Exchange ANyone?

  • Would anyone like to do an exchange with me. You can pick the spread youd like done and ill do it for you in exchange for the same and ill also included detailed feedback 🙂

  • Hey Jamie 🙂

    I would like to do an exchange with you. I am currently learning about tarot, and I'd really love some extra practice! Let me know what you want you're reading to be about (like love, career, etc) and I'll do it for you between now and the end of the weekend? deal?

    Yay haha I'll let you know about what I would like you to read for me after you describe what you want first.


    Dani Bo ❤

  • That sounds great 🙂

    I would really like to know about why i feel so strongly connected to an individual in my life. He is just a friend but we have always had a special connection well i have felt anyways and in the past things came between our friendship and we've pretty much went our seperated ways i want to know if im suppose to let go of this person or if theres actually something between us.

    I hope that makes sense 🙂

    Let me know what your question is 🙂

  • Alright, so here's what I'm thinking. I really like this spread here. I'll post the link and you let me know if you like this idea:

    I would like to use this spread because I think it fits somewhat. And besides those questions, I wanted to ask if you had any like specific questions? I was additionally going to put in there "should Jamie move on?" sorta thing. Does that sound good for you? I'll probably get started on this tonight,and finish up on Saturday. Is that alright with you? 🙂

    thanks for offering a reading! I also wanted to ask for a reading about love. I have two guys right now that I care about deeply, but I'm not sure if they are going anywhere! I want some insight on whether I should move on from Nick, or if I should be patient, as well as if I should give up on Jason as well. (I feel the name-adding is beneficial!) What's your dude's name? (if you feel comfortable enough to share).

    This is going to be fun, Jamie! 🙂


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Perfect im excited to do this exchange as well it should be great and a lot of fun 🙂 As you said i will have yours done by the end of the weekend ill try and get started on it tonight and go from there 🙂 I look forward to doing this for you!!

    So for my question should Jamie move on would be great! and the spread you choose im sure will be fine!!! I am excited to see the results!

    Thanks so much for agreeing to do this!

  • Thanks for doing this for me...I really appreciate it. Although I would ask you to put more emphasis on Nick over Jason....I'm really "in love" as you would say with Nick, and I need to know if being patient with him is the right decision at this moment.

    I'm getting started now, so let's see what happens. I might even have it done for you by tomorrow morning! yay! haha


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hello Jamie,

    Well I finished a bit early, which I think is great. I hope you enjoyed the reading. Let me know if you have ANY additional questions that I either didn’t answer, or that were prompted from this reading. Please take your time doing mine. I know that life is busy, so don’t rush. : )

    Here’s what the spread looks like:

    *Cards 1 and 2 Presentation

    (1) How she reveals herself (2) How he reveals himself

    These cards tell how each one acts towards the other and what is presented on the outside.

    *Cards 3 and 4 Picture of the Partner

    (3) How she sees him (4) How he sees her

    These cards tell how the partner sees you.

    *Cards 5 and 6 Assessment of the Relationship

    (5) How she regards the relationship (6) How he regards it.

    This shows what the partners think about the relationship or how they look upon it.

    *Cards 7 and 8 Desires of the Partner

    (7) Her desire of the partner (8) His desire of the partner

    These cards show what each person desires from the relationship and is perhaps not able to say aloud.

    *Card 9 is the outcome. What could become the future!

    Okay, so here’s the actual reading 🙂

    1. This is you, and how you act toward him, or how you feel about this at this moment in time – SIX OF WANDS. Jamie, well this sure is a lovely card. The person in this picture seems to be celebrating victory, success, or may have just received good news that he appears triumphant as he rides his great steed. If you know anything about tarot, and I’m sure you do Jamie, this can only mean happniess and great joy. You act towards him in a lovely manner, and obviously care for him, because if you didn’t, well why would you be acting so joyful when he is around you? This card is also supposed to represent what you appear to be to the world, and well, from what this card is telling us, you appear to be a successful woman with high aspirations, or goals that have been or will be achieved. To him, you are a strong woman who has already had great triumphs achieved in her name, and you appear to be a positive and content woman. This is wonderful. Who wouldn’t want to portray this image to others around her, especially this man who you care for deeply!

