Taurus man more confusing than myself

  • Let me preface this with... ugh, I know, another relationship issue! I have only been in two relationships and both of them came to me (doing all the work) and one lasted over a year and the other was 6 years. I'm rusty and fairly new to the dating 'game'.

    Ok, so, I am a Gemini woman. I'm supposed to be flighty, right? We'll this Taurus guy is more confusing and flighty than me!

    We've been friends for a while now, but recently I have developed feelings for him (I've spoken about him briefly here before). He never really showed any signs of interest, so I forgot about him. As soon as I forgot about him, he payed more attention to me. He stares at me from across the room until we lock eyes, which gets me every time. Then he will say hello to just me, even though I'm standing in a group of mutual friends. I started thinking, 'hmm, what's going on here?!' There became more hugs, our conversations were always sincere and became more flirty-- then POOF, he told me he met a woman! She ended up using him and he was extremely upset and so I helped him through it. He and I started up that connection again... and then guess what? ANOTHER WOMEN came into his life! (I feel like he doesn't know how to be alone.)

    Even typing this out I am thinking-- well obviously he doesn't like me because he likes these other women. But the optimism in me keeps holding on and tells me 'what if I'm not taking enough of a chance?' or 'What if I'm not putting myself out there enough?' Like I mentioned, totally unsure how to go about 'winning' a guy.

    AstraAngel did a really awesome reading for me and mentioned we'd sooner or later have a strong spiritual connection, which we have started, it's just not fully... there! But what am I to do now? Continue to be friends? Move along in life?

    Can I have a reading or just some plain old advice?

    Sorry this is so lengthy.

    Thanks guys. 🙂

  • He's a Taurus.

    He's shy.

    He would rather be pursued.

    Why did he end up with the wrong women?

    They pursued him.

    You didn't.

    The subtleness was to draw you in.

    You didn't take the bait.

    The other women did instead.

    I'm a Taurus, BTW.

    I should know...:)

  • I thought men like the chase?

  • Ordinary men love the chase .. however, Taurus men like it more when you pursue them.. i'm only talking from my experience with my Taurus man

  • Thanks guys, like I said, I'M RUSTY!

    TaurusFemmeFatale- thank you, thank you! I am also extremely shy. It's hard for me to know what to do at the right time, so I've tried to just be myself but it may have come across as not interested (cause of my shyness).

    So do you guys think if I put myself out there a little more, he might get a better idea? If so, how would I go about doing that? Should I invite him out one night?

    See, I am totally oblivious... I was always pursued!

  • @Scully211...

    ALL men...


    Taurus men. Lol.

  • @Surlemare...

    Tell him you're interested.

    You would like to take him out to dinner...

    With Tauruses, it's that simple.

  • Great, thank you so much! Ha.

    I'm nervous though, cause of the other girls he was after-- he might still like them?! More than me?

    What is life without a little risk though, right?


  • So I think he's really into this one girl, but he doesn't even know her! Should I still give it a shot?

    (sorry about all the questions!)

  • Go for it Girl!! and TFF is soooo right!! they are as simple as that..

    good luck!!

  • Ok, I am a Taurus woman, i knew a Gemini man many years ago!! I thought he was absolutely amazing!! he was older than me by about 7 years. i was 19 he was 26...now, keep in mind, age plays a huge role. However, this man confused me and was more vague than anyone I had ever known.

    I can look back and see he had the same strong, deep feelings, but his ways of sharing and my ways were polar opposites. We kinda dated.....it was more sex than anything....yet, I really did like him.

    I said all of that to say this, Taureans do not do well with vague. We need to know where we stand at all times. If we do not know that, then we appear lofty and aloof. BC we stand strong and firm and when we are not sure where we stand...well, that bothers us.

  • Thanks you guys!

    Taurus7, I'm only vague because he is always after some girl, which I don't want to disrupt. I don't think he knows how to be alone...

    For instance, now he is after yet ANOTHER girl, but the girl before her that he was pursuing is really upset, and I am upset too! Neither of them are good for him, either.

    I just don't know when the right opportunity to snag him will be, if he is even interested at all.

    I am getting super frustrated.

    What to do, what to do?

  • I have a few questions and I hope that someone reads them and can help me out! PLEASE.

    So, now the Taurus guy truly believes he is in love with this girl he's known for LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. So I'm scared to put myself out there and ask if he wants to go out some time-- is now a bad time?

    Also, I texted him last week asking if he wanted to hang out with me & some good friends and he ignored me-- is that a sign that he is actually not interested? I was thinking about asking him again to get together with mutual friends this Friday so we can get to know each other a little better. And from there, if no response, I'll let it go.

    Sorry for all this, it's weighing on my mind and I haven't told many of our mutual friends yet just in case of disappointment. So if he rejects me, how do you guys get over rejection? 'Cause I have to see him a lot.

  • Move on girl, he's not worth it.


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