In search of a reading...AstraAngel?

  • Hello,

    my name is Bryan and I'm not exactly new here as i used to frequent the boards months ago. Time sure flies though!

    AstraAngel, if it weren't an inconvenience to you would you mind giving me a reading? I've been having difficulty choosing a career for myself, there are so many things i'm interested in and choosing one out of the many avenues life has to offer is so difficult. I am graduating with my Associates degree this semester and pretty much have to choose what field to pursue.

    My main goal is to become a screenwriter but that has slowed down since all my energies are being focused on school. I figure the time will come naturally for me to be inspired.

    Anyway, i appreciate any sort of advice you have to give and would LOVE if you could provide me with a reading. My birthday is May 13, 1988.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hey Bryan

    Okay, let's take a look. I see good things coming.

    1. Self - The Hermit - yes, you are have been sequestered away in your schooling, I really get the sense that you want to be doing it now, (screenwriting and being in the "business") however life has had you in school, and there is some loneliness. These experiences you will draw from in your art however. You do feel alone though. You aren't though. The Universe has you perfectly right where you need to be and you are surrounded by helping energies (angels).

    2. Situation - The Empress - You current place in life has you focused on taking care of your schooling, you have to really attend to your studies almost like they are children! You are trying to bring your school to term. You have this expectant look on your face, like "what's next?".

    3. Crossing - The Knight of Pentacles - You are ready to make a journey in any direction as long as you know WHERE and WHICH WAY! You are very primed for action and know how to be patient. So all of the pieces are in place for you to now choose and move ahead. The only caution I get her is be patient. Even though you feel under the gun, the pieces will all fall into place in the divine timing.

    4. Your fondest hopes and dreams - Six of Pentacles - This looks like a movie set. And you are receiving pay for your involvement there. It has been a lifelong dream, and you see yourself there. Now if you can only get yourself there!I am getting adventure, sci fi, anything alien and kinda weird turns you on... the creepier the better. Interiors too, you like interior scenes, like people dialoging, a star ship captain is instructing a crew that is about to land on an alien planet!

    5. Challenges of the past leading up to your situation - The Hierophant - Tradition and the rule of law. Shakespeare. King Lear, One flew over the Cookoos nest, drama is in your past. Growing up, you got your fill, enough material there for about a million movies and TV series. You learned how to escape as a youngster, it was ray guns and outer space and "I can't wait to get out of here and create the worlds that I want to live and love in!" So your past life experiences play a key role in your current career choice.

    6. Last of the Present - something you are moving away from - I am getting someone you have been working with, a companion, someone a little closer than just a friend, and it was connected with acting class or writing. Screenwriting 401? She helped you finish something and she has to leave, like going back home. Some REALLY good experiences there to draw on. You are still keeping a poker in the fire for her - just in case.

    7. First of the Future - Justice - Okay now we are starting to get into the meat of this reading, This card looks and feels very much like a real life acting setting, and I am getting community theatre or a local acting group, and you are writing and creating, like very soon, for real. It is in combination with someone else (maybe that person in position 6 above) you are collaborating, coming up with ideas together, and it is fun. The school is in the past and you are looking for ways to do NOW what you loved BACK THEN. I am getting that you used to do something in high school that is a continuation here. Maybe even some of those people come back.

    Pretty strong that you are looking to step right into something coming out with your associates. The thing is, you know you already have what it takes to do what you love, so why wait? The waiting is eating you up, and you want to jump in, dive in, get your feet wet.

    I am getting Science Fiction versions of Shakespeare.

    "But soft! What ion propulsion light drive through yonder star ship window breaks!"

    8. Future environment - This is what your path is leading you into I am getting over the next several years. Five of Wands. Acting, actors all around you. Whatever this is has you working and not leaning. Or you are learning from the actors themselves and not from a text book. This tells me the continuation of the Justice card into a full time position somewhere.

    I am getting after you get out with your associates, you find work in a local group or you put something together with your buddies from film school, and that girl from back home... and you draft something and you script this amazing pilot. And your actor chums all pitch in and you film the thing! And you put a movie together and that goes to several studios - no, you blanket the film world with this, it is online and you start a word of mouth campaign, and the word gets around and you are getting calls and getting hits from producers....

    "Hey, Bryan Morallis? Steven here."

    "Steven... you mean...?"

    "Yeah. Spielberg. Hey, love the movie you scripted, "Touchdown on Altair 5", the sequel to Forbidden Planet. That was absolutely amazing Bryan."

    ".. Wow... thank you sir... I was so influenced by you... ET and Close... "

    "Yeah, I kinda noticed. Het Bryan, would you like to come work for us? I was really very impressed with the way you handle dialog... the overlap is wonderful....."

    ".. are you serious! Man... I would love to! That would be like a dream come true!"

    "The job's yours... I'm going to hand the phone over to Sarah my assistant and she will work out the details. How soon can you start?"

    "Start? How about yesterday!"

    "Sounds good... we'd like to get you here by next Wednesday, we have a pre-production meeting for a new Sci Fi work George and I are putting together with Harrison... I want you in it from the beginning."

    "... wow! Oh wow... thank you sir!"

    "Oh hey Bryan, you can call me Steven.. or whatever you want, we're pretty low key here... see you next Wednesday.."

