Exchange ANyone?

  • Jamie!

    Okay, I’ve got another reading for you. I wanted to incorporate this guy #2, and a comparison or contrast on how he feels about you and this other girl he’s involved with.

    The spread is like this. It’s a nine card spread, consisting of the main couple, and the third party (which would be you).

    Main Couple:

    1. Her real feelings about him

    2. His real feelings about her

    3. What's really going on between them

    Third Party Included:

    4. How he really feels about third party (you)

    5. How you really feels about him

    6. What's really going on between you two

    Outcome and Advice:

    7. Outcome between her and him

    8. Outcome between him and you

    9. Advice

    Hope this is good. Here we go!

    1. Her real feelings about him: FOUR OF CUPS, REVERSED. Okay, so we see a dude sitting and contemplating something. However, while this may seem like a good thing in the upright position, it really isn’t in the reversed position. In this position, it indicates that this girl is either feeling it’s “make up or break up” time. She has come to a decision, instead of contemplating one. Not too sure what decision she’s made, but most of the time, this card indicates that this girl has made the decision that the guy in question isn’t right for her. But time will tell…

    2. His real feelings about her: ACE OF WANDS, REVERSED. This card in this position indicates a low energy relationship. Your guy in question is loosing interest in this girl. He doesn’t feel much for her any longer. He would have to work hard to bring back those feelings…this is why he’s going towards you, because he’s lost it with this girl.

    3. What’s really going on between them – THE SUN. This card looks good for them. This card indicates that their misunderstandings will fade away slowly, and their relationship will rebuild if they put a lot of work into it. It seems to me that from the cards pulled earlier concerning their emotions, a rebuild doesn’t look too promising. I guess the cards later will let us see what’s going on.

    4. How he really feels about you – THE HANGED MAN, REVERSED. Okay, so he still is feeling the need for some sacrifice between the two of you. Which is a good thing, because he definitely hasn’t stopped thinking about you. However, in the reversed position, this indicates that he wants to change the situation you guys are currently in to make it more suitable for his own life. Has he tried to manipulate you in any way? Seems like he wants you to do something, or change the situation in some way.

    5. How you really feel about him – ACE OF SWORDS. So it’s evident here that you definitely feel something for him. This card represents the idea of infatuation of another, and you are completely aware and sure of your feelings. However, the “power player” in this relationship is mutually shared between you both. Both of you have the power to change anything about this relationship, and make it work. This card especially tells you that even if you feel as if you’re situation with him may have no solution, it will end happily. No worries.

    6. What’s really going on between you two – QUEEN OF CUPS, REVERSED. Don’t worry Jamie, this isn’t a negative sign! In the reversed position, the queen of cups shows us that currently there’s a rift in this relationship, which there is, because you both have to possibly end your own relationships to officially be with each other. The queen is warning you that some things need to change for you both to be together (as the reading I did earlier also warned). It’s all up in the air at this moment in time, all you both have to do is make a decision!

    7. Outcome between him and her – PAGE OF PENTACLES. Okay, so this card can either be interpreted as a good or bad thing. It can be good in the sense that it shows that the two in the relationship are gaining focus on their relationship, and understand what they want from each other mutually. However, on the other hand, this card shows a bad image in the sense that the two need to be realistic with themselves, and their partners from what they want. If they don’t, the will never get the end result they desire.

    8. Outcome between him and you – FIVE OF CUPS, REVERSED. This card is good in the reversed position more than in the upright position. The upright position says that there is a nostalgia that is currently happening in concerns to a past relationship….however, in the reversed position, this says “YAY! Everything is going to work out for the best!” you should be happy, Jamie. This card says that yes, you guys are going through a rough patch, and maybe you can’t officially be together now, but the future looks good. This also says that there is a struggle between either him or you in which you are trying to forget about a past relationship so that you and him can be happy together. Maybe this has to do with your current relationships with other people? I think it is telling you that although the future looks bright and sunny, you both need to move on and forget about your relationships before you can truly commit to one another.

    9. Advice for you – KNIGHT OF SWORDS, REVERSED. This card is sending me the signal that you have been caught off guard about something or a situation, and that patience and time are the best solution for you to collect yourself once again. This also, oddly enough, indicates that someone is exiting your life, and due to the picture, it’s probably a guy. Hum…I wonder who it is? Anyways, what I’m sensing here is that the knight wants you to take control of whatever event is causing you chaos during this time. You have the power to take it, all you need is the will to do so, and you’ll be set!

    I hope I offered you some more insight 🙂 I hope so have some follow up questions for me. I really find it easy to do readings for you! Haha 🙂

    Let me know when you want another reading!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Partnership Truth Spread

    Him now: king of pentacles

    King of Pentacles to me can represent a person who has a deep apprecciation for family and marriage, but at the same time is a person that can master the physcial world. I see this person as a dependable and down to eart person al solid, reliable and stable. Right now hes looking at everything around him and trying to set his life up to have a positive outcome. I see this person as a very successful person in most things they do That King is the most Grounded of all of them. He might not be the most fun, but he is prepared, equipped and ready to do whatever needs to be done.

