Captain, a reading please

  • Hello, Captain

    I found a job in nursing (ill be starting soon) Now that I have that in place. Im interested in getting a reading on my current/future love reading. I'm still connecting with my ex BF. We both agreed to keep it open. Nothing seriose, we enjoy eachothers company. But on the other hand, I feel that im ready to find a partner whom I can have a seriouse relationship with and marrie someday.

    Can you please give me a reading.

    p.s i feel a reboot in my outlook in life, in my self...not sure how to explain it.. YAY for today 😃

    BIG higs, Sweetoty

  • Actually I feel that the Universe will give you the space that you need to find and understand yourself now. So I wouldn't expect a man to turn up in this period. But by working on yourself and your issues and fears, you are guaranteed to attract a more compatible and better partner in the future.

    What is it that you think someone else can do for you that you cannot do for yourself?

  • What can a man do for me? Not sure...

    But, I enjoy "me time", time with my son. Im learning a lot about my self now then ever before. I dont think Ive ever had this time before mainly because I never had a "normal" life. I became a mother at 15. Most of my life depressed. I will now have a job that pays very well. And i defenally plan to advance my education as a Nurse. Why do I feel like i want to marrie? I'll be 31 next month. I dont want to be 40 and dating. I want to meet a man whom I can build a life with. Love one another & to support eachother in every way. Yes, i do agree I need to evolve more, but eventually find "the one"..

    = )

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