    2. This is him, how he acts towards you, and what he’s thinking about this situation at this moment in time - PAGE OF PENTACLES. Another lovely card, don’t you agree? A page usually represents a princess, so I can only imagine that this is what he treats you like….someone of royal blood. The picture depicts a young girl or young man holding up a pentacle as if it were their reason for existence. This card represents scholarship, application, and news. I can only think that at this time he is actually acting towards you in a nice manner, however, he seems a bit nervous and scared because he seems to think himself to be naïve. Is this true? He obviously is a smart gentleman who has high hopes for himself, but, although he thinks he treats you as royalty, he seems a bit stand offish. Maybe he’s scared?

    3. How you see him - KNIGHT OF SWORDS. What a nice card. You obviously see him as your knight in shining armor. He represents skill, bravery, and also the quick bearer of news, whether good or bad. He’s strong, and loyal, and you see him as just that. However, he can be a bit overconfident. It is clear to me that because you think of him as your knight, he must mean a great deal to you. You want him to be the defender to your heart, so to speak. The agility of this card also shows that he is willing to do whatever he can to be with you, and you want him this way. He is a true knight, and he’s riding fast to get to you! You clearly want him to protect you, love you, and be by your side always. You’re feelings are growing stronger for him!

    4. How he sees you – QUEEN OF CUPS. Okay, so now it’s apparent that there’s some real emotions going on between the two of you. He sees you as HIS Queen, the one who controls his heart! This card is especially strong in this position. You’re knight is literally your protector, because he’s in love with you, and all your wonderful qualities. You’ve got him right where you want him, and he’s not moving an inch! He cares deeply for you, Jamie. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be so devoted to you to make you his Queen. And even more than that, you are the queen of cups, the queen of love. Good for you girl! You should be smiling right now 😄

    5. how you regard the current status of your relationship – KNIGHT OF PENTACLES. Okay, so the knight of penatcles is notorious for being the slowest knight. He takes his sweet time, and rides very slow. He also represents tranquility, and can be a boring person. You must think that you’re relationship with your Knight of Swords is progressing at a rather snail-typed pace! You want do desperately for it to gain speed, so that you two may be together, and that this period of being patient will pass sooner than later. You seem to go back and forth if you should move on, because this gentleman is taking far too long to make his advances towards you, and you are beginning to loose your patience. You aren’t sure if he’s playing games with you, or if he really needs more time to prepare himself. You want this guy to seriously pick up the pace, or you may just leave him in the dust. The knight of pentacles clearly shows your urgency to move forward with your current love.

    6. How he regards the current status of your relationship – THE TOWER. This card may appear to be severe, but in reality, it’s not. Don’t fret, Jamie. There is still some good to be seen here. In this position, the tower represents his thoughts at the moment. He is quickly changing his thoughts about your relationship. In a sense, this card represents the “explosion of the mind”. He’s changing the way he is thinking about you and him. He may be finally discarding false daydreams or hopes he had with you, and he may be filling himself with happier and more realistic thoughts. He sees you as his queen, so he obviously cares for you, but he’s currently stressed out about this, and that’s probably why he is moving too slow for you. He needs to think things out, and with time, he’ll say so long to that knight of pentacles, and become that knight of swords you see him as. This is telling you to be PATIENT with him, instead of moving on. At least, that’s how I see it. He’s going through something right now inside, and he needs time to sort everything out. That’s the only way he can advance towards you, is if you give him the time and space he needs. The tower does also represent space, or a separation of some sort. When’s the last time you saw him? He either is in need of a little “alone time” or he’s missing you because you’ve been apart for so long…although he still needs to sort his life out. Once he does this, Jamie, he will come to you. So BE PATIENT. WAIT FOR HIM. He’s struggling with internal conflicts. Maybe heart and head?

    7. What you desire from him – THE HANGED MAN. Well this is a rather straightforward card. The hanged man represents sacrifice, and wisdom achieved from it. This implies that you want him to sacrifice something so that you two can be together, or that you are seeing past all his shortcomings or issues in this potential relationship so that you can be together. You either want him, or want yourself, to give up happiness of some sort, or a dream, or whatever so you two can be together. How accurate is this? It seems kinda off to me. This also represents delay and patience. Again, we see that you are growing impatient and want him to understand your patience is growing thin and that he should speed up his “preparation process”. You may also want him to sacrifice his heart to you. But Jamie, you’ve already got it, so no need to worry about that!