    You now: fool

    It could either mean they're a happy-go-lucky type of person who sees everything around them as a new adventure. You like to have your own way of going about things and your very unpredictable at where or what you want to do next with your life. You like the riisks involved its a thrill to you and you love seeking those little thrills because thats what brings excitement to your life. I feel that this person brings that to your life because hes new and not like most guys that have been in your life.

    Joint Goal: Ten of pentacles

    Again going back up to the king of pentacles and with you as the fool i feel as if your ready to start fresh towards a succesfful career and family thats what i see in this card and with him representing the king of pentacles he seeks the same thing and thats what joins you to in that sense you both want the same thing out of relationships and you both are very capable of achieving what ever it is you set your mind to.

    Who else may be in the picture for him: wheel of fortune

    With the wheel turning it really depends on fait here i think its trying to say. I think that as of right now no i dont think there is anyone in the picture so why not take a chance and do something like write him letter or something if thats what feels necissary maybe it will let him know your thinking of him but also with this card its also saying that you can't fight fate let things roll the way they are suppose to and no matter what things will work out for the best.

    hidden unspoken agenda for him regarding you: nine of cups

    You have reached a point where you realize that you are not alone and that there is world out there to reach out to. This leads to the more permanancy of the 10.

    In my readings, all the 9's have more or less the meaning of "a complete fulfilment of the promise or gifts of the suit." The 9 is a card of pure emotional satisfaction, of rest, of jolliment and joie de vivre, but it isn't so much a matter of your wishes coming true as much as it is a good party.

    Do this (advice) : three of pentacles

    The 3 of pentacles to me is that sometimes things get rather busy and focus becomes more on the material part of life like career / school or what ever your focussing on right now that its easy to stop paying attention to the relationship/emotional aspects of our relationships this is just saying pay attention to everything that is being offered and let the relationship grow from there have a balanced approach on how you go about the situation and work to reach a common There is the practical aspect of teamwork. This card is related to earth is slow. Slow to heat and slow to cool. Earth is needed to shape and give form to anything. Humans, too, trust earth more than any other element - it's our home. We live on it (not in the air, not in fire, not in water). When the earth shakes, we lose all sense of direction and security. Earth, therefore, evokes trust and security.

    Earth, too, is fruitful, when it is well tended and not poisoned. We plant a seed and a few weeks later - hey presto, a plant appears, then flower, then fruit. We are accustomed to seeing our bodies as water, but they are earth, too. Plant a seed (literal or metaphorical) and a baby grows. Let the relationship sprout and let it take its time because time is what is needed in this situation.

    whats next: 10 of wands

    It may take time and it may take a lot of work to get to the top of that hill you feel you've been climbing but you will reach it just remember on the climb up is this all worth the load that you feel ha been presented to you. Will this work pay off in the end most definately will it just depends how hard your willing to work at it and how you go about putting effort into it dont ware yourself out to the point this relationship isnt enjoyable anymore take it step by step baby steps are needed and when you reach the finish line you'll be glad you took that time rather then rushing something and not having any real perspective on where its going.

    Let me know what you think and how it relates back to your situation sorry it took me a little longer!! let me know what follow up questions you have id love to do another spread for you like you said its very easy to read for you and i enjoy it!!!

    As for my spread you had done for me it was rather accurate and i do totally agree with everything you say and i also find it funny that a lot of the cards you pulled iin this were the same as the ones you pulled in the first spread but they were reversed in this spread i wonder why that is?

    I would like some clarification on the fact that id just like some input on when will actually get a chance to talk to eachother just Us 2 its so hard with everything going on .... and how i can make this conversation happen and how i can help it go well .. jthis conversation is what needs to happen between us to either bring me closeure or what ever needs to be done... so id just like some input on this if at all possible 🙂 ... thatd be great just let me know your question and ill get started on it as soon as i can prolly be done by tonight or tomorrow at the latest 🙂

    Thanks for doing this its been great!!


  • Jamie,

    thanks for the reading! I have to go to bed early today...job interview tomorrow! haha but I will get that reading done for you by tomorrow afternoon or even the morning. Sound good? I'll focus on this potential conversation you might have with this guy.

    and thanks for offering 🙂 I wanted to ask you: could you do a reading about an e-mail I was planning on sending him? not too sure if it's wise of me. I want to ask him to meet me for coffee or something. Also, could you ask if i'm going to see him soon? I feel as if i am! Anything you see here is great! thanks Jamie!

    I'll post that reading tomorrow. sweet dreams!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Sorry Jamie, I've had a long weekend. I just wanted to check if you still want your reading on the same topic yeah? haha I'll do it very soon!

    and could I still have that reading I mentioned above? take your time!

    I'll be back with the reading!

  • most definately sorry ive been so busy but i will get the reading up soon 🙂 look forward to it

  • Jamie!

    All right, so here’s what I’ve got for you. I’ve decided not to make a spread for this. I think I’m just going to ask questions that you want answered about this possible conversation, and see what happens! Sound good? Hope so! : )

    Tarot isn’t a really good indicator of time. So I might have trouble with that, but you can interpret it at your own will if you want.

