Meaning of this spread

  • I did the Celtic Cross spread

    1- significator

    2- crossing card

    3- crowning card

    4- base of the matter

    5- past influences

    6- forthcoming influences

    7- where one finds oneself

    8- views of others

    9- hopes and fears

    10- final outcome

    I turned to the cards cause I am having some relationship difficulties with my boyfriend. He hasn't been contacting me as much as he used to but still on occasion he was never like this but up until 2 months ago. I should add that we live 2 hours away from each other.

    My question was: What is my love relationship going to look like with the person I am with now?

    Cards were:

    1- 8 of Wands

    2- 8 of swords

    3- 10 of swords

    4- Page of Cups

    5- 9 of swords

    6- Strength

    7- 7 of Swords

    8- 4 of Coins

    9- 7 of Cups

    10- 2 of Cups

    Thanks for your answers.

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