    8. What he desires from you – THE DEVIL. OOOOOHHH!! This card screams sexuality, desire, and sensual appetites that are building inside of him. He wants you bad girl! 😉 haha. He desires you in all forms, but he finds you extremely attractive, and wants to be with you physically (unless he already has! Not my business though!) I see this as a positive card, for if he didn’t see you in a sexual way, it would be worse…after all, most relationships start off with the bases of mutual attraction physically first. So, he obviously has intense desires burning up inside of him that he wishes to express. He sees you as his Queen, AND his sexual goddess. What more could a girl ask for?

    9. Potential outcome – NINE OF CUPS. What a lovely card in this position. It radiates positivity and assures you that something really great is headed your way. This card is equally as wonderful as the ten of cups, because they both represent happiness and great joy. This card says to you “yes! Your wish will come true! Everything will work out if you continue to have faith!” and that is exactly what you must do, Jamie. You MUST keep the faith. This is going to work out wonderfully for you and him. You are going to get that relationship that you want. Just keep the faith, and have patience, because with time, he will be ready to come to you, and you will experience a lovely relationship.

    All in all, Jamie, this is looking good. You care for him, he cares for you, you’re all set. Things will go in the way they should, as long as you keep faith and patience in him. Everything will work out wonderfully for you! I wish you all the happiness in the world with this guy. Let me know how it goes! (and let me know if you have follow up questions!)

    I look forward to seeing your reading for me!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Just bumping up my post so that you'll see it! 🙂 Again, I hope you like the reading!

  • Hello 🙂 Sorry computers been down all weekend!!:( So i finished up your reading ill post it then ill post some feedback on the reading! BY the way it was great and I LOVED IT 🙂 so thank you!!!

    Alright so the spread i did is this:

    Choice A: NICK

    How he sees you:

    How he feels about you:

    Next to come:




    Choice B

    How he sees you:

    How he feels about you:

    Next to come:





    How he sees you: Four of cups

    Ok so what i get from this Card is that he sees you as someone who has so many options in front of you. You are a person gives off radiant energy that allows people to come to you and because of this he sees all the options and oppertunities you have available to you but he feels as if your not accepting something from him hes offered you something and your just not willing to 100 percent commit to it or possibly youve done this and hes not ready.

    How he feels about you: Page of pentacles

    I think that this is a huge indicator that he has the feelings of almost a fixation on the phsyical aspect of your relationship hes in the stages where he feels and sees that hes very much physcially attracted to you and loves all the physicals things you bring to the relationship.

    Next to come: four of wands

    For me i see this as stability being brought to your relationship something will bring you together in a new way and it will be almost a feeling of celebration maybe you two will be attending a celebration of some sort that will give you a new view point to your relationship it will move things to a whole new level you didnt realize exisited.

    Obstacles: Eight of pentacles

    Well the first thing that came to mind was work / school ....

    So how i feel is that maybe work... one of or both of you are working really hard right now which is making things really hard to focus on building a relationship. Maybe there is some distance because of this which makes it hard to bring things together ... The most important thing hear is to think about whats important to you and if this person is worth the hard work then maybe working harder to get this to work is what this card is telling you.

    Advice: nine of swords

    Don't over analyze the situation to much. You have so many oppertunities around you and dont think you dont because theres sooo many you just need to be open to them and stop thinking negatively on the situation if you are. Don't think so much, and take more action go for what makes you happy 🙂

    Potential Outcome: Emperor

    I see this as a positive card 🙂 To me this is saying that if you take the time to build the patterns and customs and support for the relationship, it may flourish. But like the nine of swords says... it won't happen just by over thinking it and thinking it would be nice; This is going to take some work. Most lasting things do. Might be a relationship maintained over distance; which explains the eight of pentacles maybe the distance from one or both of your working hard to create your lives that your both want might be causing some distance but work put into will make it work.

    So im going to post A then i will post option B When im done that reading 🙂

  • Choice B JASON

    How he sees you: King of cups

    He sees you as someone who is very much in control of your emotions and he likes that about you. Your not one of those people he feels is to clingy or emotion.. I would say that he feels that you are rather comfortable right now in where you are and he likes that about you it makes him feel so much more comfortable around you. I would hazard a guess that he isn't ready to move any where from where is he currently is in regards to you because he doesnt want to go into "unchartered waters" in a manner of speaking.