    1. Will Jamie get a one-on-one convo with this guy soon? – ACE OF PENTACLES & QUEEN OF WANDS. I would say YES! YOU WILL! Wands, as well as swords, always indicate quickness. However, pentacles indicate a steady pace. I think you will talk to him soon, but when the time is right, so don’t be expecting it tomorrow, but sometime around this month or the next. That’s what I would say.

    2. How can Jamie make this convo happen? – SIX OF SWORDS. We both know what this card means. You need to “move on” or “move away” from something, or someone, or painful memories before you can have this heart to heart conversation. You need to realize that you are now headed towards a much better position in life. You have endured, or are currently enduring, a difficult life transition but as a result, you will be more able to deal with what may come. Do not dwell on the past or what you have left behind. Instead, use this as an opportunity for changing your beliefs about yourself, moving away from who you used to be and towards whom you really want to be. You need to let something go before this conversation can happen. Does that make sense? This card is telling you that maybe by letting go of someone (I’m guessing your boyfriend?) that you will be more open, and putting him in the past will allow you to move forward and have this conversation. You need to move on, and start fresh before this conversation can happen.

    3. What will happen during this conversation? – SIX OF CUPS & KNIGHT OF SWORDS. This seems like a positive sign to me! During this conversation, this card says you will spend most of the time talking about your relationship up to this point, by reflecting on the past, like how you met, what made you both attracted to each other, and what you want from each other. That sounds great! Since the six of cups almost always relates to being nostalgic about the past, I can only say that this conversation will be heavily influenced by your thoughts about each other now, and in the past, and how things in your relationship have progressed up until this point. It will consist a lot on the “positive past” of your relationship, and how you both want to move forward together. The Knight indicates that also during this conversation you will both want to make mutual goals for your relationship, so that together, you can accomplish them. The Knight also shows that the sword he holds in his hand indicates the low level of fear you both have about your relationship. You both have a lot of willpower and love in your hearts that this shows you will be successful in completing those goals you make together. The knight finally says that during this conversation, you will both decide to prove other people wrong about your relationship, and instead make a pact to strengthen it. Wow! What a great conversation you guys will have! 😄

    4. What will this guy say to Jamie during this conversation? – DEATH. I see this as a very positive sign! The death card always signifies a new beginning of happier times. In this conversation, your man will tell you that he sees your relationship together beginning a new phase of happiness, as well as removing all the hateful things that happened past, and moving forward together. He wants you guys to start something fresh and new, and putting the things in the past in the past. Good!

    5. What else needs to happen before these two can be together? - THE HANGED MAN. Ah, again we see this card Jamie! I think you know what this means. Although this conversation will be lovely, and bring you two closer together, you both still need to make some sacrifices before you two can be together in a proper relationship. I’m sure you know what you have to give up….I only hope that this works out!

    I hope you liked the reading. All in all, I think you’re set. This conversation is definitely going to change everything in your relationship with this guy in a great way. I can’t wait for this conversation to happen! You totally deserve it!

    Let me know how I did! And let me know if you have any follow up questions or want another reading : )

    I’m so sorry Jamie. I’m sure my reading request was confusing! I just want to know…I want to send Nick an e-mail asking him out to coffee so we can talk. I want to know if he’ll answer the e-mail, when I might see him again, and if I should be the one to initiate contact, or will he e-mail me first? I just want to know sorta what you wanted to know about a potential conversation we might have. Make sense? Haha

    Hope you liked the reading! Have a great night.


    Dani Bo ❤

  • How should Dani Bo go about her situation with Nick: Emperor

    You are perfectly capable of producing something that will give you and oppertunity to advance in your situation with nick your completely capable of pulling all your ideas together and making something good of the situation. This is also a care about rationality and balance you need to be warm and empathic in the situation. Realize what you want from the situation and go for it make it happen because once you pull it all together and build from it the oppertunities will come in and you'll be able to make something of this relationship with nick.

    How should she communicate if she decides to email Nick: seven of pentacles

    If we go back to the emperor you need to make the most of your power in the situation evaluate the situation and really think of what you want from this. And once you have evaulated it and really thought about what you want from this tell him this express this and give him the oppertunity to come back to you with what he wants and from there you two will be able to move forward on common grounds rather then not really knowing whats going on in regards to how you both are feeling and wanting from this.

    What will come of the situation if an email is sent: king of wands

    Well i take this as a very positive sign in regards to you sending him and email i do think that Nick will be rather interested he will feel rather passionate about the email obviously controlled passion but it will most definately spark something to make him want to take some sort of action in regards to your relationship. I think it will show that you are very capable of taking the lead and he will respect that and go with it because he wants this to happen he just doesn't know how to make the first move is what im getting?

    Nicks Feelings in regards to Dani Bo emailing him: ten of cups

    I take this card to be a very happy card for me i would say that you hes feeling rather comfortable around your and likes that you can be so open with him... its almsot like you've known eachother forever (even if thats not the case) and thats what makes things so much easer for him he also feels that you guys have grown a rather stable friendship and he likes from what im getting he likes that you both have balanced things so nicely it hasnt been a pushy romance its been more free and like i said comfortable to go at a pace thats accepted from both of you.

