Captain can you please help me with this dream

  • Good Morning Captain

    I was wondering if you could help me please with this dream. I had a dream about sons father was there and we were like on a farm and he was coming to take my son. And then i was in a hotel and I seen Stevie and he surprised me and he was talking on the phone to somebody and I was trying to do something that I should have been doing behind closed doors but he was not stopping me and then I was on a elevator and then there was a lot of people and then the elevator separate from the door but we were able to get off without being hurt.

    Thanks Illona

  • You are trying to process and make sense of all the relationships you have had in your life and understand how all the men in it have treated you. you are looking for a pattern. Your feelings are that they used, hurt or and didn't give you enough love and attention for the most part. The elevator represents you trying to get to another level of love relationship with men (especially Stevie). But the elevator keeps breaking down, like your attempts to get his attention or move on.

  • Good evening Captain

    Thank you so much. Ok I did not look at it like that but I do think that is right, because I have been kind of thinking of some things and trying to make sure that I don't follow in the same pattern this time. And that is so true about Stevie. Don't know why I just can't or won't let go there I still feel like there is something that I really need to do so I can move on and until I do I guess I will hold on too what ever it is that I think I need to do. But I have made some progress with the Stevie thing so I am proud of that.

    Thanks Illona

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