    How he feels about you: 10 of wands

    I see 10s as completetion a lot of the time and i think that in regards to this that he sees feels you are a person who wants things to work out the best for you and you strive only for the best and because of this he feels that you are the type of person hes willing to work for no matter how hard it might be. I also think that he feels that you especially strive for things that your passionate about and when you go for something you put everything you have into it and because of this he sees and feels how passionate of a person you truely are gives it a whole new feeling, he may even regard you as everything he ever wanted and desired and he is willing to climb mountains, because your worth getting there.

    Next to come: King of wands

    I think that this person will take action towards you and you may feel that everything is happening so quickly and your not really sure where to turn or what to do make sure that you go about this logically and keep your emotions in control. Make decisions based on what you want and what truely makes you happy

    Obstacles: Five of swords

    I think that its almost a competition in some sorts when it comes to you one of you always tryss to have the upper hand in the situation the thought of working together needs to be present if this relationship is going to work. Yes its fun to have that competing side but at the same time sometimes its taken to far and it hurts the other and this is something that needs to be thought of in regards to the two of you. And the possibility of outside sources may have something to do with this.

    Advice: Sun

    Be happy!!! You have so much going for like ive seen through out this spread there is various oppertunities out there for you so regardless which relationships work out and which don't its all lessons that will bring you to the ultimate prize ... the sun is just telling you that there is so much out there be open to it and you'll get the prize you ultimately want.

    Potential: Seven of swords

    I would say that you both do really want to try and make something of this relationship but right now there are obstacles standing in the way maybe trust issues? for me this says there is things you need to decide on you need to think about what makes you happy and do that go for it ... because you deserve it and it will happen for you but you have to base your decisions on your happiness.

    So those are the spreads ive done! I hope they make sense and are accurate as well let me know what you think because id really love to hear how close i was regarding these two boys!! 🙂 I enjoyed doing this and thank you so much for giving me this oppertunity i enjoyed it a lot!!!

  • Well i had a bunch of feedback but my compter shut off on me 😐 So i just wanted to leave this

    Your reading was right one more then you think ... the hanged man was a huge thing for me because that situation there is A GREAT sacerfice we both would have too make to try and get this work.. an thats been pretty much the obstacle to this relationship... I love your interperations of all the cards they were great and gave me a look to all them in a new way which is great because i am just learning so the "bigger picture" on these cards have been great and like i said you were very right on about the situation:)

    If you'd like to exchange again sometime let me know because id be more then willing to do so! thanks

    J 🙂

  • Hey Jamie,

    aww! haha I hate it when that happens!

    I'm glad the reading I did was accurate. Let me know if you have any follow up questions, or want another reading. We both seem to ask AstraAngel for help with readings, but I feel as if he is overwhelmed, so I guess it's better to ask each other for readings. What do you think?

    I really want to help you in this relationship situation that you have. I think tarot really helps to see things that we don't notice about our relationships.

    That being said, you also were extremely accurate with your readings! Nick works on a cruise ship....I met him in July, we went on a date, and we haven't seen each other since. My psychic told me that Nick knows i have put a lot of effort into making it work, but that he's not ready for that level of commitment. However, I'm in school, and he's working 24/7 so it's been hard on both of us. I'm just hoping that I'm not waiting around for nothing, you know?

    And Jason...well, to be honest, I really don't know him that well. I've only known him for about a month, and that's because we had a class together. I dropped the class, so I don't see him as often as I did. But still...I wondered what he wanted from me after our numerous flirty encounters.

    Thanks again Jamie! I hope that you might have some questions for me! talk to you soon

    love, Dani Bo ❤

  • Hello!!!

    Im glad that my reading was accurate im never really sure 🙂 I would love to do some follow up readings for you if you'd like as well! I think thats actually a great idea because like you said we both ask astraangel and she is so busy .. and it helps us learn and help eachother out to which is nice 🙂

    Id actually like to ask about my boyfriend rich if your willing to do the same spread you did for the first person .... I know this sounds horrible (or at least really wierd lol) ... Its a really complicated situation... So if you wouldnt mind itd help me out a lot!!

