Someone special watches over me/ anyone else?

  • I have been having a hard time adjusting to my new life but have been forging forward. It seems that just as I begin to get discouraged and need a lift something touches my life that beings me back to "hey you are not alone!"

    Last week I went to visit my daughter and grand children. It is a 700 mile trip, some very remote, and I prefer to drive part of it at night. The trip to her house was uneventful. The girls had a couple of days off so we decided to drive to New York City, about a 6 hour drive and headed back in the direction of my home. We took 2 cars so that I could just return home from New York. (save myself lots of travel times)

    We had traveled about 100 miles When we hit a terrible traffic jam. When the traffic cleared my car would not go above 40 miles/hr. I called my daughter and told her to get off at the very next exit. Imagine my surprise and amazement but right at that exit was a car dealership for my make of car and an open service department. They had just called in a transmission expert who would look at my car also. They would call me after checking it out, and would store it while we went on to the city. They did call later that day and it needed a major transmission repair, they had to order the part etc but it would be ready by Tuesday which is the day we were to return from the city.

    Sure enough the car runs beautifully, I was not stuck at the side of the road in a remote area at night and just as icing on the cake we didn't have to find somewhere to park an extra car in New York city and we got to all ride together,

    Again I am so grateful to the angels,spirits and God for the smack upside the head that says "Wake up girl, You are not alone" (It couldn't have been easy to move a care dealership for me chuckle ;))

  • 🙂

  • Now there would be some people who would look at all of this as a negative thing but when you grow, you learn to see the positive in situations where you would never would have before. I think it is great that you chose to see positive and not negative. I love the new growth I've found and I read your post over on another thread. I came here too for a relationship issue and have made so many friends all over the world that are truly beautiful human beings. I am so blessed to have found this.

  • Spirit places challenges and bring people and situationsin our paths to present us with chances for our Spirit to evolve. Every now and then our Higher Selves make sure we get a reminder of the fact we are never alone, it's just a matter of us having Faith and be able to correctly intepret events in our life.

    Aunt Buck is absolutely correct when saying we must see the positive aspect of everything. One may go to (or be guided to) a particular place for all the wrong reasons and acquire unexpected wisdom as well as meet people who will change his/her life 🙂

  • I couldn't agree with you more Chrysallis. I was laid off from my job almost 2 years ago. Instead of looking at the negative, I chose to be excited over the idea that I could go back to school and have it paid for. It hasn't been easy on the money thing for me during this time with only unemployment and child support but I have made the best of it and tried to not get too caught up in being negative about not having money. There have been little boosts here and there to help, tax refunds, a part time job, school loan. There have been people in my life who have also given me many things, a free trip to Mexico in September. My friend paid air fare/hotel, my sister gave me spending cash and I got to stay for a week in a beautiful place with one of my best friends. I had also been laid off my part time job two weeks before I left. So, money was tight again so I decided to not be passive and whine but to find ways to save money. I learned how to use coupons and have now saved so much by doing so it has given me piece of mind. I have stocked my house with essentials and food and feel just so grateful that this has happened. BTW, I have been showing/sharing with everyone I know that is interested in how to save money this way...lot of people are saving now too! Anyway, once I discovered how to do this it seemed like the money started flowing towards me. I just was informed I qualified for a grant to keep me going till I'm out of school which was great and was such a relief. Then, today my part time job just called back and is rehiring me. I honestly am so blessed. All I can do is be grateful that even during tough times, I've had people to support me and keep the faith. It will all work out in the end. If it hasn't, then it's not the end. :0)

  • Wow we are truely blessed. prior to all these changes in my life I was grateful for what I had but was taking it all for granted. I helped people as I could but was not growing. I lost sight of the many small blessings and growth opportunities that I had been given. Just like the reminder that I am not alone I guess I needed a reminder that when anything stops growing then you die.

    Well I no longer am on that path of not learning, I thought for a while I would die with the pain but that has subsided so that now I can begin to look around at the doors and windows that are open to me.

    A year ago I would have been whining about the cost of the repairs now I am celebrating that the repairs were made and at a convient time and under safe circumstances.

    Auntbuck how fortunate for you that you have been finishing your education while being available for your children. You have been able to show your children how to react to a series of crisis and how to come out on top. What a wonderful life lesson for you and a gift to them

    Crysallis how true that sometimes we end up at a place where we begin to gain knowledge and wisdom all because we just stopped in. I came to this site for entertainment and who would know that people from all over the world would help me with my journey. I would be given insight as I was able to accept it and given the same message in many different words so that I could finally begin to see a way.