    What discussion will take place at this meeting: six of wands

    Ok firstly i take this as a rather positive card i think you'll be successful in feeling that you got everything out that you wanted to get out. I think what this is basically trying to advice you is that yes its important for you to get everything out but make sure you give him oppertunities to let you know how he feels and wants from this so that way you both feel like you come out of this conversation with something to think about and move forward with

    Lastly what further advice does Dani Bo need to do to regarding her situation with nick: two of swords

    You may agree to disagree in order to keep things on a steady keel temporarily, however, by doing so, you are not acting in the most honest way toward the other, and you probably don't believe he is acting in the most honest way toward you. Life ive said before make sure you express yourself and what you want take that time to really think about where you want this relationship to go and dont keep this back from him its best for you to have an open line of communication its the only way things will move forward. I see this card a lot when someone feels she has to "walk on eggshells" around another person. Your not being true to herself by doing that

    Let me know what you think of this 🙂 I love doing this and im so glad this has worked out so well!!! your reading was rather good and its kinda funny that you keep pulling numerous amounts of the same cards for each spread!!!

    Id love to do another exchange if your up for it! let me know what you think!

  • Wow Jamie. You did a wonderful reading! I really appreciate it. I like this whole trading readings thing. It's really working out great! 😄

    anyways, I'm totally up for doing a reading for you! What is on your mind? have any follow-up questions?

    I have nothing in particular that i really want to know about. I just need to figure out this whole thing with Nick. Can you answer these questions for me?

    1. should I wait till December to send Nick and e-mail, or do it now?

    2. How quickly might he respond to this e-mail?

    3. Will this relationship amount to anything?

    and then anything else you can think of. I appreciate it! 😄 Let me know what questions you have about Rich or this other guy 😉


    Dani Bo

  • Dani Bo!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the reading! Im also glad your enjoying this as well!! I can do another reading for you most definately ill try and have it done by tomorrow afternoon. Id actually like to know how a party im planning is going to turn out and if john will play any role in the night and how this will effect me. Ive put a lot of work into this party so im just hoping itll turn out for the best 🙂

    Ill get to your reading shortly 🙂

    Look forward to the exchange!!!

  • Alright Jamie! haha I'll have it up as well by tomorrow afternoon 😄

    sounds like a awesome party! talk to you soon!

  • Hello Jamie,

    Sorry for the delay! It’s been a crazy week at school since finals are next week and thanksgiving is coming! I hope you’re doing well. I did a reading for you about the party you’re throwing. Let’s see what the tarot has to say about it! : )

    1. Will Jamie and John’s relationship change because of this party? – KING OF CUPS. Hell yeah, your relationship is going to change, and in a good way! The king of cups almost always represents a guy who’s in love, but who’s trying to be sneaky about it so that not too many people notice. He’s laying low, but who knows what could happen at this party. The king of cups says to me that you should keep your eyes open at this party. You might strike up a conversation with him that could go to a deeper level, or cause you both to grow in your attraction to one another. So I would say YES Jamie! Something possibly significant could happen at this party. I hope it’s something great! (you might have to put a little bit of effort for this wonderful thing to happen though. Maybe you should approach him! Haha)

    2. Is John going to be a big aspect of the party experience for Jamie? – SIX OF SWORDS. This seems like a neutral card to me. In this position, I’m sensing that John won’t try to make a big move at you during the party because he’s the kind of person who likes to watch their love interest from a distance, and keeps to himself. John wants to make sure 100% that he will have a great future ahead with you before he makes a move. So he watches and waits silently until the moment is right. To me, this makes sense. What quiet guy would want to go after the girl he likes at a party with tons of people? Seems rather intimidating, not to mention that other guests might notice what he’s trying to pull. He’s watching his back. So I would say no, Jamie. John isn’t going “make your night”, but he IS going to do something that’s going to make you think or feel differently about him in a positive way. Just don’t expect him to confess his love. He’s not ready for that just yet.

    3. Is Jamie going to enjoy herself at her party? – SIX OF WANDS. YES YOU ARE! You are totally gonna live it up and party all night. The six of wands always depicts victory and happiness. You’re party is going to be awesome, and you’re going to have fun enjoying it yourself. You are going to be rather pleased with the outcome, which is great because you’ve been working so hard to make it great! They guy triumphantly riding his horse is you, riding away with a sense that you did the best job you could to make it an amazing party! Good for you!

    4. How will the party effect Jamie in the long run? – TEMPERANCE. The party will affect you very positively. It will give you a newfound sense of balancing two extremes, and patience. I’m sure the planning of this party has already caused you to balance so many things at the same time, that you’ve probably already been effected by that. However, the party itself will make you grow in your patience, as well as might influence you to make a decision. Maybe at this party you’ll decide something that you’ve been going back and forth about? We’ll see. I hope you’ll be satisfied with whatever decision the party influences you to make.