    Do you have any questions just let me know 🙂

  • Hey Jamie,

    alright so I will totally do the same spread with Rich (cool name! haha)

    No worries girl, I totally get you. Tarot really helps with these relationship questions.

    and thanks for offering! 😄 I still do have some questions about Nick of you don't mind. I'm not really picky about the can do whatever spread you'd like. I guess right now I'm trying to figure out if he's really out there "prepping" himself for a relationship with me, you know? Maybe you could ask that..."Is Nick really preparing himself for DaniBo and does he plan on finding her when he's ready?"

    Thanks Jamie, I really appreciate it 🙂

    I will get started on your reading probably this afternoon. I will probably also have it done by the end of the night, so keep your computer on! haha if not, I'll definitely have it to you by tomorrow tops. Is that good?


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Here's one I got from my friend Monika in Prague, who got it from a friend of hers, but I don't know where it originally came from. It's a great spread if you want to get a snapshot of where you stand in a relationship (and I've just thought of a name for it!), it's clear and to the point and looks like this:

    Meanings are as follows:
    1\. How things stand at the moment: 8 of wands
    Things right now seem very up in the air nothing has been set in stone and plans could change at any time is the feelings i get here. I do get the feeling that your relationship with one other has been rather passionate i feel as if the time youve known eachother has felt like it flies by when your together but it seems as if youve known eachother for ever in such a short amount of time. Communication needs to remain strong in this relationship because i think especially with him working on a crusie ship its going to be the one thing that holds you together
    2\. What your Head is telling you about the relationship; what you 'think' you should be feeling: Seven of pentacles
    Right now your currently re - evaluating the situation trying to figure out where to go from here i think that right now you sense the passion that is there but your trying to figure out if it all of the work that will have to go into this relationship is worth it. Relationships aren't an easy thing and this re evaluation may take some time and take that time take all the time you need to best your self and make sure your completely satisifed in the situation
    3\. What your Heart is telling you about the relationship; how you really feel: Eight of swords
    Don't restrict your self is what your heart is telling you don't feel like you have to wait for this person be open to everything that is around you because if you restrict yourself you wont realize all the new oppertunites that may present themselves yes its nice to have that one person we love being around and dont want to give up on but your still aloud to be yourself and do what makes you happy so still pursue what ever needs to pursuing right now its time to focus on you don't miss out because your to focussed on one thing
    4\. The impression you're giving to the other person involved: Empress
    Wow your giving him id say a rather positive impression!!! you are your own person you know what you want and you know how to go get that. You nuture everything you want to succeed by planting that seed and taking care of what needs to be done till it blossoms and that is how he sees you as a successful person who works hard at what they want out of life :) Doesn't get much better then that!!!
    5\. What the other person's Head is telling them about the relationship; what they 'think' they should be feeling: Ten of pentacles
    There head is telling them that right now the most important thing is making money and concentrating on his stable work environment he has it rather good where he is and he knows that the stability this job provides him iwth is something that makes him rather happy and that having all the good stuff right now will provide him with the family he wants in the end.
    6\. What the other person's Heart is telling them about the relationship; how they realy feel: four of pentacles
    They need to hold on to something and they aren't willing to change there way of doing things bc what ever is that there clinging to is what they believe in and it isnt something that is going to change over night he does feel a rather strong bond with you and because of this he wants to cling to this new friendship / relationship that has formed but at the saem time he wants to pursue what ever it is he has known from the past
    7\. The impression they give you: emperor
    The impression he gives you is that he is a rather stable man, he knows what he wants and he isnt afraid to go after it. Hes very well respected and in is very much in control of his life and what hes going to get out of it i find it rather interesting that you both see eachother as the emperor and empress very strong personalities being pressented here i think thats what brings you two together the challange of facing these personalities is what inspires this relationship i think
    8\. Where things are headed in the next few months; with me it varies what timeframe this card represents - sometimes I decide in advance that it will be 2 to 3 months, or six months, sometimes I decide intuitively when I see the card. I find it's best to be flexible, and extra cards can always be added to clarify or show further-reaching results or whatever.: the hanged man
    To me the Hanged Man does portrays the relationship you two share at the moment there hasnt been much action to move it forward and to make this happen its almost as if there would need to be a sacrifice to do so... so right now its all about not acting and thinking things through what do you both really want out of this and what is the best course action and how to go about this. I think in a way you both are fighting to "surrender" to something deeper and let yourselves go for this but theres so much on the line right now that your both unsure so i think at a point the decision will have to be made or else it will remain as what it is now.
    Wow i had liked doing this was easy flowing for me to read for you and again i enjoyed it very much let me know if you need anything cleared up and ill get to clearing it up for u as soon as possible :) hope you enjoyed look forward to the feedback!!!! hope it was accurate! lol

  • Jamie!

