Not sure what to believe... help?

  • Hi and good afternoon to all! 🙂 I have a question that hopefully can be answered here. I recently did an online chat session with a psychic and it went very well. Almost too well, as she told me pretty much the best possible outcome. This was in regards to a guy that I have had a lot of back and forth with over the past year. She mentioned that he has a lot of stuff going on (true), he's working on getting his stuff settled (true) and moving forward will be looking to reconnect with me. We still talk a lot (as friends) and unlike it was in the past it's no longer me tapdancing to get his attention. I think that by backing off and relating as friends, I took the pressure off and he can be relaxed around me. I'm thinking what if THAT is the reason he's got more positive vibes toawrd me, not because he is looking for more but he's happy that I'm not?

    Argh, just as I thought I was ok with being friends... I never should have asked. Any insight would be appreciated! 🙂 Thank you!

  • Hello CherryVanilla,

    You know, the real reason to consult psychics, tarot cards, oracles, etc. is for guidance. Spirit wants to help us in choosing the best path for us - what is wisest and will aid us the most in our growth. Predicting the future and predicting the free will actions of others and/or the path their own growth and healing will take often leads to us mind F-ing ourselves. It leads to the exact opposite of what Spirit wants for us. Spirit wants us to be happy, joyful, and to experience inner peace, love and harmony. NOW. Not later. Not "if" or "when" such and such happens. Spirit does not want us to be all in a bundle of stress, anxiety, worry, etc.

    So often I see women being guided about relationships that somehow leads them astray. The intent is to give them hope and faith in the future - or it may just be painting a picture of ONE possible outcome in their future (remember that our paths are not set in stone as we have free will as well as all the other people we interact with). So when a psychic prediction says that a man has "a lot of stuff going on" or is "working on getting his stuff settled" in order to "prepare or ready himself" in some way in order to be in a relationship - honestly, that may or may not be true. Is it a possibility? Yes. But it is only one possibility. It is possible that he is indeed working on these things, but may not be successful. My point is that this type of "prediction" should not lead you to WAITING for this to happen or PUTTING YOUR LIFE ON HOLD in the meantime.

    My advice is to just enjoy the friendship and to continue seeking out and dating other men. You deserve to be happy NOW. Not if and when this person decides he has his "stuff together" and is suddenly "ready" to be in a relationship with you.

    Besides, when these things do happen, it is ALWAYS when the woman has done exactly that - loved herself enough to do what is best for her and to keep moving forward in her life. It is never, ever, ever, ever, never when the woman is sitting around waiting for it to happen and has herself all tied up in emotional knots and mental distress over it.

    I pulled some cards for you and they were all about being more head than heart at the moment - to bring things back to balance - focusing on your work for now.



  • Thank you so much for your response. I definitely see the logic in what you're saying and although it's really hard, I have to remember I let this guy chew up a year of my life already. You're absolutely right, I have to move on and if it's meant to be, it will be. If not, it means there's only something better. Thank you again, VERY much!!! 🙂

  • Hi cherryvanilla: I think watergirl18 is telling you exactly the right thing. It is so hard for me to follow this advice since I felt so horrible about my husband "leaving", going into debt with divorce attorneys, the effects of the general economic situation and having very few friends there to talk to about anything. Then my job turned on me - I didn't lose my job but the position I had occupied for 15 years was given to a guy just out of school who did a good talk. I was so depressed about that, but after the initial emotional mess I was in - guess what - I stuck with some things - I did the best I could do and tried to be positive and work hard. This did not always happen of course - but there were some positive results. My husband came back for a year to help me out of the financial mess that HE caused, the guy they gave "my job" to quit after getting all the training for a year and before the project he was supposed to do even started getting underway - so guess what - they needed me afterall. I became really good friends with a man I adore but he has somone living with him now.. I would so much rather have him as a friend than never get to talk to him at all - so that is what it is.

    And you know what - I had an on-line chat witha psychic that sounded just like yours once.

    I am so busy getting my own act together to wait on someone else to get his act together and I definitely don't want to get involved trying to help someone solve a bunch of issues similar to my own.:)

  • Hi, Great advice from WG. In any relationship, I think, both people are always happier when they connect as friends first. Sometimes our wants and needs take front seat when they should be in the back seat watching and observing.

  • oh boy... you couldn't have been more right. I got laid off today. Focus is 100% career right now.

  • Ahhhh, so sorry about that. It did come through pretty strongly - focusing on work. Sometimes these things happen because we need to leave situations we have outgrown or are not good for us and we do not take the initiative ourselves. So Spirit gives us a shove! Focus on this job being replaced by something BETTER.

  • Hi watergirl18, it's been pretty hectic since the layoff between Thanksgiving and trying to start a new job search, so I apologize for not coming back to thank you sooner. Hopefully this job will be replaced with a much better one. I wasn't happy -at all- with my last position, but was making so much money that I never would have left it. To be honest, I don't need to make that much so I'm looking more at things that appeal to me rather than job adverts that I know I'm qualified for. With any luck, I'll have something lined up by the end of the year. Thanks again for your insight and kind words.

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