    5. Advice for Jamie in regards to John at the party – EIGHT OF SWORDS. Okay, so what I’m getting here is that right now, you don’t have any expectations or have low expectations in concerns to how John is going to act with you at the party. You are confused by him right now, and honestly don’t know what to think about this relationship. I say that this card is telling you that your experience with John at the party may only leave you more confused as to what’s going on with him. It’s evident that he cares for you, but he confuses you by the way he acts with you. Is that right? The party will not give you any answers, and might even leave you more confused about him than you originally were. Although something special is going to happen at the party between you and him, it might leave you saying “what is going on?” in your head. The advice here is to not create a fantasy about the party. Go into the party with no expectations about John, and see what comes out of it. That way, you won’t be let down. However, there is a high guarantee that he will leave you even more frustrated or confused at the end of the night. Don’t let it get to you. He’s just trying to test the waters. Remember what I said: he watches and waits at a distance until the moment is right. The party might not the right place for whatever is gonna go down. However, something is going to happen, but don’t let the fantasy of what might happen influence you. Keep an open mind, and try not to let the confusion get to you.

    All in all, I think you’re going to have an amazing party Jamie! I hope that whatever John does doesn’t effect you too much, whether it be good or bad. Let me know how it goes! : )

    let me know if you have any follow up questions.

    I look forward to seeing what you have for me!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • 1. When would be a good time for Dani Bo to send Nick an email? 3 of wands

    So for me i take this as you should most definately do it soon ... with in the next three days or three weeks the first that came to mind was three weeks but then days popped into my head but i most definately think that it should be done soon theres a chance that things could work out if you do it soon more time to plan around the christmas holidays... So definately do it and do it soon 🙂 Make it known you want to meet up and then let him make the next move.

    2. What type of response Can Dani Bo expect? Moon

    Hmmm what i get from this is that you may still be a little confussed about what his true intentions are in the situation almost like hes a surprise and your just following your intution on this and believe me i think that will be your best bet you really ahve to trust yourself here follow those feelings you get they will benifit you in this situation with this boy. Don't get carried away in the illusion of what could be... Do what you need to do and follow what you think is best for yourself. He is not going to be the easiests to read is what im getting here

    3. Advice regarding Dani Bo's actions towards emailing Nick: Emperor

    I would say that your best approach to this situation is going about it in a conservative manner. Follow your desires to email him and make your presense known but not in a pushy way that will turn him off and turn him away and don't over do it either make your presence known and back off so to say let him make the next move once you have let him know you are still in the picture. This will draw him in. Theres no problem with making the first move because sometimes thats the hardest part its when you keep on them that they get scared and go running in the opposite direction.

    4. Potential where relationship is headed: Ace of cups

    Ace of cups to me says the start of new emotional adventures. It never means that things will be "perfect" but just that emotions will be a thing that is always evident 🙂 I think that there is potential there most definately its just how you both decide to nuture it is based on how much more the relationship willl grow there definaly is a seed there and it has started to blossom. Simply enjoy him, and it, for what it is. The potential for happiness is there, Give yourself permission to feel some joy, for however long it lasts. Take it one day at a time.

    5. What Dani Bo needs to focus on regarding this situation with Nick: Wheel of fortune

    For me this card is a huge card that screams It's just that the "out of your control"-ness for me it also has that "up in the air" feeling anything can happen. It also screams that there are so many different directions you still have available to you so regardless of what happens with you and Nick it tells me that the outcome of this was all ment to be and whatever direction you take in the end will be whats best for you. I think you need to be aware of all the oppertunites around you don't focus on one thing right now keep your mind open and try everything and anything aruond you.

    Thanks DaniBo The reading makes a lot of sense and it actually descibes his actions pretty good and the whole thing was pretty right on the spot. Its funny how it happens like that ... 🙂 I hope you Enjoy the reading I've done for you ... I know what you mean with being busy with school its crazy for me to! Gootttta love it!!

    Anyways if you don't mind doing more questions id love to ask my question is just regarding the next couple weeks just want to see what you get in general!!

    Let me know if you have any questions :):)

  • Hey Jamie,

    thanks for the reading! I'll probably send the e-mail within the next three weeks. Probably went school get's out on the 8th. 🙂

    the one main question that I wanted to ask you was: I want to ask Nick out for coffee so we can talk, but is that being too forward? Would he prefer me to ask him out, or should I just send him an e-mail so that he might initiate something? does that make sense? haha I just don't want him to be like WTF if I tell him I wanna meet up, but I don't want him to get the e-mail and never ask me out when I had a chance to do it myself.

    And what's the likelihood that if I sent him an e-mail, he would respond?

    So if you could find out more about those two questions for me, I would really appreciate it.

    And about your you just want a basic overview about everything for the next two weeks or so? haha just double checking. I'll probably have it done tomorrow. I don't really do much for thanksgiving, so keep your computer on! 🙂

    I hope you enjoy tomorrow! I look forward to doing your reading and seeing what answers you might have for me as well.


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hello!!!

