Help reading please...

  • Hello,

    I am new to this forum and I need your help.

    Can anyone please help me with this reading? It looks quite worrying.

    My question was: Is my relationship going to work out?

    I got:

    Love and Me: The World

    Love Situation: King of Swords

    Love Challenges: Queen of Coins

    Foundation: The Hanged Man

    Higher Power: Page of Wands

    Recent Past: Two of Cups

    Near Future: The Fool

    Blocks and Inhibitions: King of Wands

    Significant Other: The Devil

    Advice: Queen of Cups

    Long Term Potential: Wheel of Fortune

    Thank you so much for your help.

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    I have read your readings and they are a real source of hope. I would be so grateful if you would do this reading for me.

    Thank you so much

  • Hi Pivoine

    Here is my take...

    Love and Me: The World - Expansive, your outlook for love has you seeing a big realm of possibility. You are naked and open to love and this has exposed you to some heartbreak.

    Love Situation: King of Swords - Your partner is in a fortified position intellectually, like a choice has been made and this person is not budging. Immovable is the word I get.

    Love Challenges: Queen of Coins - The longing for love is overshadowed by a material concern. There is a need in your heart for connection to this person and yet material and business concerns are pulling you away

    Foundation: The Hanged Man - There has been a change of perspective in the relationship recently, although it has been a long time coming. Recently came to a head. Upside down and inside out, the relationship has been examined from all points of view and finally the King runs away and sits on the throne, concluding something that has you unable to change his mind.

    Higher Power: Page of Wands - A fresh choice is being encouraged, Spirit seems to be saying, start new, see from a fresh perspective, be at peace right where you are, even though you wish it were different.

    Recent Past: Two of Cups - The relationship was innocent and working, until that material concern flared up (challenge - Queen of Material) - moving out of this into the present where your parter is ensconced in authority. And you are contending with this material matter.

    Near Future: The Fool - Seems to reflect the desire and encouragement of Higher Power, to start fresh as a child, let bygones be bygones and start anew

    Blocks and Inhibitions: King of Wands - Another King which signifies a fortified position by someone, where a choice has been made and there is no room for discussion. This seems to tie back to the Mental decision energy we see in the "Love Situation" King Swords. This block is intense!

    Significant Other: The Devil - Another view of the King of Choices who can't be budged. The Devil is the creation of imagined limits and bounds, and he uses his energies to enforce his will over you. However he really has no authority, only the authority you give him.

    Advice: Queen of Cups - This reflects the Queen of Pentacles - so the sense is that while you are dealing with your material concerns, to maintain a loving and prayerful attitude of heart toward this other person, as that LOVE will totally neutralize the King and Devil energies going on.

    The bibles says that "Love never fails" -1 Cor. 13:8, so as long as you are the Queen of love and stay connected to Spirit (higher power encouraging you to keep develop a fresh, new attitude, be willing to be like a child and trust, and stay innocent (the Fool), that love will not fail you.

    Long Term Potential: Wheel of Fortune - What is currently down will always turn back around again with faith and trust. I see your present situation as a learning experience for you both, the other person will learn to be a little softer and yielding, and you are learning to take care of your own back yard (material concerns) and not to let this emotional situation freak you out. Things will change and the relationship will turn around. Keep your heart bright and optimistic, pray for this other person that will effect miracles for you.

    I hope that gives you something to consider!

    best, astra

  • Dear Astra Angel,

    You are an angel indeed. Thank you so much. You have described the situation perfectly. The material concerns are actually his, he lost an exceedingly well paid job and although he got another, which is not badly paid, he is not happy with it and seems to think I need expensive things to be happy. He is the Love of my life and I believe I am the Love of his life. It seems such a waste... The most difficult part is that We live far away and he does not want to meet. He continues to tell me (by email, he does not want to talk on the phone) that he loves me and that one day we may dream... he says he is suffering from severe depression.

    May I ask you to do another reading for me? It is a previous one, but of the same day.

    Thank you again Astra.


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