  • I worked for the rich some time ago. Wanna know a secret ? None of them was truly happy. Lost in their greed for more, prideful of their cars and stocks, looking down on the less "fortunate", vultures praying on the weaker like their employees. I became addicted to money, worked all day long to be like them. What did i learn ? Greed, pride, anxiety, anger, jealousy. Nice eh ? Then i lost almost everything. Within a short period of time my income was decimated. Everything i took for granted crumbled before my eyes. After the initial shock and despair i was able to focus on what this new situation brought in my life : Time for my children as well as for myself. I learned to make the most of what small income i had. Time for meditation. I aknowledged i had a home and the means to get by and most of all health. Now i have time to watch the clouds, smell a flower, paint, commune with Spirit, post in forums, and communnicate with wonderful people all over the world and learn from them, so much beauty in my life to replace the negative feelings of the past. How can i not be grateful for this blessing ? Spirit show me what money can do to people and then gave me a slap in the face to wake up and embark again on the spiritual path of my youth. Now i can pass on this valuable knowledge to my children so they become better human beings, protect them from being mutated into predators or blind consumers thinking an expensive couchor a high-tech TV will bring them hapiness.

    Aunt Buck, thank you for the valuable insight you shared about coupons, i surely would like to know more, there are so many ways to save money it's all about making good use of our ingenuityand focusing on what we really need not what the TV say we must want. How about a thread where people could share their ways of saving money ? I for once would be grateful in hearing every idea people night have !

    Abetterplace, i see you also are in a better place already ! They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. It seems Spirit guided you here when you were ready to listen to all those good people's insight, the same thing happened to me when i met wonderful individuals in other forums, their words changed my life, my entire perspective of things. There is no path more hard but beautiful than the spiritual one.

    I'm truly happy i found this place. While i see there are many threads devoted only to personal relationships there is a nice feeling here as the spiritual bickering so evident in other forums is absent and i'm glad for this. I look forward to share and learn from you blessed Spirits 🙂

  • I am grateful for school. I have decided that when I get this first degree, I will continue and work at the same time. I'm thrilled that I get to be home when my kids are teenagers. It is such a crucial time to have an influence on them when they are starting to get so independent. The job I worked at was for the corporate dollar. I am going into social work which is for people, elderly people.

    I am teaching the teenagers in my life how to save money and showing them how I learned and I think it is a great life lesson to show them. I want them to not struggle when they leave home. It is very tempting to get caught up in the keeping up on the latest technology. I've done the credit card thing, been bankrupt and yada yada yada. Things didn't make me happy, they just were a thrill when I first got them and then they sat. I walked around a store tonight and looked at new furniture, new big screen TVs and went, I have the money right now. I could buy that. And just laughed. I don't need those things. I like them but I'm finally getting it. I believe you when you say the rich aren't happy. True happiness comes within...possessions can only make life easier...they don't make life. With the new couponing thing, I honestly believe if I won the lottery, and wanted to buy new furniture, I would walk into a store and say, here's a coupon for that!

    As far as sharing tips on saving money, absolutely! I love sharing what others have shared with me. I'd be more than happy to start a thread about saving or how to save. I think it's a great idea! So before I do that...let's get a few others that want to join in and we can get it started. I realize that with many of us all over the world, there will be limitations on what will apply to everyone but maybe we can get everyone all over to share their tips for their areas!

  • Social work instead of the corporate dollar, what a wonderful path Spirit had in store for you ! Listening to such inspiring stories is so good for the soul, a reminder of How Spirit provides what we really need for our spiritual evolution and not our heart's desires which are many times tainted by selfishness and greed. Isn't this a most valuable wisdom, to see the false temptations of modern society and be able to say "i don't really need that". Fancy clothes, supercars, hi-tech gadgets....essentially they are useless stuff like the "gifts" the first colonists gave to Native Americans, mirrors and whiskey to trade for fur or gold. Fancy worthless things to make people spend their lives working all day to buy thanks !

    Yes a thread about saving money would help many people, simple things we don't do and waste resources.

    One idea is save money on phone call by using free services on the internet such as Skype.

    Or choose the discount racks when shopping at clothing stores. There are instances where one can save over 45% percent by opting for items on clearance which are marked down.

    Bulk buying of groceries is another option or cooking just enough food for the day so nothing gets wasted. So many clever ideas around and i'm sure people can provide many others that would never crossed my mind. Many minds are always better than a single one 🙂

  • The truth of it appears to be that we had a comfortable life and got kicked out of the nest . so to speak. For a while I was trying to get back in but all of the attempts were blocked. The information I was given was over a period of time and in portions that I could deal with. Yep I've been blessed for sure.

