Im extremely emotional.....anyone else

  • hello there,

    Im reading that tomorrows extravaganza is the reason for people abnormal moods. I hope so in my case.. Im so emotional. I want to cry, ball in to tears, and i have a few times. I guess i just need to hear that Im not going crazy. I just feel so sensitive. I feel sensitive in many ways, spiritualy.

    Is anyone else feeling this way?

    Im looking forward to tomorrow nights part'e 😃



  • Yes.. .totally onboard with the emotional feelings. You're not alone. Bring on 11/11/11. 🙂

    xx SE

  • lol good to know Im not the only one! thank you

  • Definetly-sometimes I feel absolutely crazy being emotional can be one hell of a rollercoaster ride but it can be a blessing too! Can make you one dynamic individual!

  • thnak you Asia118X,

    all day I felt like balling in to tears, like never before. Im happy at this moment so i know im not an emotional reck. I will say, im just open and receptive to change. so yes im a dynamic individual teeeheee... 😃

    I just woke up, so my day is about to begin. YAY! 11:11:11

    Big hugs,


  • Yes,Ditto on this,I feel very weepy and tired but happyly drained today,I'm going to a One Breath Earth Prayer tonight,i hope that i can make it through it with out crying my cry's out! I have never felt this sesitive and emotional befor and happy at the same time 😉

    Love ,Light & Blessing,


  • Well, we are all leaving behind the old life and starting a new one, so 'moving house' is always an emotional stressful time. 🙂 But just wait until we get settled into the new place!!!

  • Girasolluna,

    We are in this together. If we feel like balling in to tears, i think we should just go for it! 😃 After all we are shedding tears because we are dybamic individuals, sensitive loving human been"s. And that is an awesome thing!!

    ❤ Sweetoty

  • LOL! good way to put it Captain. thank you 😃

  • Yes, I like your interpretation Captain. That sounds fun actually.Having moved countries three times and a few states, I have to say that once you get settled and start looking around your new home and surroundings, It's a lot of fun! It's the moving part there that's painful. AND the wondering if I'm making the right move etc. Perfect way to put it. Makes me feel less crazy. I was just having some jet lag yesterday and moving boxes. Now I need to start setting up in my new place. Good way to think about it.

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