Stuck at the fork in the road...Please help!

  • I am having a hard time deciding where to go with my career. I will graduate with a BA in English/Creative Writing next month. Should I go straight into publishing after graduation or should I go to graduate school so I can teach university? I need to make a decision ASAP, but I am so scared to make the wrong choice. Also is there marriage or pregnancy in my near future? (fingers crossed) If anyone is able to clarify this for me I would really appreciate it. DOB if needed is 10/11/1980 XOXO

  • You should do both. Don't let indesicion paralize you as it's best to just keep moving and change directions as needed. Remember--a woman who doesn't change her mind doesn't have one. Sometimes life is a winding road of expierience that feeds to your destiny--specially for a writer.. You already know how competitive the writing market is and how difficult it is to make a living. at it. I really feel your talent would be more nurtured and kept alive in the college setting and you'd make an excellent teacher. I feel you should strive to take the best of both words. Sometimes the academic atmosphere can strain the sense of individuality and voice as it is based on a lot of comparing yourself to others and it's harder to stand alone and risk disproval

    it's a conundrum

    being academicaly disected yet the reality is that to be successful means standing out unlike anyone else. So, stay in both worlds. I pick up the number 4 on the marriage baby question--this is a free will desicion you could force earlier but with a price as it will mean working harder to achieve your goals. The man I see is thin---dark hair and hands in his pockets---chin down--he is shuffling slow back and forth--is a bit elusive and withdrawn--has a big draws you in smile and soulful eyes. You are already or will be drawn in by this man---their is a boyish aura about him but once captured you relize he's much more complicated and if not careful he will pull your energy into trying to figure him out. He could hold you back or get you fighting harder to succeed--your choice. Also, in a college setting you will also be attracted to an older man---a mentor--this will help balance the situation. Marriage or not I see you often feeling attractions---but they will mostly be under the surface---in a musing and fantasy way. Release your fear and give yourself permission to make mistakes as it is often just your perfection perspective talking---fear clouds the intuition and does not attract good energy. Often it is not until after we move towards something freely that we are able to hear our intuition. Do both---let the adventure begin! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you so much, Blmoon, You have given me much to think about. Blessings to you as well.

  • I am open to reading any other impressions. Feel Free to share your wisdom.

  • librawitch

    For your career questions I drew:

    a) go straight into publishing after graduation - Two of Cups

    b) go to graduate school so I can teach university - The Hanged Man

    So according to the cards, you should choose path a.

    As for the Marriage or pregnancy in your near future I drew the Ten of Swords which looks like a no.

    Longer term: I drew Strength, which seems like a marriage (you are shutting the mouth of an animal close to you) and then the Three of Cups, so 3 lovely children eventually. Once you get that mouth triained ha ha

    love, astra

  • Librawitch, your birthday caught my attention because it is the same as my twinsoul's birthday, only ten years later. He too is in publishing, a literary agent and a very successful one. He's also a successful author, though that came after his career as an agent was well established. He is so good at the agent portion of his work because he's the best cheerleader a writer could want—he finds authors whose work he deeply believes in, and he works tirelessly to help them shape it and make it the best it can be, and then to sell it to publishers he thinks will value that work as highly as he does. He's equally good at writing, because he tells his truth as he experiences it, never flinching or shrinking from what others may judge harshly, but also never judging others harshly himself.

    In short, his innate generosity of spirit and the honesty of his interest are the secrets of his success in both cases. I know there are many factors besides a birthdate to account for, but I cannot help but think you will find success by following those same qualities in yourself to wherever they lead.

    As Blmoon says, it's all an adventure. Follow your heart and your nose, and make your choices not from fear of being wrong, but from excitement over what feels right. You have a powerful charisma and a great capacity to influence others for good, and my only caution is that you should always be mindful to use your influence only for the highest good of all concerned. Misuse of your personal magnetism would be damaging for you and others.


  • Thank you all for your wisdom. Blessings!

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