    That's what I am getting Bryan. Go for it man, you got the talent and life is waiting for you! And so is the film world!

    9. Outer influences - Queen of Cups - people are seeing how much you love your work and that rubs off on them. I see you as a very personable writer. And that pays dividends because you are going to know how - instinctively - to shmooze with the best of them. You fit in. You look like you've been in Hollywood since they came out with Talkies. You ARE an old pro from the beginning. People see how relaxed you are in your style of writing and that really works for your career. Keep the focus on casual and very "ordinary" almost boring in your style, because that is what is selling. Think reality TV comes to Universal Pictures, get it? Don't elaborate, germinate. Keep the dialog as girl-next-door as you can, and that will turn heads faster than the fancy-shmacy stuff they try to jam down your throat in college.

    You know what I'm talking about. The rules. Ugh. Enough already. You know how to write, you been doing it since you were three years old. You were writing scripts on your diapers.

    "Oh look John... little Bryan is coloring on his diaper again!"

    "Oh yeah... maybe one day he'll be an artist or something..."

    "well, they sorta look like words... I don't know..."

    10. Hopes and fears - Knight of pentacles - another card that looks like an actor on his knees like Romeo. I see a sci fi script patterned after Romeo and Juliet.

    A spaceman falls in love with a female alien against all the rules forbidding marriage between humans and extraterrestrials. This one soldier is left behind accidentally on this alien planet after the starship forgets to pick him up. And this alien girl befriends him. ANd the whole movie is about she and him falling in love, and they are trying to start a life together, and they even have their first child! She lives in a different dimensionality so she has powers that he doesn't, however he knows aspects of love that are new to her. The S e x scenes are very tasteful.. we want to keep this PG13. Family film, a beautiful love story. Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending. Because in the end, the earth star ship comes back to fetch him home and he refuses to go... and there is this battle... and he ends up being killed from the earth's point of view, however his alien lady "catches him" as he collapses and she mates him as he is dying one last time as he is dying . and he awakens in HER dimension, transcended and filled with light and love, forever with her.

    And they lived happily ever after. In the stars of love. A beautiful movie that gives us all hope.

    There, start there and fill in the details, film it, and you'll be in Hollywood before you can say "roll em!"

    11. Eight of Wands - things are about to take off FAST with you Bryan. I believe something is about to catalyze in your mind and you are like "YES! I see it! " and you are organizing, and making calls, and putting something together that is going to knock the film and TV world on its rear. You are putting together a team, a film crew. This card looks like a lot of lights and scaffolding.

    And i see a gorgeous leading lady. Have someone in mind? Someone from ... back home... possibly?

    Nice... really, really nice.

    You go bro.

    Hope this gives you some ideas.

    -Cecil B. DeAstra

    (photo courtesy of clarita and morgue file on the world wide web)

  • Haha! You should be the writer with some of the premises you gave me! I really appreciate your help in sorting through the mess that is my life. Sometimes i get so lost i have to force myself to stop and breathe. Things will happen when they're ready to, i guess. Everything you said is so insightful and interesting too!

    You know, i'd hate to push it..but when you said i've been lonely it kind of struck a chord. Do you see any sort of strong friendships or romances blossoming? Or am i entirely focused on work at the moment?

    OH!! and do you see me moving out of my current living space anytime soon? It's currently tense where i live and i've been thinking of moving out but i'm not sure if it's best for me at this very moment. Any thoughts or feelings?

    Again, thanks for your awesome response!

  • Okay Bryan

    Do you see any sort of strong friendships or romances blossoming?

    I see the Queen of Pentacles - She is this person that we saw in the reading above that you are working with, although it seems more materially focused, like a partner or something.

    And the Knight of Wands (you) unto her So YES this looks like a very close friendship developing soon, she will be helping you or working with you in your film world. You as the Wands are communicating a lot with her, and talking, writing and she is helping you, editing and such. A partnership is certainly coming for you.

    Or am i entirely focused on work at the moment?

    Nine of Cups, sees you entirely focused on love and romance. Is this really where you live Bryan? I think your desires for love are a lot stronger than you are letting on.

    Ten of Wands - seems to indicate that the absence of a companion weighs on you more than you admit.

    I see this as encouragement that this area of your life will soon relax and you will find a companion, a good friend who enters your life and helps divert some of this romance energy away from the ether and into your creativity where it belongs.

    do you see me moving out of my current living space anytime soon?

    I got the Knight of Cups which seems to say you do make a move, it seems connected with this Queen of Pentacles appearing for you.

    Doesn't seem like it is happening super quick though. Cups are little on the slow side, like weeks/months. That is about all I can give you. The Knight does say a move though at some point.

    Five of swords says that your living arrangement does create some mental exhaustion or noise that is not helping you.

    King of Pentacles is where you need to be. Quiet and apart and is very supportive environment.

    AH... I SEE... you are going to be moving in with this Queen of Pentacles!

    Holy smokes, this looks awesome! Be on the lookout for this lady. Someone from Screenwriting 555 class? The dark haired lass, you bumped into that one day, and she had a coke in her hand. And you made small talk for about 10 seconds?

    She still remembers that day.




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