Snap point

  • Dont know where else to turn.

    PLEASE can anyone show me where my handbag is ?

    This day is going from bad to WORST.

    Has someone taken it/hidden it.

    really need help

  • miciie,

    I will try to help you. Is your handbag black with a pattern in it and does it have handles that are like hoops?


  • close shuabby, its brown with a black pattern, yes with hoops

  • i have been distracted, did one of the kids hide it or did someone take it when i was distracted by my kids? heartbreaking

  • I really want you to sleep on this one, by that I mean that with God noting is lost. Pray before retiring and ask that your purse be found by you or brought back to you. I am trying to see the purse for you and do you have a night stand or small table that it could be under? I feel like it will be found.


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