To Captain-Long Time No Hear :)

  • No not really maybe his mentor at the Boys and Girls Club but I find it hard to believe he'll do it and his older brother (July 26th 2000) is wayyy to young and stubborn to do that-I talk to him about it all the time. I just feel the Universe hates me sometimes-I just want to be on the road to self destruction, kill myself in obvilion to the pain Im forced to feel when all I do is try to do better when Im knocked down every chance I get-The road becomes more and more narrow as I try to do anything. Im just so p i ss ed off about my life right now just wish I was dumb enough or desperate enough to overdose or drink myself to death feel happy at some point knowing Im in pain but feels too good to stop. I want to break things, throw things everywhere I want to go competly crazy bleed DO SOMETHING to stop this cycle of b u l l sh it. IM SO TIRED OF ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im sorry Captain-this is how I feel right now.....

  • It isnt you-Im just so tired of feeling like the world doesn't want me too succeed regardless of how much I fight to.

  • Self-pity will get you nowhere, Asia. You have so many blessings in your life yet you dwell on what you don't have.

    You have a family (yes, it has its problems but at least you have siblings and a mum and dad. So many people have lost everyone they loved.)

    You have your physical health (mood swings are a small part of your overall health and something that can be fixed), a charming kind manner, and good looks.

    You have friends - at the very least, some good ones on this forum who support and want the best for you. I'm sure you have good friends where you are, too.

    You have somewhere to live and food on the table.

    You have green grass to walk on, flowers to smell, and blue sky above.

    You have so much more than many people. Instead of dwelling on the negative, focus on the gifts you have been given - and thank the Universe every day for them.

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