    Sounds great 🙂 I have class till 2 today but afterwards ill most likely get to it 🙂

    And yes an overview of the next two weeks would be great !!

    Thank you!


  • Jamie!

    All right, so I couldn’t find an “exact” spread for two weeks, so I am going to use this spread (I’ll post it below) and then add a few more cards so that it adds a little more flare. Sound good?

    Here’s the spread:

    1: This card represents your state of mind

    2: This card represents difficulties

    3: This card deals with career and communication

    4: This card represents romance and emotional relationships

    5: This card deals with home and family matters

    6: This card represents your unconscious foundation

    7: This card reveals your future or possible outcome

    1. Your state of mind – FIVE OF WANDS. Okay, so this card automatically says to me that you have too many things going on right now. You might be stressed out, or just plain busy! Not to say that you aren’t having any fun lately (because you have been!) but you definitely have a lot going on in your head, and in the real world. Obviously you must be preoccupied with this party you’re planning, so it makes sense to me that you would be a bit worried about it, but I say its time to relax. The five of wands, as illustrated, depicts a bunch of boys fighting or something. Maybe you’re in the middle of a conflict? Whether it be an internal conflict over a decision you must make, or a conflict with someone else, it’s definitely bothering you! I hope that you are enjoying your current busy schedule, because it will all pay off in the end.

    2. Difficulties – KNIGHT OF CUPS, REVERSED. Hum…interesting difficulty! This knight is either you, or someone (maybe your two dudes?) in your life. Whoever it may be, this person is allowing their emotions to control them far too much. This person is using their emotions to control their actions instead of creating logical thoughts about them. They need to step back and say “hey, I shouldn’t be acting this way. I need to control myself.” This card also says that you are wearing a pair of rose-colored glasses in a particular situation. Although it may sound appealing, you need to be more careful, because in the end, you’re not going to like the end result. So I would say that either your or someone else’s emotions are getting the best of you, and that you need to be more logical in analyzing a certain situation.

    3. Career and communication – THE EMPEROR, REVERSED. There is definitely someone who is taking an authoritative position over you, whether it be at work, school, or whatever, and it’s really bothering you. He has the desire to control you, and abuses you unnecessarily! This card is telling you that its time you stand up to this guy by either walking away from him, or telling him to back off. You are sick of dealing with people who are so controlling of you, and want to break free and start something with more flexibility and freedom. You want to free yourself from routine and authority.

    4. Romantic and emotional relationships – TEN OF PENTACLES, REVERSED. Okay, so something’s going on here for sure. In the relationship position, this card suggests that in a relatively blossoming potential relationship (the one with John), you are still not 100% sure that you have long-term potential with him. You have been questioning yourself as to if he can be that rock for you. However, in a solid relationship (the one with Rich), this card indicates that yes, you still do care for him, but that you are at the point where your ability to act on those feelings has disappeared because of bad situations and it just becoming a routine relationship. You want someone who makes you excited again.

    5. Home and family matters – QUEEN OF PENTACLES. This is a relatively great card, wouldn’t you say? Seems to me like your family life is going pretty well right now. The Queen represents stability in family matters, as well is in financial matters. Whether or not this is happening right now, this card indicates that it will all be smooth sailing very soon, and that all financial disputes will come to an end. She represents security, compassion, and a down to earth attitude. She keeps a calm attitude. I hope that this is your family right now, and if it’s not, it will soon be this way.

    6. Your unconscious foundation – THE LOVERS. This one is a no brainer huh? It’s obvious here that your foundation, your stability is always found when you are in love. You are always the happiest and most fun when you are in love with someone. You have high morals for yourself, and almost always consider the outcome of your decision before you make it. You love sex, and everything that has to do with it. You love men (and who doesn’t?), and enjoy being in a relationship, for the most part.

    7. Future/ possible outcome – THE HANGED MAN. Wow Jamie! This card keeps reappearing in almost every reading I do for you. Creepy huh? I think this is a sign. This card is telling you that soon, you will need to reflect on a decision for a while before making it. You also feel stuck emotionally, and the time is coming to let it go, and move on with your life. You need to sacrifice something, or someone, so that you can better yourself in the process. When you can honestly let go of all those problems and worries, so many opportunities will open up to you.

    8. What should Jamie keep in mind during these next two weeks? – THE HIGH PREISTESS. This card is telling you that from now till the end of these two weeks, you need to really trust your intuition and your gut feeling. Logical decisions now will not help you. You yourself will already have the answer inside of you, so listen to that voice. Your gut feelings will provide you with useful information to make the right decisions, and understand yourself better. Trust your inner voice for now.

    9. How do the next two weeks look for Jamie? – TEMPERANCE, REVERSED. This card tells me that within the next two weeks, you will need to grow in your patience, because if you don’t it will only lead you to action in a hasty manner and cause imbalance in your life. You yourself may be feeling a bit off balance, and within the next two weeks, you need to reflect on what changes are necessary in your life to give you that greater purpose and sense of fulfillment. You may also be dealing with a conflict (as mentioned in the first card). This card urges you to finish it off, so that everything can go back to normal. Although it may be hard to approach this person, you need to do it because it’s causing you a lot of worry. Both parties have been unable to express themselves properly, and now is the time to do it.

