• (Trumpet blast)

    Welcome to the 'kick-start 11/11/11' party thread!

    It’s exactly 11.11 AM here in Australia. I am making a wish that we all get through this day of intense energies with flying colours and sanity intact. In this thread, we can all share our November 11 2011 experiences and insights…or just kick back with a glass of congratulatory bubbly or two in anticipation of the 'rebooting' of our lives. Help yourself to the buffet too - I'm sure you’ll find something to tempt you. Turn up the music and break out the streamers and bubble-maker. I hope you all enjoy yourselves while you‘re here. Maybe you’ll make some new friends or reacquaint yourself with some old ones. Live long and prosper…and dance on the tables if the spirit moves you. Blessings and joy to everyone!

    (Blows loud party whistle)

    Also, Happy Remembrance, Independence, Poppy, and Veterans Day!

  • For me, the special date has already kicked in - my dreams during the night and morning were all about today and its real purpose. (I am feeling quite feverish and light-headed as I write this post.) I was shown that, unlike other previous doorways which brought new positive energy to the planet, this doorway is for us to pass through to the ‘other side’, to a new world and way of being. But today is our big day of decision - we have to choose to step through this doorway - no one will be forced. I was made aware in my dreams that by choosing to walk through this portal, we are ultimately choosing a life of service to humanity, of greater service than we have been thus far. I guess this is why we have been feeling so much angst - because deep down maybe we knew this time of big decision was approaching. We have all been hurrying to evolve and learn about ourselves. The new world is not about ‘me‘, but about helping others. It is about loving self-sacrifice and selflessness. It is about helping others find their self-confidence and their authenticity. We need to heal the planet too. I was shown an image of people using toilet plungers to suck all the ‘gunk’ that we have poisoned her with out of Mother Earth. I was shown the earth as having become a literal sewer for our waste and for our negative emotions. It’s time to get in and clean up our own mess!

    So please take this whole day to think about the choice you need to make. Instead of a party hat, put on your thinking cap - it is not a decision to be made lightly. This decision means literal life or death for our planet. Enough people must choose to serve and leave behind selfish attitudes, or else life on earth as we know it here will end. I pray enough people will make the most difficult, but correct, choice.


  • Hi Captain,

    It's 11:08 pm here, still the 10th, but I am waiting with great anticipation for the new day to dawn. I am and have been looking forward to this time. Joining the party and choosing to serve in whatever capacity is intended for me.

  • Happy 11/11/11 Captain. I'm putting my thinking cap on. I like the way you described this day of decisions that will be arriving. For me, it's about three hours from midnight. Happy 11/11/11 to all of you in Europe and East Coasters too. Love, happiness and peace to you all.


  • 11 11 11 its here as well , 12: 06 am

  • Wonderful day 🙂

  • I wish Love and Compassion drive us in everything we do !!! Have a Great Day All !!

  • I'm ready...I've been heading in the right direction since I've been here. I've learned so much...everything feels very right. I cannot begin to tell you how optimistic I have felt today. I'm 2 hours away from 11/11 but I plan on staying up to see 1:11 am on 11/11/11. :0)

  • Happy 11:11 day to you all from foggy Holland looking forward to what the day brings!

  • Ooh! Aunt Buck, we're on the same time zone. I may have to set my alarm for 1:11 am! Hadn't thought of that!

    Been doing some meditating and sending out good thoughts to people I love. That includes all of you who have been such a wonderful support through tough times and good.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  • Heres to the start of a wonderful journey! Blessings and love to one and all!!!!

  • Hey, yay, it's Ratbag! Where you been?


    11:22 p.m here. I plan to stay awake till 1:11a.m

  • Hey Captain! You know how I am, here and there and nowhere in particular! lol Hope all is improving for you. Read that youve kinda had a 'trying' time.

  • Ragbag!!!! Missed you! xx

  • Stoneyeye 🙂 good to see you too! Wow...we ae survivors huh?!!

    luv u 2

  • Yeah, it's been trying for everyone. But now we gotta stop 'trying' and just do it! 🙂

  • it is...1:11 am on 11/11/11. So happy to be here and grateful for all of you! Love and blessings and here's to exciting things coming for all of us!

  • My Goodness, didn't realize it was today ! I have a meeting with the bank exactly at 11 a.m., in an hour, about getting a mortgage. I guess that means that the doors are going close on me forever, as I'll be trying to get a good rate , lol. But otherwise I'll try not to be too selfish 🙂 Love to everybody !

  • 11:11:11 in Amsterdam

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