    Hey thanks for the great reading 🙂 It’s appreciated! I’ll add some commentary on that the bottom. I’m sure you’re anxious for you’re reading with Rich! Here it is. You can refer to the same spread lay-out on the first page. I used the same spread, as asked:

    1. How you reveal yourself – THE CHARIOT. Well there’s no doubt here that you reveal yourself as successful and victorious! The chariot can also signify someone who is waiting to receive a message. Are you waiting for a message to come your way? You reveal yourself as a warrior, someone who is willing to fight for whatever they desire without even the thought of giving up. Others see you as a determined young woman with a lot of success to be achieved in her life. The guy in this picture stands proud with confidence, and other’s definitely see that confidence radiate from you on a daily basis. You have a wonderful image established with others.

    2. How Rich reveals himself – PAGE OF SWORDS. He reveals himself as a young man with authority and diligence. He portrays himself as a rough kinda guy who has a lot of turbulence in his life, and may like it that way. He likes action for sure. The constant movement keeps him focused. He has a lot of hopes and dreams for his future, and plans to reach them no matter the obstacle. He appears to be similar to you in that sense.

    3. How you see Rich – FOUR OF WANDS. Hummmm….Jamie. Do you think you want some space away from Rich? This card is implying that you might want to “take a break” from Rich, because he’s causing some unwanted stress in your life. Everytime you both try and solve a problem in your relationship, another one just comes right back. Nothing is ever resolved completely between of you is what I’m getting here. He may also have a lack of self-esteem that is taking a toll on your relationship. I’m not too sure what’s going on here, but from what the tarot is saying, maybe that other guy is worth pursuing if you feel this way about Rich. He seems to be harming you rather than helping you at this point.

    4. How Rich sees you – THE HERMIT. Another solemn card. This card almost always represents someone who is being reflective on their lives. Rich is sensing from you that the spark in your relationship has disappeared, and that you two are together because you’re used to having each other around. He senses that you want some alone time, and from the card that was pulled above, that’s what you really need. You need time to think this through. Is this what you really want? He’s having some of the same concerns you are about you’re relationship.

    5. How you regard your relationship – WHEEL OF FOTUNE. You feel as if the relationship is at a point where “anything could happen”, whether it be good or bad. Destiny has a lot to play with the relationship as you see it. It’s also passed the point for you to intervene. You have given it up to fate. However this card is also involved with the idea of luck and love, so maybe you still get that vibe from this relationship, although from the cards pulled above, it looks like you want some time to think things through. You are just letting the wheel turn, and decide what’s best for this relationship.

    6. How Rich regards your relationship – PAGE OF WANDS. This card screams a relationship with both love and hate. He feels as if although the spark is gone, you still are attracted to each other. However, he believes you two would be better off without each other…but the breakup never happens! He is frustrated, and he thinks you are frustrated. He feels as if the relationship is stuck in the mud. He’s kinda although thrown his hands up in the air, just like you, and decided to let fate deal with the rest.

    7. You desire from Rich – TWO OF PENTACLES. This card represents decisions especially, so this is what I’m sensing from you. You are trying to choose between maybe being in a relationship with Rich, or not, or choosing between Rich and this other guy maybe? Something that’s got to do with Rich is heavily resting on your chest. You have a confused heart. I get the feeling that you want Rich to make a decision about where your relationship is heading….

    8. What Rich desires from you – PAGE OF CUPS. This is a card emotional card. It always represents love and emotions. His emotions are fluctuating, from wanting to leave fate to the matter of your relationship, and yet, he still loves you deep down. He wants you to feel the same way, but he isn’t sure if you still do after all the trials and tribulations you guys have been through. He’s feeling a wave of emotion, so to speak. He just wants you to feel it too, but he wants you to make the ultimate decision here

    9. The outcome – SIX OF CUPS. Well, this to me seems like the end to something. You are going to be nostalgic about something coming up real soon. This card has a lot to do with thoughts, and thinking of things in the past. It emphasizes the idea that “those days were beautiful, but it’s time to move on” sort of thing. I feel as if this is how you are going to look back on this relationship whether it be weeks or years from now. I feel as if this is how you are going to be thinking when you are with this new guy that I did that spread for earlier.

