To Captain-Long Time No Hear :)

  • Hi Captain! Im been doing ok-my mood swings have been out of whack still but for the most part I feel ok other times so out of control. Problem is I don't know if it is my enviroment or me (sometimes I fear I am bipolar or have an anxiety issue that needs some medication). My mother moved in back with my father months ago since March which really hurt me and my siblings who've Ive been busy trying to protect, nuture and take care of. I feel somewhat resentful and hurt by my mother for doing this but I still love her even though my father is up to his old ways.

    Ive been rather stressed out and been trying to channel my stress through writing and focusing on screenwriting. Ive entered in 3 screenwriting competitions so far and planning to enter more, Im really excited and focused on my film career but not sure on which direction to pursue it.

    Ive really want film school but not sure if I need it now or can afford it at the same time-Im being pressured by everyone to do something which is stressing me out,

    So why is my life feeling like its been spinning out of control lately?

    Where is it headed?

    Should I focus on moving out and finding my own space to find some sense of peace without all this added stress from my father?

    Or should I focus on my career, education and moving out at once-in a different way?

  • You should see a doctor about your mood swings and anxiety - it could be a physical reaction that can be medicated until you learn to control it. You need to be able to rule out a physical problem. But it's probably that you take on too many things at once. Learning meditation would help, too. Do you get plenty of exercise becasue I feel you need to work off all that stress? So before you make any life decisions, find a solution to your emotionalism. You'll be able to see things more clearly.

  • Im planning on it whenever I can look into getting health insurance-I believe my job has it. More than likely it is the fact I take on too much at once- I just feel like I have to some times to keep my life on track and not to feel i wander aimlessly or that Im not doing anything. I constantly feel the need to have a goal and work for it and sometimes I try to accomplish them all at once.

    Boy would I love to excercise-I haven't in months and honest to god I hate to say this-but Ive been extremely busy and rarely have time to do it. But I try to write or walk somewhere but I gotten into the habit of spending money on little things to keep my mind of stress but I feel that can become a problem so Im trying to curb that.

    Will 10 minutes a day of excercise do the trick (I can probably manage that)?

  • 30 minutes exercise per day is the doctors' recommended minimum for health. But you don't have to do it all at once - it is accumulative. I use an uphill treadmill for five minutes six times a day.

    And life is not about reaching material goals, but about becoming the best person you can be through understanding who you truly are.

  • Thank you Captain-I really agree with you about life and taking the time to understand who you truly are-I just wish everyone around me can understand instead of pressuring me so and judgin g without even attempting to help (I fine with doing by myself anyway)-It hurts worse when its familly doing it. Oh well-I will prevail-just need to get these mood swings in order.

    Btw I think doing the excercise in intervals in a great idea! I will definetly try 🙂

  • Also Captain do you feel my stress is enviroment-related (home life) or mentally related (as in I have a mental disorder such as bipolar disorder) or anxiety problem?

  • When your family is criticizing you or suggesting improvements to your life, ask them if their own lives are working so well that they can give other people advice.

    I feel your stress is related to the way you have been brought up by the adults around you to handle life (or not handle it which seems to be the lesson you have been given). Your parents are not particularly stable individuals so you have to cut your own path and not follow their bad advice. You need to relax more and not over-think everything to death. Trust that the Universe will take care of all the big things in your life and just focus on the smaller daily details.

  • Thanl you Captain-its more so my dad than my mom and both of their families combined-I dont deal with them because they are wayyy to judgemental, rude and noisy-Ive never liked that before I deal with you a family basis I see you as a person, and they are people Id rather not deal with. My mom is the person that supports me the most honestly but she can sometimes think Im rash and she isn't the one to take risks like me so we can clash on things sometimes.

    Do you know what 2012 will bring for me (May 6th 1992 in Dallas,TX @ 9:28pm)?

  • For you, 2012 is a year of major change and opportunity in your life. Horizons are expanded and growth is less impeded. You are likely to make a number of new friends next year as social activities are expanded. This is a year that will bring excitement and adventure and a good deal more freedom than you have experienced in recent years. This is a time for feeling loose and free; for moving away from old routines in a constructive way. If you became bogged down during 2011, now is the time to seek out new directions. You are likely to be very attractive and sexually magnetic in 2012. A romance with a younger man is on the cards. Someone you have been close to but is no longer around you will pass from this earth.

    Just take care that, with so much going on and so much activity in 2012, you pay attention to your health and money. Though your finances will stabilize, any rash shopping sprees could see you spend more than you actually have. Many opportunities will be offered to you in 2012 but don't scatter your energies on doing too many things - decide what are your most important priorities and focus on them.

  • Thank you Captain.

    Who do you feel will leave me (honestly, you're scaring me)?

    A younger man-how much younger?

  • Btw I really appreciate this but you scared me when you mentioned death. I just hope it isnt any of my immediate family members (mom, dad, brothers and sisters even few cousins of mine).....

  • There are no exact details. This is just to prepare you for what might happen next year. Don't over-analyse or obsess over it.

  • Alright Captain, thank you and sorry about that,still working on that problem lol 🙂

    Hope and pray everything will be ok, for the most part I will definetly make sure of it by being the best person I can be as I grow and learn everyday. Bring it on 2012!

  • I feel confident in myself but can self-loathe alot and can be extremely hard on myself and always feel everyone is against no matter if we are being friendly alot. What can I do to work on this?

  • You need to start trusting people more - but you need to use your intuition to tell you WHO to trust. And you need to trust yourself too - that you are a good and lovable person. You also need to understand on a deep level that you were not the reason your father left and your family became unstable.

  • Ok. Thank you Captain-I will try 🙂

  • Hope your Thanksgiving went well Captain 🙂


  • Thanks - we don't celebrate that holiday here in Australia. But giving thanks for what you have seems like a good idea.

  • I forgot about the Australia thing lol! Anyway it would be a grea holiday-I think it should be a holiday for everyone! Is there any special holidays in Australia besides the typical Valentines Day and Christmas?

    Captain I was wondering if you could give me insight into whats going on with my younger brother (February 15th 2003)-he's very introverted and not extremely emotional (on the outside) but he is supersensitive and has a hard time with confronting anyone on a fighting scale and doesn't like to fight but I feel something is really bothering him-he's been through alot but I hope it isn't all crashing down on him. I try to talk to him but he always says he's fine even though I know he's not and my older brother always picks on him which makes it worse.....What is going on Captain?

    What should I do?

  • I am feeling your younger brother needs an older male to talk to about his problems but since your dad is not really all that good a father and your other brother picks on him a lot, he doesn't feel he has anyone to confide in. Can you persuade your older brother to see how the younger one needs him to be a good brother and good listener for him? Or is there an older trustworthy male around like an uncle or priest etc who could provide him with someone to talk to?

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