Astra Angel - would you mind doing a reading for me.

  • Hi eilyk18

    Here is what I get:

    1. Do you see love for me soon?

    Seven of Wands and Four of Cups, The Sun

    It looks like presently you are dealing with some internal struggles, connected with a past relationship - that left you feeling rather lonely, and yet there is something nice in love coming up (the Sun).

    How soon? Justice. Not any time soon. Be prepared to be focused more on your career. Eventually though I do see a very bright relationship opening up for you.

    2. Will my move be successful?

    Knight of Pentacles - looks good. Matters will start out slow. Hang tight. Three of Swords says you will deal with some emotional pain from the move though, maybe leaving behind some relationships that you will miss. Temperance - it is all for the best though. Everything works out nicely.

    3. Do you see me advance in my career with this move?

    Five of Swords and Three of Cups - initially, not so great, you start out dealing with some mental strain, and have to stay the path, could be another job move afterwards... then that opens out into a fantastic place (three of cups) where you are ecstatic about your career. This may also coincide with that Sun card we saw in the love question #1.

    4. Do you see marriage in my future?

    The Nine of Pentacles - You are all dressed in white, and there are a lot of pretty flowers... and the Hanged Man - YES! Absolutely! Babies too! (Sun card above)

    How soon? I get the Nine of Pentacles + Three of Swords + Three of Cups - looks like a year out!

    5. Do you see kids in my future? Yes! Five of Cups (how many do you want? This card shows 5 kids (Are you Catholic? ) and Six of Swords shows you very busy bringing them forth, and The Empress shows you as being extremely fertile, so watch out, your husband gets anywhere near you and - surprise! - another one.

    And The Ace of Pentacles and the Wheel of Fortune. Looks like 5, and the Wheel of Fortune says that the first will be a son.

    Hey, I hope that helps!

    It looks like in general you are heading into about a year of pure faith and trust that will strengthen you, and then your life opens out into a wonderful place, new career happiness and a new love - and marriage! And then.. wah... wah.... wa a a a h.... wah... wahhhhh!

    Blessings and love


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