Need a dream interpretation if anyone whats to

  • i'm probably looking too much into this

    my dream began with a girl i don't know and i holding a book in the book was cards and a incantation we put the cards in the in place and said it. every thing began to change bad people were changing and looked monster like and good people were geting killed or eaten. these random people followed us around they said if they stayed with us they would be safe with us. cus the girl and i coughed not be touched by them. than daemons and devil were there all hell was on earth. For some reason or other i was pregnant not shore why? but we had to find the book, cards and the daemons that were in them say the incantation backwords and it was all gone the being pregnant daemons and the people all of it was gone and it started all over and that was the end of the dream.

  • I'm feeling this is tied up with sexual fears, fears of being attacked, and fears of men in general - that they may be quite evil. There is a part of you that you want to keep innocent and pure and untouched.

  • thanks didnt think things like that but it just mite be right on some part of it

  • Black and grey dream.. Table soured by men on one side,, the other empty bare one.. the man at the top says G m is who he say's he is??

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