Why do things go missing? is it a sign

  • Hi everyone.

    II have but a simple query , do objects ever just go away you dont know why?

    My example.. been cutlery off long while, OK i might have put in bun by mistake OK..

    I know there is no chance i have mislead a cup. i know how many i have, it's just gone,vanished?

    Does anyone else have simplified experience clues to what it may mean/

  • Sometimes spirits move things around for fun or to get our attention. And sometimes we just lose things that we don't need any more or want to forget (like something given to you by a former lover) or are just not into material possessions any more.

  • And sometimes these things happen because of something else we are doing....like drinking too much and mixing some sort of opiate with the alcohol - like Lortab or something of the sort. Scully, I know you are resisting the message that you need help with this issue, but deep down you know it is true. Please be honest with yourself and then seek some help or counseling. There are plenty of people here who can support you through this, but you do need to admit to the problem first...

  • Im well aware of that, watergirl.

    I know i haven't broken or just mislead the cup..

    I have sent you a message on anything goes.

    Just curious why do spirits do that to get our attention?

  • They do it when they haven't been able to get your attention in other ways. Or just because they are dying for someone to notice them.

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