Queen of hearts

  • been seeing a man for three months.. We havent talked since last week. He is traveling, but he is not calling me

    is this over?

  • Why don't you just call him yourself before jumping to conclusions?

  • Hmmmm. Three months is a decent time to develop a relationship. I can't imagine this man would just suddenly drop out on you because he is traveling. Is he working? If so, that would tell me that he is simply focused on his work. Is he out of the country? His phone service might be really expensive. I wouldn't start thinking negatively on this one. If you've been together for three months and you are able to reach him by e-mail or phone, I think that would be totally appropriate. Just call or e-mail to say you hope his travels are going well and he's having fun (if for pleasure) or not working too hard (if for work). No problem with reaching out to let him know you're thinking of him. Certainly after three months you should be able to do that in my opinion. he's probably just absorbed in what he's doing... men do that....they don't tend to over-think things like we do. i'm an over-thinker so totally understand where you're coming from but I bet he's just busy and would love to hear from a happy and positive you.

  • we had ONE big huge fight before he left... more like a misunderstanding

    but he didnt do something he said he was going to do- he said he was going to help me with a car and then he forgot or didnt want too....

  • Well, It doesn't hurt to send an email or call if you can stay strong and positive. Say you're sorry about the fight and that you hope he's doing great. You'll be able to tell by the way he responds. Everyone has fights now and then in relationships. One fight shouldn't make or break it if it is a good relationship. Good luck. xx

  • thanks!

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