Spirit Issues

  • Hi All, my very first post ^^

    I had a reading (tarot) and the lady told me I had to 'reconnect' with spirit as I have stopped believing and trusting in it, she also said spirit wants me to use accept my gift and follow my passion. So I've tried and tried but I really don't know what to do and as for 'the gift', what gift? So many things have been happening that I really feel that there is no point in trusting 'spirit' any more because all it's doing is getting a good laugh at how many times I get kicked to the curb. I know what I want and where I want to be but the obstacles seems so insurmountable. I've always been the one everyone relies on, sole income supporter and the "oh don't worry 'Aloria' will sort it out" person. I've been saving to go overseas and every time I get close to the total I need, something happens and I have to use all of my savings eg. kids uni books, power bills, illness. So after all of the rambling (sorry) my questions is: Is there really any point in trusting spirit ever again?

  • Join the club. Anyway, will do a reading to see where you're at in all of this. Try to have up by tomorrow.

  • Hi,

    What I'm getting from your reading is the need to end dysfunctional relationships. It's like certain types cling to you. This has become a lifestyle of your own choosing. Bad connections that are holding you back. I'm getting 2 people also.

    Making the right decision/doing the right thing. Pouring the foundation for the future. There's career decisions that need to be made as well.

    You have a joy about you and do some things w/o thinking about consequences. Looks like possibility of celebration in future. Is there someone who is trying to re-create themselves to you. I'm getting a relationship that is blinding you to reality. Break-up or separration inevitable. It's like you're gonna have to branch out on your own. Cultivate a lot of different interests. Don't isolate yourself. Right now showing you as your own best friend. You definately have the ability to master your environment. Some of the changes that your experiencing are inevitable. When you make important decisions they will change on your behalf--ok.

    Something you may conider risk-taking might benefit you.

    Gathering pieces and moving ahead. Feel like your missing out on life.

    Partnership where one gives more--person is detached. Will be followed by more positive creative energy/person.

    It's almost like one person will replace another in your future.

    Don't question your ability, everything will work out.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have questions, as this helps me also. Dally.

  • Cards I drew:



    Below--4 of rods

    Blocks & Inhibitions--Lovers

    Allies--2 of rods



    near Past--seven of swords

    challenges--King of Cups

    future--King of Rods


  • Thank you Dally, I really appreciate your reply.

    I have had a feeling for a little while that the 2 are my kids, they are both uni students. I have been sole support for 15yrs since a divorce. Now I have met a guy and am thinking of moving overseas to be with him and since I have been talking about doing this there has been an air of negativity from them. I know (I hope) they are happy for me but they are also nervous for themselves as they don't have jobs. I would never 'abandon' them but I can't wait for ever either You are bang on with the career thing as I have been wanting to change jobs for some months, I am over being a bookkeeper lol. My guy has offered to let me concentrate on my hobby to see if I can make a go out of it, but again my 2 need me at the moment and every time I get close to the money I need to fly...bang something happens. I am not giving up. Again thank you 😃

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