Thoughts about Aquarian men

  • Hi All,

    I've known and dated an Aquarian man for three yrs now. Sometimes I feel I know him well yet its not easy because on an emotional level he is very closed. Quite a contrast to his public outgoing self. Wondering if this is common with Aquarian men or its just part of who he is.

    Thanks for your thoughts

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  • I knew 3 Aquarius men in my life (one of them was my dad). They were all different, but one thing they had in common - they were all very outgoing and extroverted, all very talented people, but not very analytical, and somewhat naive. None was exactly intospective. I think public life was much more important to them than inner life.

  • VolplySoply

    Thanks for your reply I definitely agree just curious if others have had that experience


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