Astraangel would you please do a love reading?

  • Hi Astraangel,

    I'm so confused when it comes to my love life. I don't know which direction I should go. Can you do a love reading and see what my future holds for me. I'm just wonder will I ever get married.



  • Hi dancs5

    Sure thing, let's take a look...

    I used a Celtic Cross, and using the Mystic Dreamer Tarot.

    1. You - this is your inner self feelings and awareness at this time - Seven of Swords

    This card is one of mental weighing, options and views and wondering about life in general. Sevens are dreams and visions, so you very busy in your thought life wondering about your path. You are asking about love and marriage however I see that there is really more than love you are wondering about as we will see in the reading.

    2. Your present situation - Ace of Wands

    A very strong choice energy is surrounding you right now. There is some matter you are trying to make a decision about, and this has a lot of your mind focused on that.

    3. Crossing - this energy appears to be where the choice is centered - The Nine of Pentacles

    This says that your concerns right now are on choosing something related to your own self-sufficiencey and accomplishment. I am already getting a strong material concern, like work, home, your setting around you is really a need to address right now. So while your question is about love, the thrust so far seems to be more in material and financial matters.

    4. Your fondest hopes and dreams - The Three of Cups

    Ah, now the story is starting to develop. While you are longing for love, there is this other aspect of life that is demanding your attention, and you wish you could shoo it all away! That pesky job and career matter. Ugh! Who cares about that! I want love, I want romance and happiness and tenderness and marriage and babies... and oh! You would love to simply float up into that heaven and get lost into loveland!

    Only to be hit with material matters, responsibilities that are not exactly romantic, and you are fleeing from some of that in hope that love will rescue you. Love will come however it seems the Universe is trying to keep your mind on another area that needs attention right now. A job? Career path? Saving? Something practical that you are not too keen on and yet it is not going away.

    5. The foundation, what has led up to your present situation (That Ace Wands "I need to choose!") - The Eight of Swords. Imprisoned on the seashore, your mind has worked overtime to figure life out, and it left you alone and afraid while the waves crashed over you. Life has not been a real happy experience so far in love, and you are wondering, why, why why! It doesn't seem fair! So many of my friends are find their love! What about me! That is the Eight of Swords. So you have compared your life to others a lot and are wondering why love isn't happening. Well, there is a reason for this, as we shall soon see!

    6. Last of the present - Page of Pentacles

    Something happened recently, you receive news. a message related to your material life, career, and finances. Was there a change at work? Ugh! You did not need to hear this, and it leads to the need to make a choice (Ace Wands) about this material matter (Nine Pentacles) which is needed to be made to lead you ultimately to a better place in security, home and life in general. So the news will ultimately help you believe it or not.

    7. Coming up soon - the first of the future - The Nine of Cups

    So something is relaxing greatly soon in your life emotionally. Whatever the choice is you need to make, this new direction materially will work out nicely for you and this new energy is very welcome and sweet. Friend and family surround you, the setting is comfortable and has you laughing and very happy. It is love on a higher level, like you abandon trying to force anything and you simply relax. This seems to be the same energy as the Nine of Pentacles demand placed on your life right now. You overcome this present hurdle and your life soon heads into a much better place materially and emotionally.

    8. Future environment - The Two of Swords

    All of these experiences are leading you to a beautiful new balanced place in your thought life. The Seven Sword energy that is assailing your mind presently, and the Eight Swords that have seemed to imprison you in your life, at last relaxes and you are very poised and balances. No more agonizing over your love life, "when will marriage come for me?" is replaces with a new quiet and calm energy of self-sufficency and confidence. Now, you no longer have to ask the question, for you KNOW that love will come perfectly with the perfect person, in a perfect way. It is no longer something you have to wrestle with. You enter a new phase of maturity in your life and you are very much at peace.

    9. How others see you - The Queen of Pentacles

    So we see that your choice that is made (Ace of Wands) pertaining to this material matter (Nine Pentacles) soon lands you in a place of obvious accomplishment, and success materially. So you are arriving at a place of maturity that is obvious to those around you. You are impressing others with you choices and the signs of your life turning in a new direction are quite profound!

    10. Your hopes and fears - The Eight of Pentacles

    Again we see how the true deep down concerns in your life has less to do with love and more to do with wisdom and material stability. The Eight Pentacles is the card of the hard worker, steady and productive effort leading into a place of personal confidence. This is really your path, and love will always crown you as long as you stay focused on your own personal achievement. You are actually much more concerned about your own success than love. Love for you has a lot of dreaminess attached which, while it is enchanting, is not always the most appropriate focus when you really are more in need of dealing with these material issues.

    11. Outcome - where is it all leading? The ACE of SWORDS!

    WOW! What a fantastic card to see at the end of this progression. This is like the CROWN card of all the minor arcana. It says mastery, and accomplishment - and LOVE all rolled into one! It is the new you, quiet, cal, very WISE and secure in the fact that no one had to rescue you, you made the tough choices and now you enjoy the rewards of your efforts! The Ace of Swords portends an absolutely new chapter in your life you are heading towards now. A lot seems connected to this present choice that needs to be made. Choose wisely, not emotionally, and you will step into a very happy (Nine Cups) place that will bring about the material abundance and true prosperity you really deserve.

    And then - love and marriage - will be your CROWN.

    Some other notres. We see no major arcana cards here so all of these energies reflect more day to day practical needs and choices. Nothing happening here that is beyond your control. The profusion of swords and pentacles shows that you are contending with a lot of thoughts regarding your material life. Your Cup life will be fulfilled perfectly and sweetly, you ARE about to enter a very happy time very soon. So keep the faith, the Universe has you exactly where you need to be right now. Stay calm and focus on making the wise choices now being askead of you.

    I hope that helps Dancs5 - Blessings on your life!


  • Thank you AstraAngle. This reading was so very true for me. My life is so strained. I am a mother of 5, I work full time and I go to school at night. My finances are terrible along with my love life. I can't wait to enter in the happy life soon. You give me hope.

    Be blessed


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