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  • Hi

    Dani Bo sorry i have been crazy busy i havent forgotten about this ill get to the reading tomorrow i hope thats ok 🙂

    thanks J*

  • totally fine! 🙂 No worries!

  • Hello!!

    Thank you so much for the reading it was REALLY great 🙂 ..And Oh my im so so sorry this has taken me forever right at the end of school and everything is crazy busy especially with xmas coming lol! anyways i got your reading done let me know what you think and what your follow up questions are if you have any id love to do another exchange!!!

    1. Has Nick been thinking about me recently? Justice

    I think he has been trying to keep his thoughts and feelings balanced when it comes to your situation he doesnt want to expect to much but hes still very much interested just not to the point where hes going to get his hopes up about the situation. He thinks that is the best way of going about ur relationship with eachother. I think this is rather good hes not to clingy but not to distant in regards to you. He knows what he wants he just wants to go about the situation in the best possible way.

    2. What’s holding him back from him e-mailing me/initiating contact with me? two of pentacles

    Again i think hes trying to balance everything in his life hes got a lot going on and with your relationship being a long distance type of relationship and everything thats going on close by hes trying to juggle everything and because of it this holds him back because i dont think he can totally committ to anything right now and he doesnt want to lead you on to thinking he can right now.

    3. What does he feel about me right now? Knight of wands

    Here i think this knight is saying that he feels as if hes rather attracted to you hes just not sure how to go about these feelings. I think its also that hes kinda of all over the place theres lots of swirling emotions going around him and hes just trying to decide where and what to do with everything hes feeling. I do feel that he really does feel that you are fun, exciting, enthusiastic and have a love of adventure. And he enjoys that about you because hes much like this as well.

    4. If this date were to happen, what would be the main focus of it? page of wands

    Well i think this card is really screaming out that information on where you both stand in regards to this relationship will really be expressed during this meeting and most certainly this is the best oppertunity for you to do so and it is important that you do take advantage of this. I think its important that you pay attention, be aware of his intentions and motivations by doing all that all the information that and answers you have been waiting for will start to be answered. I do say that your answers most definately will be answered soon that and in a timely manner with good results.

    5. (just out of curiosity, doesn’t have to be super accurate) Is Nick going to have more avaliabity in December so that the chances of us hanging out are greater? fool

    Yes i think he is i think that he might even have some time off and it will give him a chance to explore new things and new oppertunites which is something he is most definately going to take advantage of it i see him very much as a free spirit who loves adventures and taking risks and just doing things he doesn't always do and i think that in the next month hes most definately going to be doing he will most definately be going about his life in a new way in the next little bit may even take a chance at something new that will most definately effect his avaliability whether in a good or bad way not totally sure.

    6. Advice for DaniBo regarding her situation: Six of wands

    Regardless of what happens with this situations you need to focus on yourself as well i think this is an important time for you yourself to complete something and feel the success that will go along with it so take advantage of that i know its nice to have the other in your mind but you have other things that are going on that will very much benifit you to so i really do think that you need to just keep your eyes wide open for eveyrthing that is happening.

    Let me know what you think 🙂 Again sorry i took so long let me know any follow up questions you have!!!!!

    I have a couple if thats ok 🙂

    Id really like to know about this friday coming up i have a feeling that something is going to happen at an outing im going to!! 🙂 So any info in regards to that would be great

    1. What Kind of night can i expect friday to be

    2. Who may Possibly romance me?

    3. What should i do concerning this

    4. What do I need to stay away from

    5 . Advice regarding this night

    6. Suprise that awaits me possibly:

    7. Overall feeling of the night

    If you could do this that would be greatly appreciated! thanks 🙂

  • Hey Jamie,

    thanks for the reading. 🙂 and no worries! haha i have finals this week and the next too, so my life has been a bit chaotic as well.

    Anyways, yes! I do have some follow up questions. I will get to those after I do your reading. haha. And I will do your reading definitely before friday. Probably tonight or tomorrow. 🙂 sound good?

    I'll do your reading, and then I'll post some follow up questions.

    good luck on those exams!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Jamie3! 🙂

    Here is your reading. I had some extra time tonight so I decided I would do it now and not make you wait!

    1. What kind of night can Jamie expect?- NINE OF SWORDS, REVERSED; SEVEN OF PENTACLES. Okay, so this is what I’m sensing. Right now, you’re super worried or anxious about something. Like…really worried! So I think this party is going to help you take your mind off your current worries or stressors, and allow you to loosen up a bit and just have fun! The seven of pentacles here to me says that you have worked really hard recently (probably with school!) and after seeing the rewards you have eared from it (those seven pentacles!) you feel as if you finally deserve to reward yourself. I’m sensing this whole outing is going to be about allowing yourself to just be you, and not worry about anything except for you. Friday is your night. You deserve it as a treat for all the stuff that’s been going on lately. This sounds like a fun night to get let your hair out and dance!

