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  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Dreams persist on my friend. Last night I dreamt that I bought townhouse back home. It was a modern house made of wood and glass. It was a two floor bright and airy with balconies on each floor. The staircase is made of sturdy big blonde wood finish with iron railing painted white. Along the staircase are plants and flowers. Outside, there is refreshing green lawn and woods against a blue sky. I have nice neighbors who befriended me ( two women). I was surprised that my friend showed up. HOw did he know of my whereabouts. He stayed overnight. My new friends left. And my friend instantly became romantic and came closer. No, it didn't happen all the way much as he wanted to. He wanted to do this right. The next day I got busy unpacking. He lingered hoping for me to invite him to stay. End of dream. What can you make of this? Incidentally, my week's forecast stated that on Thursday I would have an encounter of the sexual kind, lol.

  • Tellstar

    You mentioned the staircase and I ascension immediately came to mind. Stairs and ladders are always symbols of ascension progress. Up you are going in your divine life path.

    Let's see... the "modern house"... two floors (twos are balance and relationship)

    Modern says new, something new is developing in your life (with him)

    wood, glass, airy, bright, - we see the juxtaposition of natural materials (wood) with something more spiritial (glass) leading into air and bright - so the meaning there is taking the experiences of life and allowing transformation into a more spiritual understanding and transcendent (which brings in the stairs, ascension)

    balconies (so you are able to see off into the distance from this place) - the dream is inviting you to see into the future

    blonde wood, light colors, so light is a theme. All about spirit.

    Sturdy and big so this dream is substantive and important.

    Plants and flowers - green things, life energies, growing things. So this dream is telling you something important that is growing and changing in your life.

    Refreshing green lawn, woods, blue sky. - Again the theme of life and something thriving and the sky, all is pointing up, up, air, openness, and all is bright.

    Nice neighbors, so relationships are at play, you have help from spirit in your life changes.

    How did he know of your whereabouts? Ten of Wands - he worked hard to find out. He has tracked you down.

    He stays overnight - a reconnection, he reappears after his journey. Your new friends leave (their work is done, they were helping to guide him to you).

    Your friend "instantly" becomes more romantic and comes closer. So the flip of a switch is what I get. Sudden change in the relationship very soon.

    He wants to do this "right" so there is the energy of great compassion and regard/respect from him to you. This is the new love energy that is true and not self-seeking. Pure. Light.

    The next day - so this dream occurs over a two day period, again two... two floors, two days, two women... relationship of TWO energies. are unpacking. So the feeling is that you are opening up your gifts, what your life has added up to are now being opened out and enjoyed. With him. So he is present as you discover your life purpose.

    He is hoping you invite him to stay - He has always felt a part of your life and wants you to know that.

    Lingered is a beautiful word, I always think of that song "linger" by the Cranberries... a beautiful love song. Love hurts it is part of the path as two come together in a heavenly way.


    His heart is really seeking you out, you have dreams about someone like you are having, there is something very deep connecting you.

    Thursday huh? Yesterday? I would say you had your close encounter of a heavenly kind.

    And a dream of someone is the most intimate union of all.

    What do you think?

    love and light, astra

  • AstraAngel,

    Wow! I am speechless. Every item you mentioned makes sense. It does feel like I am being guided towards this friend even as my traditional mind sees very little chance for us to be together. I feel strongly that this friend is just around the corner and that I should be ready. I wonder if he dreamed the same thing I did. He told me (in real time) that he dreamed about me many times in the past that I was asking to for help. And I dreamed that another friend tells me that this friend is looking for me and she brought us together in the dream. Thank you. What to do now?

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