I have a couple of questions can somebody please help.

  • I have a couple of questions the first one is about a phone call I got from a man I do not know he said that he was calling me about a "bad check" that was linked to my name and social security number. And that I should call a investigator and he left a citation number. I called the court and they could not find a citation with that number. And the second one is there was a letter left at my door for somebody I believe lived here about five years ago. Because I have been in this apt for about three years now and this apt was empty for about a year and a half. I was wondering has this person been back around, because a couple of times I felt like somebody was around the window. I am very thankful for anyone that can help me with this. I say it is time to move from this apt.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • He was trying to get you to tell him your bank account number and social security number by scaring you. I hope you did not "confirm" these things to him on the phone. If you did, call the bank immediately and the police.

    You already know that you need to move 🙂

  • Hello Watergirl18

    Thanks so much that is what I was thinking no I did not give him anything he left the msg on the answering machine. And the next morning I called the courts to see if they had the citation number. And I really am just worry about this guy that left this letter for this lady that lived her before me. Yes I do know I have to move but I just hope that things will get ok so I can move this new year coming up.


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