Hey y'all :)

  • man i haven't been on this site in MONTHS. my whole entire life has changed. i've moved, dumped friends, cut off all ties with some (even my best friend since kindergarten) and have been lucky enough to have everything work out for me just fine. i went back where i came from and i got everything i ever wanted. mostly. (well a beach house is all i ever wanted and my awesome roommate and i have been re-vamping and making the space ours).

    i have been thinking about you girls the past week (captain, blmoon, and of course my watergirl) 🙂 just wanted to stop in and say hi! the earth has not swallowed me, yet. hope this finds you all in good spirits

  • Good to hear that things are going well for you! 🙂

  • thank you 🙂 sometimes you gotta go through hell to get to your heaven, i suppose

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