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  • Hi I'm planning to sell my house & wondered if there were Feng Shui principals could help


  • It would help if you really wanted to sell it, but I feel part of you is reluctant to let go, like you would be letting go of good memories and people.

  • Captain, I've given your thoughts a lot of consideration. I truly am ready to leave this house & move forward. My hesitancy is more out of fear for the unknown- where will I go, who will be the new people I meet & will I be surprised at who lets go of me when I move. I'm no longer letting this stop me however hard its & will be until I'm settled again

  • That attitude should make your house (don't think of it as 'home' anymore) easy to sell.

  • Amused 59

    Legend has it that if you bury St Joseph (I would wrap him with a red piece of cloth)

    upside down facing street close to the FOR SALE sign and then say a prayer to him for help your home could be sold. There is no assure of a sale, this is a legend but I know

    for a fact a lot of people has followed this system and some worked & some didnot. Maybe some did

    not do it right. Who knows. When the house is sold dig it up and take it with you & put St Joseph in the new house or leave with new owner. At the time the Real Estate market was bad our neighbor did this. In our neighborhood the homes were not selling and some sold but it took over a year or so. Our neighbors house was sold in 2 weeks. I asked him what he did he said he knew about the St. Joseph statute and thats what he did. I dont know if that was coincidence. Some years ago I told a friend of mine to do the same thing and her house was sold. I then told another friend to do the same thing and the house did not sell. Eventually it did but it took quite awhile. SO ITS UP TO YOU THEN

    IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS OR NOT. I have heard that this has to be done before you list your house but others have done it after the listing and some worked and some didnot.

  • Amused 59

    Re: St Joseph statute

    Forgot to mention this. If you will ever do this make sure you thank St Joseph for the sell.

  • Thanks Magickal I've heard this too so its worth a try.

  • I helped a friend sell her house and basically she just packed up like she was moving, decluttered and fixed things that needed to be repaired or repainted. Think of it as making yourself attractive to attract the right buyers. Do you watch shows like "Sell This House", good tips on selling your house. Since you are ready to move, do you have somewhere to go? Start working on that plan and say good bye to your house.

  • amused , i can give u a lot of tips on selling........ first give me a brief description of what u have done are doing to sell.

  • Great tip, I would just love to sell this house and move on, my big dream is that one day someone will ask me if I want to sell it, my hub won't agree to sell but it is a real ball and chain. Looking forward to your tips earthwindandfire!

  • Earthwindandfire,

    Thanks for your time & energy on my behalf. I am decluttering & depersonalizing, updated lighting fixtures, repainted most rooms the colors a Stager recommended, in the process of having carpentry & plumbing repairs done & cleaned up the yard. I am packing as I go to make lots of free organized space.I have started to visualize myself in a new place

    Any suggestions welcome

    Blessed be


  • hey, a stager is a good idea , everything ur doing will help, try not to go over the top with things that u wont recover money from. # 1 make sure it looks great from the street and when the door is first opened. if all maintenance is done then then #2 has been taken care of.... #3 GET an updated UNBIASED MARKET APPRAISAL..... NOT ONE FROM A HELOC LOAN APPRAISAL. do research and find an very experienced appraiser for the current market in your neighborhood..... around here they charge around 350-450 for a full blown appraisal. price the house at appraisal and be willing to come off some. if its a well known appraiser , the buyers bank will except that appraisal if its been recent... also it will be a plus to the sale for less closing cost to the buyer. after initial impression price is everything, start right, sell quick, start wrong will take for ever. the ever know saying we will start high and can always come down will kill the sale. dont even think about it ! lol good luck ! feed back please when its been on the market a while or after the sale ! thanks mike

  • Okay where to begin.... First of all I commend you on having the strength and courage it requires to move on to the next stage in one's life. It takes a brave person to step out of their comfort zone and take that leap of faith!

    The first thing I recommend you do before you even think about selling it is do a space clearing to clear out all the stagnant energy that has built up over time and to really get to know your home as the living, breathing entity that it is. Yes, I'm saying that your home is, in a way, alive, has it's own personality and can either be your best friend or your worst enemy! Think I'm crazy? Ever walked into a room where there had just been an argument? You could "cut the tension in the air with a knife" so to speak. We've all been to places that gave us the creeps for no apparent reason or walked into a room and all of a sudden felt sad... most of the time this is because of layer upon layer of "stuck" energy that has accumulated over time... the older the location the more layers of energy. This stuck energy is neither good nor bad, but low-level (anger, frustration, sickness) or high-level (love, kindness, empathy, peace, etc.), and since most people don't go around all day radiating peace, love and happiness (although the world would be a much better place to live if they did!), we tend to feel and are affected adversely by the lower-level energy clinging around. A space clearing basically just disperses all that stuck energy (which especially likes to hang around in corners, basements, attics and other nooks & crannies) and cleanses the space. Read Sacred Space by Denise Linn or Creating Sacred Space by Karen Kingston to learn how to properly space clear your home.

    But before you space clear you need to write down your intentions and what you would like to manifest in your life, otherwise the space will just fill up exactly the same as it is now. This intention setting exercise may also help you get clear about some other things in your life you've been questioning... and always remember, there are no limits on dreams so no matter how farfetched they may seem, they're NOT. So if you want to move to the Caribbean and get a Master's Degree in underwater basket weaving, then believe it, write it down with intention and you will achieve it!

    One thing you MUST NOT do, and this is really important, is neglect or treat your current home badly. Even though it's tempting, you have not left for greener pastures yet, and until that time comes you must show your abode, no matter how temporary, the respect and gratitude it deserves, otherwise you're asking for trouble. While house-hunting, remember not to neglect the one you're still living in, no matter how soon you're moving... basically don't let that leaky faucet go unrepaired, don't let clutter and trash pile up or pushed aside, and don't ever just "deal" with or live with things you don't love because it's only temporary. Countless people have been robbed while in the process of moving because their focus and attention have already "moved out".

    Other than that, without seeing the blueprint and map of your actual location, I can't really give you a feng shui cure-all because feng shui is deeply personal and each case is completely different, so what works for your neighbors across the street might have opposite or adverse effects for you.

    However a few things are universal:

    1. Make sure the path leading up to your front door is friendly and inviting, nothing dead, no spiky plants, no ant infestations, etc. Also keep the door, doorbell and outdoor lighting in good working order.

    2. If your front door opens into another wall (less than six feet away) hang a mirror on that wall to create the illusion of more space. If it opens into a staircase, hang a crystal on a piece of red yarn or thread six inches from the ceiling above the first stair to slow the rushing chi. This also works in long narrow hallways and rooms in which the front door opens to a view of the back door.

    3. Put a fish tank or fountain either near the entrance.

    4. When de-cluttering, ask yourself "do I love this?" for each item you own. If the answer is no or sort of, or if the item brings bad memories or negative feelings, TOSS IT OUT!!!!! Only live with things that you love.

    Goodness, I could go on and on and on without even scratching the surface, but that's all the time I have for now! Check out the website tomorrow's key for more good resources. Good luck, I hope that helps!

  • where is your house?

  • Massachusetts

  • There are lots of ways to sell a house. First, you can take help from the property dealer near your house or you could contact the landscaping companies near me. They both could help you with the sale of your house. I am going to purchase a house in Canada where I just got the job transfer.

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