    Anyways, maybe I’m being baised here, but I’m seeing this relationship with Rich is going to end up only as a fond memory, unless the both of you put a lot of effort in to making it work and pushing aside your differences. Maybe that’s what you want…I’m not sure. However, the other guy seems like something that has more potential for being a great relationship. I hope I gave you something to think about. Let me know if I was accurate.

    Also, any follow up questions are welcome! I am totally open for more readings btw : ) anything you want.

    Thanks for the reading you did for me! I really appreciate it : )

    You totally hit this situation on point. Right now, nothing is moving anywhere! I’m kind of just sitting around waiting for him to send me something or let me know what’s going on. I’ve sent him two e-mails while he was on vacation, and he never answered. I know he’s back on the ship now, but I think two emails were probably enough bugging on my part. I really care about him, but im trying not to let him intervene with the rest of my life, which really isn’t working! I’m glad that he sees me that way though. Kinda lifts my spirits a bit. I knew from the beginning that he wanted to be focused on work, so that’s understandable. I’m glad that he feels attached to me though.

    Anyways, yeah! Thanks for the reading. Let me know when you’re free to do another one for me. It can be about anything as long as it has to do with Nick.

    And let me know how I did! And remember I’m up for another reading to do for you anytime!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hello!

    Your reading once again was very well done!! i am currently an have been with this person for 7 years since we were 17 and now that were getting older ive been looking for a message or something that will prove to me that sooner or later he will be ready to settle down but he hasnt really given me that message i have a lot going on in my life right now and id my relationship to be that one stable thing but im not really surewhere things are with him and if hes even ready for more of a commitment ... and by that i mean moving intogether when im done school and yah hes definately not ready for that and im not sure how long im suppose to wait for him to be ready.

    Who am i also to say that hes not ready when clearly theres the possibility of someone else ... but the other has always been around and its more of a curiousity then me fully wanting to be with someone else ... its also that this other person has been there for a lot hes also proved to be a bit of a jerk to .... So im very confussed to where im at in regards to them.

    Id love to do another reading if your interested!!

    The other person is currently involved with someone else and id pretty much like to know what kind of decision ill make between the two guys and what type of decision the other (not my boyfriend) between me and the other girl... id just like to kno where his head kinda is in regards to both of us girls...

    Im glad this has been going so well its given me a lot more insight and im glad ive been able to help you out 🙂

    Alright any particular question you d like to know about?

    let me know!!!! 🙂


  • Jamie,

    Well I'm glad that the tarot reading is giving you some clarity. I get've been together forever, and it's still unclear what he wants. But from what the tarot is saying, it's suggesting that you move on from this guy. Not that it should effect your decision in any way though. However, you mentioned this other guy is involved with another girl? Okay, I'll get right on that. I'll do a reading revolving around guy #2 and how he feels about the girl he's with, as well as in comparison to you. Sound good?

    You need some clarity girl! haha 🙂 I'll have it done probably tomorrow afternoon/morning? I don't have class after 11 tomorrow, so I'll probably do it then. is that good?

    And yay! thanks for the offer! 😄 I'm just curious to see if my guy is also maybe interested in another girl...or if there's another girl in the picture. And I'm also curious to see how he's feeling about this situation, and if he's planning on contacting me soon.

    Does that make sense? haha i hope it's not too much. I just wanna check if there's someone else, and how he's feeling about me, and if he's planning on reaching out to me soon.

    Thanks so much! Tomorrow I will have your reading ready 🙂


    Dani Bo ❤

  • oops so that other guy isn't involved...but there's a possibility? I'll check in on that for you 🙂

  • Hello!!!

    Yes i most definately do needs some clarity...and no he is involved with someone theyve been together for a while ... but shes crazy .... well i think she is lol .. but anywho haha ...

    Everything sounds good i have class till about 2 tomorrow so mine will be done sometime after that 🙂 unless i get time tonight but i have a big test tomorrow morning so will see!!!

    Look forward to this 🙂

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