    2. Who may possibly “romance” you? – TWO OF WANDS. So, someone is interested in you. In a love position like this, this card indicates interest. Whoever this is…they are waiting for a green light from you. They want you to show him just how you feel about him. This card is also about discovery and stepping out of your confort zone. There’s a guy at that party what really wants to get close to you and take a step forward, but won’t do so until you show you’re true colors. I’m not too sure if there’s going to be a guy at this party who you might be interested in, but there’s definitely this two of wands guy. Keep you’re eyes peeled for a dude who tries to get you to answer that question, “So, what do you think of me?”

    3. What should you do concerning this – THE HIGH PRIESTESS, REVERSED. When it comes to this two of wands guy, you need to be careful with yourself. In the reversed position, this card indicates that, although you are an intuitive person, and usually take your gut feeling into consideration, this guy may make you want to betray that and just go with whatever thought comes off of your head. Don’t do that with this guy. Trust your instinct and go with that. You don’t want to end up in a bad situation. Trust yourself is the advice I would say. Whatever you feel, go with it.

    4. What do you need to stay away from – ACE OF SWORDS. Okay, this card doesn’t make much sense here, right? I’m sensing that this must mean you don’t really need to stay away from anything or anyone. Just use your head and have fun! : ) Seems like the tarot thinks you have a good head on your shoulders.

    5. Advice regarding Friday night – KNIGHT OF SWORDS; KNIGHT OF CUPS. WOW! More guys?! OMG! Looks to me like you are going to at least have three guys following you around on this Friday night. You might have a hard time balancing enough attention on all three! Anyways, the advice I would say here is to not really devote too much time or attention to any three of them. Decide which guy strikes you the most and then go from there. The knight’s sound like womanizers, so maybe you should stick more to the two of wands guy. But I’m sure you have a good judge of character. The advice (from my point of view) would be to enjoy your time with all these guys! You’re bound to be the one with all the guys swarming on her, you might as well enjoy it.

    6. Surprises that may await you – JUSTICE. Humm….not too sure what this card means here. Maybe you might get that well deserved revenge against a frenemie or ex that you’re bothered by. In other words, something concerning justice being served is going to go down at this event, and it may shock you a bit. It might come totally out of the blue! Keep your eyes peeled!

    7. Overall feeling – KNIGHT OF PENTACLES. Another knight? Okay Jamie, the only thing I can think of here is that you are going to have a fabulous time mainly because there are going to be now FOUR dudes trying to get at you! And I’m sure you’ll like all of them. (Except, the knight of pentacles is a more committed and sweet guy compared to the rest. Maybe stick with him?) Anyways, make sure you have fun and live it up with these guys. There has to be a reason why there are so many attached to this event you will be attending! Let me know how it goes 😉

    Here’s those follow up questions! I was thinking about sending this e-mail:

    “Hi Nick,

    Remember me? It’s been a while.

    Anyways, I want to keep this message short. I would like to meet up with you sometime soon. Maybe get some coffee? I think it’s about time that we saw each other again. Let me know when you’re free. I know you must be very busy.

    Hope to see you soon.

    • Daniela”

    Can you ask the tarot if this is a good enough draft, or if I should revise it some more? And if I should revise it, what else could be good to add?

    And lastly, I was thinking about sending it on the 8th. Is that a good or bad day to send it?

    I look forward to hearing your responses. Thanks so much! And have fun at that party! : ) Let me know if you have follow ups.


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Its funny that the nine of swords and seven of pentacles came up because i have been doing the most worrying about EVERYTHING litterally had the biggest breakdown the other night for no reason lol ..(gotta love those) (totally not like me either) so i really do hope friday is a nice break from everything thats been going on!!!

    Its also that funny that you pulled the knight of swords and knight of cups (you pulled the knight of swords for how i see john in the first spread (and the knight of cups is usually the card that represents him for me also because hes a pieces and matches the knight of cups to a tee.....) and the knight of pentacles always comes up A. for either john and is relationship or for my current boyfriend rich because hes a taurus... so very interesting most definatly 🙂 i was actually curious if either of those two cards would show up and both of them did.... lol

    Anyways great reading ill very much keep you posted and ill get to your spread tonight for sure (NO HOMEWORK YAY!) lol

    thanks so much 🙂

  • Hey Jamie,

    for some reason I just thought about that party you went to on friday 🙂 I hope it went well! Can't wait to hear all about it 🙂

    hope finals are going good for you!

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