    How did I do? Hopefully it’s good 🙂 let me know if you have any follow up/reading requests.

    I look forward to seeing what you have to say about Nick. It’s driving me crazy!

    Also, in addition to that question I asked in the above post, can you ask the tarot how many days after I send the e-mail will I see him? It’s hard question, but I’m interested to see what the possibility might be.

    And has Nick been thinking about me lately?

    Thanks! Have a great day (and thanksgiving if you’re celebrating!)


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hello Dani Bo!!

    Loved the reading it was great... and i can relate to a lot of it i actually do have some questions id like clarified.... because when i get readings done for me what i do is pull cards out in the same positions sometimes to see what i get ... last night i pulled cards for the spread you did for me ... about john and i got the king of cups in the first position ... similar to your spread and then just now i asked who the emperor is regarding and in the last position of why i need to do this i got the hanged man... i know its nothing huge but i find it funny the little things these tarot cards can do...

    Anyways ... lol my question is in regards to the emperor i would like to know who this person is and what relationship i have with them and what i need to do in regards to them. And another question regarding the hanged man and what i need to do regarding that situation...what sacrifice do i need to make and how will this sacerfice benifit me ... If you could do that it would be great!!!

    Alright now for your reading!!!

    The email it self: (basically how you should come across and what you need to be careful of when your writing this email.) PAGE OF SWORDS

    Ok so what i get with this is that you may have to write this email differently then messages you have sent before think of new ways you can get him interested. I also think you have to be very clear with what your intentions are saying but make sure not coming across to hastly the page of swords can sometimes be mis read and you need to make sure that you mean everything you say and put it in a way that he will understand you and not mis read anything you are trying to tell him about. I also think that you need to be careful not to make him feel your rushing things give him options in this email. Make the first move but let him be the next to make the move.

    His thoughts regarding the Email: FOOL

    I think that if you find a new way in coming across to him he will like it and think wow this is a great way to add to our relationship... itll be a fresh way of doing things and he will like your free spirit in the situation and willingness to take risks and not just sit around wating for things to happen. He likes that your a go getter and you arent afraid to step out in to the unknown

    How you should communicate in your email: Queen of swords (interesting email should be page and communication should be Queen)

    In your communication to him you need to show him your balanced and compassionate desire for--and vision of making something of what you two have started. As i said not in a pushy way in a suddle way so yes asking to go for coffee would be a great idea its casual and its not something that is full of expectations. Make sure you also let him know where you stand right now in regards to what you want from meeting for coffee maybe caually bring up a conversation on where this is heading might be a good idea or just ask him for coffee and bring it up at the coffee date it self. either way it is important that he knows where your at because he likes that you arent afraid to show him what you want..your sharp mind allows him to see where you want to go how you plan to get there.

    His Reaction: Two of cups

    I think this is A GREAT card!!!! I think that this email most definately needs to be sent and i definately do think that he will be very happy with this email and i do definately think that he will accept your invitation to go out for a coffee. This should inspire you to do this you couldn't ask for a better sign then this one.

    When can Dani Bo expect a response: 8 of cups

    Alright well Im really not the best with timing so im sorry if this is not correct. But i think that Nick has a lot of things going on right now and might not possibly get to your email till a little bit later but i do think you will get a response no later then 8 days after you send it to him. And with this being a water card i think it does show the winter aspect just because it is a water card. Again im not totally sure on timing ... So im sorry if this incorrect!!

    What response will she get: Ace of swords

    Hmm well this could go up to the page of swords and queen of swords so what i get from this is that Ace of Swords here can suggest the idea of a new thought, (by you ... so meeting for coffee at a new place maybe you discovered or a new idea,new perspective, new way of thinking.) This will impress him and leave him thinking about you and the new light bulb you ve set off in his head. Get creative here b/c he will really like that aspect of all of this...

    This will definately with the other cards pointing towards this suggestion it will really put it in his mind that a reconciliation on where he thought things may have been going may have changed for the better and he might be like oh wow this may actually work regardless of the distance involved .. Danibo really does want to put the effort forth. I think this will let him see you in a new light most definatelyor

    Next to come: 10 of cups

    The 10 of cups to me talks about the evolution of roles in relationships so with this i see this in your relationship you two share I connect the 10's to the Wheel of Fortune (X), which is also about change, and cycle. I see 10's in the minors as being halfway between the 9's (completion) and aces (new beginning).. they're that middle point where the wheel is still in the process of turning, halfway between the old phase of their life, and the new phase I think that a change in the dynamics in your relationship. Reasessing and altering the way you relate to each other will be another big change in the next little bit. and with this it will allow your relationship to change direction for the better.

    I don't really see the 10 of cups as a 'passive' card, to me there is a lot happening there, but more activity that we need to allow; being open to change and letting it happen rather than trying to maintain an old pattern, but not forcing anything. I think the Wheel turns with or without our pushing it, but it's our choice whether we are centred at its axle, or squished underneath it, or sent flying off the top of it.

