Has anyone done a reading with Ann?

  • She is truly psychic! She won't take money for predictions or insight but she wants me to spend $125 on tools for regaining energy? I don't know what to think about this. I don't believe in the extras. If anyone has worked with her please let me know!

  • Sounds like a scam to me hon. Iยดd not pay and never ever consult her again. Ive fallen for such before. purchased this and that to help issues and things to happen. NADA did help anything. All it slimmed was my wallet and bankaccount. So by saying no i dont take money for this and that but for such tools is equal t sa yes i charge you blind and i hope you dont see it.

    As 4 regaining energy you dont need tools to do that, all you need to do hon is implement an hours me time every day if you can, if not at least 30 minutes alone all by urself. By this you are focussed on yourself and your own needs and no one elses. Meditation is another way to regain energy, powernaps another. I can go on. All these are also BILL FREE NO CHARGE.

    So i wish you good luck hon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Here is what I think. Buying extras, if she is REAL will definetely do something. The question is how important is the issue for you. I would first try other things and see if it works. If it doesn't and is still important to you, go ahead and spend the money. I have no knowledge of this psychic in particular, so I cannot comment.

  • Hi HIghPO9,

    I hear you do readings. Will you do a reading for me? btw, by the few things she said to me I knew she was psychic, she also said she would like to be by spriritual advisor. unfortunately, I am in the red right now. It will have to wait. I would like a reading interpreted by you though. What are your gifts?

  • Hi- I have been into astrology and tarot readings since I was a teenager. I noticed that I have dreams that warned me about things to follow. So, I read more about it and I notice I am good at it. However I keep this as a hobby.

    Thanks. I noticed you joined my blog. Unfortunatelly the chat room server is down at the moment. I hope it will go back up soon.

  • Hi Higherpower09,

    i am dying for your reading, the readings done by myself are alittle umm...skewed in a bad and unenlightening way. looking forward to hearing from you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Can someone help me interpet this for me, four days ago I had a dream with three white rocking chairs in a row, they were not moving, the next day I dreamed of three bank accounts and was told to chose one to close, yesterday was the third day and I was awake washing dishes and a phone rang three times in a space of an hour and a half, I thought it was my phone but it wasn`t on, I would be interested in knowing whats going on. Thank you and no I have not had a reading but would like one too, I am out of work like alot of folks. Thanks again

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