and mve far away without the son. (possibly also unlikely to happen) Or, I suppose that you could cast a spell for the son to find someone he really liked a lot better and hope that he could escape the wicked witch (Something that could possibly happen). The higher the probability of something happening that has a positive effect, the higher the possibility that the "spell" will work or the "prayer" would be answered. Does that seem plausible?

    I don't really do "spells". I have an Indian Medicine Bag and occassionally I will dress a candle and say a few words over it to help keep my hope working in a positive direction. I actually have seen some results -was it the "candles" and the words that brought the results? or was it my belief in what I wanted to achieve that brought the results? I do not know.

    I cam't say that I do not believe in spells or witchcraft or anything because anything is possible. We are only humans - bound to human science and what we can glean from our relentless studies for "proof". I am a scientist by background but I know that there are many things that cannot be explained . And the explainations for the things we can explain scientifically only pertain to things that happen on this planet, at this time, in this dimension, using the mathmatics and physics that pertain specifically to this particle in space.

    Who knows - perhaps there are ways some people have of subconsciously entering another dimension where things we don't understand - really do work.

    Good luck!!

  • Thanks turtle dust for your insight , i totally agree with what you are saying about relying on spells i would never do that or cast a negative one as i have heard of horror stories of them backfiring x3 . The reason why i actually did the spell is because i keep getting spell books as gifts from people, at first i shrugged the whole thing off and was wondering do people think im a witch? lol and then i found a deck of oracle spell cards that i actually bought myself a few years ago as i collect oracle cards , so im thinking maybe its a sign as the tarot came to me in this way as well i never went to it . I am just interested to see what comes of it i will keep you posted if anything should eventuate .

    Love Loap:)

  • Hey Loap ! 😄 I think Turtledust's insight is solid, remember you are the force behind all those tools, use them wisely, use them for good ! Oh, If you find a spell that reveals the lottery numbers....give it to me bahahaha

    Thanks for making a non-boohoo thread btw...:p

  • Love that picture!!!!

  • that picture is great

  • great pix that is how I feel sometimes lol but as for spell casting yes it is a prayer the dressing of candles or the preperation is a ritual to hel focus your energy I have done it and yes it works but like turtledust stated you also have to work for it. just make sure it is quiet & you do not have any distrations also I keep a light snack for afterwards as sometimes you can feel lightheaded. Good luck & I wish you the best LOAP

    welcome back seehorse I missed your sense of humor 🙂

  • Hey thanks Shadowmist, i've lurked around in other forums but they're all full of all-knowers and gurus totally convinced they know everything about God, Life, Universe whatever....i missed the simple, real people of this forum ! Now i wanted to ask Loap and everyone about the Egyptian Tarot, is it any good ? Since i'm all about Egypt lately i'm thinking it would be a nice addition to other Egyptien stuff i gather. Thanks for the insight !

  • I tried spellcasting about 8-9 years ago. My first and only prosperity spell netted some results. I got about $100 a few days after casting it, then a little bit more a week later. Wasn't exactly the results I was trying to get but I appreciated it. At the time, I was volunteering in the summer and living off of my savings until school resumed. With the books I had, most said it's difficult to cast spells on your own power and that you'd get better results with a coven. Of course, those were Wicca books and they generally advocate covens anyway. Hopefully, you'll get closer to your goal than I did.

  • Hey Seehorse ,

    You crack me up everytime with your pics bhahahaah:) nice to see you back on the forums again .


    Thanks for sharing your story i did it on thursday nothing yet , i have oracle spell cards by Lucy Cavendish and they seem reasonably easy as i dont have time to do much , ive never thought about covens but i have to tell you my Mum came to visit me this morning with another spellbook , and she said the first one she picked up had a spider in it and i have to say that i have spiders everywhere around me at the moment ,i am wondering if that is a sign as well.

    Do you know what bind means ?In the prosperity spell i did it said i have to bind 3 green -blue ribbons together and tie them to the youngest tree in the garden ,im assuming bind means intertwine them together , thats what i did anyway and i whispered the spell 3 times .

  • In the books I have, "binding" is considered unethical but is used in the context of preventing someone from doing something. I assume yours are referring to something different. I used the simplest method possible - the candle-pin method - where after you've done all your preparation (on all four planes, chosen the timing, and consulted tarot, iching or whatever to make sure it is right), you state your intention, stick a pin in the candle and concentrate on the outcome you are hoping for until the pin drops. Whether tying ribbons or using candles, I think the most important thing is to concentrate/visualize positively on your goal for some time (very much law of attraction stuff). As long as you did that then I don't think you have anything to worry about.

    I relied on a book called Practical Solitary Magic - it was the most helpful for me. Two others I used mostly for reference was True Magick (1st edition) and Charms ,Spells, and Formulas. Actually, the last one wasn't very helpful either. Even back then, most spell books were crap. I imagine it's gotten even worse after Harry Potter fever kicked in. I was more interested in Wicca but kept running into Magick spells so decided to give it a try. Spells are just one method to bring positive things into your life. If it doesn't work, you can try again or else try another method. As others have stated, it's the intention and the allowing, not necessarily the action itself, that matters. Case in point, I've been fiddling around with the Silva Method lately and got about the same results as casting a spell. Something usually happens in about 3 days. Nothing major yet though. For some reason using just straight up LOA books/methods don't work for me.

  • Hi Technigo ,

    Thanks for the info ,as i wasnt sure what it meant by binding , im think maybe i will have to get me a book on spells for beginners lol . Its been 5 days now and nothing has happend yet , The Silva method , never heard of it will have to google it . This is the spell i did

    Over the strongest branch of a young green tree , bind three green -blue ribbons , then whisper this times 3

    "As this tree grows so strong so fine , so may i prosper from the universal divine" .

    and indeed as this tree grows so will you prosper . When the ribbons have worn through , your dream will have already been granted.

    So now im thinking im in for a long wait , not that i mind . . but it was a nice basic spell for me as i am pushed for time . do you have any nice and easy ones that you could share ?

    Love and light Loap:)

  • makes you wonder sometimes, we wish for abundance and prosperity....does the Universe gives Wisdom insted ? And what is real abundance or prosperity ? Having money, safety...or Divine Wisdom ? Gawd i feel so philosophical today....

  • Hey SH,

    This spell does not want to make me sit on my butt and wait for signs ,there is one for peace maybe i should try that as i could do with some lol. I am not going to live my life around spells no way .

    DOBEDOBEDO love LOap:)

  • Hey LOAP,

    I'll try to go through some of my old books and see what I can find. Although I should warn that quick and easy spells may not result in anything. Preparation is just as important as performing it.

    Another thought: since trees grow rather slowly maybe that affects the speed of response? Who knows?

  • Okay here's one from Amber K's True Magick book:

    To be performed when the moon is waxing and after meditation. (Her spells are normally supposed to be done in a ritual ceremony so you can connect to a higher power or your higher conscience).

    Hold paper money, checks, coins, or pictures of money in your hand and chant something like "Wealth wealth come to me, I deserve prosperity" - it's better to make up your own chant.

    As you chant, visualize huge amounts of money cascading down from above you and piling up around you (enough for your needs plus extra for donation). When you feel you have done this long enough and raised and channeled enough energy toward the goal, give thanks for the wealth that will be coming your way.

    Afterwards: Act in accord with your desire by seeking a job, asking for a raise, looking for a better paying job, calling in old debts, asking financially successful friends for advice, etc...

    Hope it helps.

  • Thanks Tenchi2go

    I will give it a go and let you know if anything happens .

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