    In the RWS image, I see this in the rainbow, hope for something new coming after the rain. Something washed away, and something new beginning. Also, the children appear to be miniature versions of the adults, so I see them as the same, just depicting different stages in the relationship.

    Advice: Queen of cups

    I would say it means not to let emotions rule decisions, keep your head and think things through. The other person in the relationship may not be ready for the same type of emotional relationship. The fact that the cup is lidded in the RWS card to me means not to let things overflow. Think about how you are going to express your emotions in this relationship.

    I hope you enjoyed this let me know if you have any further follow up questions 🙂

  • P.s Happy thanks giving to you to 🙂

    Im from Canada actually.. so we celebrated a month ago 🙂 but thank you!!

  • Hey Jamie,

    cool! I wanna go to canada! seems so beautiful and snowy 🙂

    wow! you did an excellent reading! I'll get back to you with some follow up questions later when i'm not rushed.

    and I will also get back to your follow up questions tomorrow probably in the mid afternoon! be expecting a post from me then with my next set of questions and your new reading.

    talk to you soon!

  • Hey Jamie!

    Let’s answer you’re questions first, yeah? I’ll post some of my questions after we get yours figured out. So basically, you want to know who this mystery emperor man is, and what sacrifice you need to make that will allow you more opportunities? Let’s get to it!

    1. What kind of relationship does Jamie have with this mysterious emperor? – PAGE OF SWORDS. This card does not convey a sense of extreme romance, so this guy isn’t John or Rich. From a different standpoint, this card depicts a guy who’s expressing curiosity about you romantically, as so are you! Is there a guy in your life that you’re currently curious about? This card also gives a sense of practicality, so this guy wants to be more practical than emotional with you, so he can seem a bit cold-hearted. Since this emperor came about in the career position, this guy must be involved with either your school or work. Do you feel curious about someone work? Because if you are, I can assure you that he’s feeling the same way, but he likes you a bit more than you think (although he may hide it behind his practicality of the situation).

    2. Where did Jamie meet this guy? What environment do they share? – THE CHARIOT. Okay, so this seems to confirm the environment you guys work in. It’s career or educationally oriented, and this guy sure does dominating you! The chariot depicts a strong guy riding on his elaborate chariot, dominating others. He obviously enjoys controlling you. Do you have a boss or professor or anyone who has this attitude or demeanor towards you? It’s someone with authority and power. So think about it for a while…does anyone remind you of the chariot man right now?

    3. Advice for Jamie towards this man – KING OF CUPS, REVERSED. In this position, the king of cups is a man who’s deceptive, manipulative, and extremely emotionally controlling. In relation to your current emotions, this means that right now, you’re feeling confused about your relationships, and about your true feelings about certain situations. You need to take more control about your emotional well being, because right now, this guy is eating you up! He’s making you feel uncertain about yourself, and making you believe that you are causing problems, when it’s his fault. He’s toxic right now to your life (although you both seem mutually curious about each other). You need to release yourself from his controlling forces and breathe just a little.

    4. Should Jamie be concerned about this man? – THE HIGH PREISTESS. I would say this is a NO, Jamie. Although this guy is taking a toll on you right now, and that you both are mutually attracted and interested in each other, he’s not a big concern of yours right now. The high priestess has high levels of wisdom and intelligence that won’t allow her to be deceived by others. This will be you soon enough. You will learn to stop allowing him to dominate you in the way his is now. Don’t worry about this guy. He’ll be gone before you know it. (unless you don’t want him to be!).

    5. What sacrifice does Jamie need to make to benefit her? – EIGHT OF PENTACLES. This card shows a young man putting his heart and soul into doing whatever he is doing. He’s a hard worker, and so are you! This card indicates that sometime soon you’re going to experience a change whether it be with school, work, or financial stability. You know what you want, and you are willing to work as hard as you can to obtain that goal. Although this will lead to success, I think what this card is telling you here is that you may be a perfectionist, or you have isolated yourself from others because of your workaholic attitude. Is this true, Jamie? If so, the sacrifice you would need to make would be either to stop having such high expectations or demands from others, or from yourself, and to be more open to mistakes. And if you have isolated yourself, this card is telling you to sacrifice some of that time to do something fun and enjoy the world that’s out there once and a while. Success will still follow, but you need to be more active with other things.

    Jamie, I hope I answered some of your questions. This reading was interesting. I sure wonder who this emperor dude is! Let me know how it came out. I want to know if it was at all accurate. Let me know about follow up questions/reading requests. : )

    As for me, I want to ask you a few more questions:

    1. Has Nick been thinking about me recently?

    2. What’s holding him back from him e-mailing me/initiating contact with me?

    3. What does he feel about me right now?

    4. If this date were to happen, what would be the main focus of it?

    5. (just out of curiosity, doesn’t have to be super accurate) Is Nick going to have more avaliabity in December so that the chances of us hanging out are greater?

    Haha sorry Jamie! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    Let me know how I did! I look forward to seeing what you’ve got for me and what questions you may have.


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Bumping it up! haha 🙂

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