Intuitive? Clarity please :)

  • Hi There

    There is something I would really like some clarity on and what happened with me.

    There is a male I am strongly drawn to for a long time, met him back in 2008 and am still fond of him, we were not a couple or anything. I then left to go overseas for couple of years and he was on my mind. Anyway beginning of 2010 I was due to come back home and was planning for it to be around April 2010. During March/April 2010 I thought of this guy a lot more so than usual, perhaps because I was hoping to see if anything would happen when I come back or just me returning home to see family/friends again. A day or so before I left the country to return, I was online browing the local newspaper of my home town and was thinking of him then too just randomly...then for some reason something which i have NEVER done before I went to the death notices, I even typed his surname as if this voice told me to do so...and guess what I saw to my that his mother passed away the week earlier. Can someone explain what this means???? How could this have happened to me, like I said its not as though I go online to the death notices to check things out!! its the 1st time that had ever happened to me and also only with him.

  • You were thinking about him and your psychic instincts kicked in to draw you to something concerning him.

  • So why only him, I dont have these emotions with other people.

  • Because you allow yourself to remain connected to him out of hope that you will be together.

  • is that a bad thing?

  • It just means you cannot let go and move on to other experiences of love.

  • But I have never had a r/ship with this man before.

  • So why hang on to false hope? You are only hurting yourself.

  • I think you are trying to make a connection with this man but the incident with the paper only means your own psychic senses are working as they should, ie. someone is on your mind then you see something concerning them. It doesn't mean that your connection is two-way.

  • True perhaps but there have been few other synchronicities which only involve him so its just weird thats all.

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