    Auntbuck what a fulfilling career choice. It is one of those that can be described as a calling. I too work in the medical field and although I have a certain expertise in healing the body there is so much more to creating a healthy life for those in need.. I'm sure that you will find may years of fulfillment. I'm sure that the lessons you are giving your teenagers regarding money management will be important throughout their life. I was saying on a different post, a few weeks ago, that we are doing our children a great disservice. The schools have no classes in money management and daily living skills. They are teaching them how to sew an apron. Most don't wear them any more. Most people only need to know how to sew on a button and mend a seam or they just discard the garment. They have no idea how to handle credit or money management.

    Crysallis I love the idea of a savings post. Perhaps it could even be a way to reuse the items that would generally be discarded. My first idea is to shop the thrift stores. In my area of the world the major charities, like salvation army, provide jobs to the needy and teach them how to work. They have very large donation stores that they run. The items they sell are in good condition and often times the discards of the people who are looking for happiness through new things. Even the kids shop these stores to make better use of their money.

  • My next tip for saving money....join blogs on couponing. These women really share a great deal of knowledge and show you how to save money. I have started my own little stockpile of items that generally cost me more money that I hardly even seem to save money on. I actually stocked up on toilet paper from an office supply store by ordering on line and having it shipped to the store for pickup. Another blogger told of a great deal on toilet paper on Amazon and how to get the best deal. I have that one the way too. I would have never thought to look for savings in non-traditional places. Many of the store ads are now showing you how to combine their store coupons with manufacturer coupons to get the best deal. They spell it out for you in the ad! What could be better than that? The more you read the ads and look for the items that you use all the time, the more efficient you become in realizing what it a good stock up price and what is just an ok price. I have now stocked up myself, my family and friends on daily essentials like tooth paste and deodorant and paid pennies for it. It makes me feel good to know that I can help them get a deal too! They have all helped me so much since I've been in school, it feels really good to give back!

  • I never would have though of supply stores for that type item. I have looked at the coupon sites and some have good deals but I find that they expire very rapidly. I have gone to garage sales. I don't know if you have them over there. Garage sales in general have new and used items that the family no longer wants or uses so they list them in the paper and people come to your garage to buy things. Sometimes whole neighborhoods have garage sales at the same time.

    Now back to the real point. The women must also coupon as they have all kinds of personal care items that they are selling for pennies on the dollar. Shampoo, deodorant paper products, powdered drinks. They make a little money and then can go and buy the things they need

  • Yep we have garage sales. I used to love going to garage sales on the weekends until I realized I was just buying "stuff" so that I could buy stuff. So, I have quit doing those but I have heard of many women who get stuff for free or pennies and then put it up on Ebay to make money to buy things that they can't get with coupons like fresh food.

    I also belong to a local "Freecycle" group which is really awesome because I can put things up that I no longer need for people that do need them. I have found lots of free items that I could use there too. I've picked up cell phones, televisions, etc for free. I've given away blankets, sheets, household appliances, pet supplies. I always feel so good when I clean out my garage and put stuff up. The people that get it are always so grateful. I also put free stuff out on the street in front of my house for people to pick up. Gotten rid of a lot of furniture that I no longer needed that way. :0)

  • I'm really grateful for the the time you took to teach me about the coupon sites Aunt Buck, it did help save last time I grocery shopped

  • Hi ABP, Yes, you're not alone and being watched out for. Your story reminds me of something that happened to me a while back. I was planning on moving to MS. I have a brother there and I like the ocean. I was going there to put a deposit on a place to live. Had my mom and son with me. On the way there, car broke down. Luckily there was a tow yard at the exit. I walked to the yard and the tow driver took me back to my car. However, while we were headed back to my car, a carload of teenagers headed to school ran head-on into the truck. Nothing happened because it was a huge truck that had a big bar on the grill. The tow truck was able to take it to the dealership but they didn't have the part. It was going to take at least 2 days to get the part. Well, the money I had saved for the deposit and rent was eaten-up by the repairs. I just decided with the events of that day that God didn't intend on me living in MS. I was planning on living in Pass Christain, MS. If anyone is familiar w/that area they know it was wiped-out by Hurricane Katrina. I was going to live right off the beach.

  • For any person, there would always be that someone who look after your back. It has always been that way. You will be surprised even when you think that no one has got your back, you will actually be surprised if one day, somebody will save you.

    You just have to trust that you will not fail and when you keep that mindset, you will be in great hands, and at great vibe at that.

  • Wow Daliolite you really were saved. As if breaking down wasn't enough you had that point driven home so to speak.

    In my old life, not so very long ago, I would have been irritated at the delays and it would not have occurred to me that it was all good. I count the realization that there is some higher power who is watching my back as an unexpected blessing.

    Last night I watched a true story "Have a Little Faith" on a Cable channel. Another testament to the mysterious ways of the universe.

    Arthes I am working towards trusting. I'm sure trust will be a byproduct of my increased awareness of the support we each receive in many different ways.

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