Wenchie or Libraslair??

  • I've been trying to find the advisor (starting with an "S") who you both told us was advising on several well knows psychic sites. I know she used to be here and I also remember her names on the other sites. She was absolutely wonderful when she was here and her feedback on the sites she was on for a while is amazing. Not a single disgruntled customer. Also, many people from tarot.com found her and were so happy! I am not surprised. It looks like she's disappeared for more than a month though. Is she still advising?

    i would like to buy a reading for my friend who is just the most amazing woman but who keeps finding sadness in relationships and also ..I'd like one for myself!!! 🙂 I hate asking people here to spend their time on readings that they never get paid for. I know it can become a full time job if enough people start asking and there are so many kind souls here who have helped me and I wish i could return the favor in some way .....At least, I'd be able to pay this person! Do you know if "S" is still advising or has she taken a break...or if she would do e-mail readings? My friend is so sad. We are both a pair to be honest! But we both try to remain positive and uplifting. Seriously, you would not believe that this woman has any trouble with dates. She's so kind, beautiful, successful, but she is just sooo down in the dumps and I want to help. i know she is open to readings.

    ANy help in getting touch with "s" would be wonderful. Thank you.


  • Hi Stonyeye,

    I will let LibrasLair know that you are looking for her.


  • Thank you! xx

  • Hi stonyeye I haven't talked to her in over two yrs. I don't know if she is still working on those sites or moved to another. Sorry I wasn't much help. Maybe someone else will tell Wenchie as I am hardly on here at all unless someone tells me that I am wanted for some reason. Good luck.

  • Thank you for responding libraslair! I hope you are doing really well. Best wishes.


  • Hi Stoneyeye,

    I'm also never on here unless I get a message someone is looking for me. She no longer drinks a "bit of wine" but you will find that she is still very "keen" to talk. "sapphire21" is a beautiful stone and makes a wonderful birthday present, but be sure to look carefully because there are 2 profiles. I know she was around 18th November.

    Hope that helps.


  • Got it!!! Thanks Wenchie!!! xx

  • Actually Stoney she is happy for you to reach her direct. Best to reach me, ummmm if you reach me at my name (wenchie) at "live", then the usual endings but add "au" at the end and I can pass on the direct method of gaining that information.

    Damn it's a nuisance having to code this! Lol

  • Because I'm Aussie you understand the ending of au.

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